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  • AstroLive8333AstroLive8333 Member Posts: 152

    true, but if I'm simply just running to the gates, then I have no chance at getting through her

  • that_lichthat_lich Member Posts: 11
    edited December 2021

    Feast Upon Hubris

    Do not taunt death. When a survivor remains within the exit zone for longer than 20/1510 seconds after the gate has been opened, they are marked by the Entity. The Survivor cannot see this mark, and the killer receives a loud noise notification. (If the exit gate is blocked, this perk does not activate until the Gate is unblocked.) If the survivor leaves the exit zone for 10/15/20 seconds, the mark fades.

    When a marked survivor attempts to escape through the exit gate, a dark wind blasts them from the exit zone and they are exposed for 10/15/20 seconds.

    "It is your Pride that will be your undoing. Go ahead. Door's open."

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,672

    There are 2 gates though, so if you see them guarding 1, you can either make a decision to charge through that or take the other gate. The killer cannot guard both, and they will have to make a commitment to one if they want to use it.

    A possible change could be that this effect only applies to 1 gate exit. That would make the 2nd open gate a safer option. EGC won't start until the first is opened so it gives plenty of time.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,672

    Another perk idea:

    Killer perk: Flyin' Solo

    Description: The Entity has unusually high faith in you. For each survivor you hook, the distance and brightness of the red stain reduces by 20%. Once all 4 survivors have been hooked at least once, the red stain vanishes completely for 30/60/90 seconds, before returning to a permanently reduced brightness and distance of 80%.

    If all survivors are hooked twice before any are sacrificed, the red stains is removed completely for the rest of the trial.

  • PCZóidePCZóide Member Posts: 40

    PS.: They can leave, they just can get inside the map until the gate is closed. :)

  • PCZóidePCZóide Member Posts: 40
    edited January 5

    Everyone want to confuse the killer in a Two-Wall.

  • PCZóidePCZóide Member Posts: 40

    Live from the brazilian FdeAquino. The ping makes a moan be in a place where a survivor aren't. He be confused and i think in this perk.

  • RDQ_TheRedFoxRDQ_TheRedFox Member Posts: 43
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    KILLER PERK (Just in case there are any confusions)

    Brittle Wood] The Entity couldn’t be bothered to make a few pallets, so you did your worst.

    3/4/5 Pallets are changed into Brittle Pallets, which will be indicated to you by a white aura. Brittle Pallets instantly break when pulled down, but have a larger stun radius when they are pulled down. Survivors that pull down Brittle Pallets will be afflicted with the Haemorrhage status effect for 5 seconds. (2 of which the Killer will be stunned for.)

    Brittle Pallets will be easier to spot than normal Pallets by them having bright green and yellow painted planks, and they will also have gaps to show how brittle they are.

    Brittle Pallets would also not be counted as normal Pallets, so perks that interact directly with Pallets will be denied, such as being stunned by one for Spirit Fury or injuring a Survivor to block Pallets with Hex : Blood Favour

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  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,672

    Killer Perk: Auric Synapse

    Description: You see the patterns and, most importantly, the links that hold the realms' realities together.

    Auric Synapse activates once the final gen is done. Each time a survivor is put into the injured state by a basic attack after the final gen pops, any survivor who is on death hook and healthy at the time also becomes injured. This has a cooldown of 90/75/60 seconds.

    Survivor Perk: Sightjack

    Description: The Red Water still flows through you.

    Press the Secondary Action button to activate. Pressing this allows you to see through the eyes of the killer. You have the ability to use this for a total of 20/25/30 seconds throughout the trial. You cannot move whilst Sightjack is active.

  • HEXSLAYER999HEXSLAYER999 Member Posts: 136

    Spell perks are perks that can only be accessed by scavenging for the "spell ingredients". one spell "ingredient" is gained by cleansing a totem. the second ingredient is gained by siphoning the energy of the entity by siphoning a sacrificial hook. siphoning takes 2.5 seconds the equivalent of saboing a hook. if you siphon 2.5 seconds of one hook, the hook breaks. if you siphon 1.5 instead, the hook will break only after unhooking a survivor from that exact hook. Siphoning a hook will always alert the killer of that survivors location at the start of the siphoning action. The reason for this could be that the entity does not like having it's energy siphoned.

    Spell: Phoenix) after cleansing a totem and siphoning the equivalent of a hook, gain a token. The next boon totem snuffed by the killer will consume the token and cause the blue flame of the totem to combust. this combustion will blind the killer but also destroy the boon totem in the process. the boon then reanimates on the spot of an already destroyed totem.

    spell: wraith) after cleansing a totem and siphoning the equivalent of a hook, gain a token. Upon pressing the action button on your desired location you will draw a sigil on the ground. this sigil, creates the illusion of a crouching survivor at that location that is only visible to the killer when the killer is farther than 20 meters away. at 15-20 meters the illusion begins to look transparent. within 15 meters the illusion disappears entirely. the aura of this illusion will also be shown to the killer if using aura reading perks. if a killer walks up to the sigil, the killer can wipe the sigil in order to destroy the illusion. Upon destroying the illusion the perk goes on cool down for 150/125/100 seconds. this perk cannot be used again until the cool down from the first token in complete.

    Boon: channeling) performing the following actions rewards the following stackable bonus to all bloodpoint gains:

    -blessing a dull totem= 5%

    -blessing a hexed totem=10%

    -cleaning a dull totem=20%

    -cleansing a hexed totem=25%

    after all totems have been cleansed you see the aura of all destroyed totems, when within 16/20/24 meter range of the destroyed totem, you gain the use of all boon perks brought to the trial (including the ones brought by other survivors. the destroyed totem range will covered in a dark fog only visible to the survivor using this perk.

  • RDQ_TheRedFoxRDQ_TheRedFox Member Posts: 43

    Scourge Hook : Shared Pain] I can't think of ANY flavour text, I'm sorry.

    4 random hooks are converted into Scourge Hooks, adopting any Scourge Hook perk effects. Hooking a Survivor on a Scourge Hook will trap their rescue. When a Survivor rescues another Survivor from a Scourge Hook, they will be inflicted with the Deep Wound status effect. Tier 1 if they are Healthy, Tier 2 if they are Injured.

    Tier 1 Deep Wound will force the Survivor into Injured from the Healthy state after 10 seconds of standing still.

  • legionMainAKA_ShadowlegionMainAKA_Shadow Member Posts: 12

    Deadly mistake: (killer perk)

    If you make any mistakes blood will follow. - jeff

    When a survivor fails a skill check while repairing a generator they will get inflicted with mangled and become injured and start regressing by 5/7/10 seconds unless touched by the obsession

  • Lord_XylumLord_Xylum Member Posts: 88

    [Fire With Fire] Killer

    As your prey enhances themselves with new abilities, The Entity offers you its own blessing.

    When the Killer snuffs out a Boon Totem, call upon The Entity to block all Dull and Hex Totems for 20/30/40 seconds. This perk has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

    "Boons? You poor soul...the whispers say no more to that." -Unknown

  • RDQ_TheRedFoxRDQ_TheRedFox Member Posts: 43
    edited April 18

    I can't decide if this perk should be a Survivor or Killer perk, so I made two variations of it. (Namewise, their effects are completely different.)


    Scourge Hook : Damned Soul] Nobody can escape the clutches of the Entity for long.

    At the start of the trial, 4 random hooks are converted into Scourge Hooks, which adopt all Scourge Hook perk effects. When a Survivor is unhooked from a Scourge Hook, they suffer from the Deep Wound status effect for 25/20/15 seconds and you are granted the Undetectable status effect for 10 seconds.


    Damned Soul] Being lucky has a tendency to curse your future.

    While afflicted with the Cursed status effect your self-unhook chance is increased to 45/50/55%. After successfully unhooking yourself and still afflicted with the Cursed status effect, you are automatically healed 1 health state and your aura is revealed to the killer for 15 seconds.

    -- Slippery Meat and Luck status effects stack, but your base 4% is over-written, thus the combination is DmnS + all increases.

    -- Doing a lot of math with effect stacks: There is a 0.4% chance that you will remain on the hook even with DmnS + Slippery Meat.

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  • randonlyrandonly Member Posts: 304
    edited March 15

    key to success (Tier I/II/III/teachable)

    After a long hard work, peace comes.

    description: The first chest you open grants you a key. You can open the hatch with any kind of key rarity and even fully depleted. During the match, you can see the killer's aura at 32/64/128 meters for 3 seconds once the killer closes the hatch.

    "Please let me out. Freedom." - Future unknown survivor

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  • Underwear_ModelUnderwear_Model Member Posts: 64

    Survivor perk: Martyr

    "You're death will not be in vain."

    When ever you are hooked on a sacrificial hook and are currently within 32 meters of the killer, all other survivors gain the following effects:

    For up to 40/50/60 seconds when active survivor repair speeds, healing speeds and unhooking speeds are increased by 20% and a 7% haste status is applied.

    If unhooked you become the Obsession. If any other survivor is using this perk and is hooked later their perk's effects are halved and then reduced to zero the third time. The survivors will still become the Obsession.

  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 1,944

    Silent as the Grave (Killer)

    You have learned to move silently.

    Breaking a Wall, a Generator or a Pallet is completely silent.

    From the Ashes (Survivor)

    Even if something is broken, you can always create something new with it.

    You start the Trial with 1/2/3 tokens. Press and hold the Active Ability button to consume a token and reconstruct a broken Wall or Pallet. A broken object can only be reconstructed once per trial.

    You see the Aura of broken objects in a 96m radius around you.

    (note: this perk does not stack with other survivors, so it can't be abused by swf. in short: if your mate reconstructs shack pallet, you can't do it again.)

  • N8dogN8dog Member Posts: 460

    survivor: Check the record: (the survivor with this perk would be a lawyer) you know how important it is to have the facts. Upon the start of the trial, check the record activates. For 10 seconds the icon of the killer's power will be placed at the bottom of your screen along with up to 0/1/2 add ons used by the killer if applicable.

    Killer: Hex: Overextended. It would be a shame if someone were to pull a muscle... The duration of time that a survivor hit by your basic attack gets a speed boost is reduced by 20/25/30%. If an affected survivor is restored to the healthy state they can then see the arua of this totem within 16 meters. Healthy survivors affected by Hex: Overextend make grunts of pain but 50% quieter and can be heard at half the normal distance.

  • ChilleBeanChilleBean Member Posts: 16

    Breach: You have a tendency to pinpoint weak spots. While within 8 meters of a hooked Survivor, Breach activates for 20 seconds:

    • Reduce the sacrifice speed by 10/15/20%.
    • If you unhook a Survivor within the Killer's Terror Radius, the unhooked Survivor gains the Endurance Status Effect for 2/3/4 seconds.

    (This is solely to punish killers that would camp.)

  • JoaoVanBlizzardJoaoVanBlizzard Member Posts: 224
    edited April 4


    Título do benefício: Acordo benevolente

    A entidade parece querer que você trabalhe para ela sem morrer tão cedo.

    -No início do Trial, o perk ficará ativo por 50/60/70 segundos, durante este tempo, se um sobrevivente for colocado no "estado de morte", a entidade irá capitá-lo antes do assassino, e colocá-lo dentro uma gaiola em algum lugar no mapa (algo semelhante à gaiola de cabeça de pirâmide).

    -Se o assassino se aproximar da jaula ele irá para outro lugar,

    -gaiolas desse tipo no primeiro estágio permitem que o sobrevivente escape com 4% de chance, assim como os ganchos, eles marcam o assassino como se tivessem fisgado ou sacrificado os sobreviventes

    -Ser salvo nesta gaiola ativa as vantagens que você está usando como ganchos normais, os sobreviventes salvos nesta gaiola não alertam o assassino


    Scourge Hook: Road to the Hell

    You like things at the best speed:

    At the start of the Trial, 4 random Hooks are changed into Scourge Hooks:The Auras of Scourge Hooks are revealed to you in white.

    Each time a Survivor is hooked on a Scourge Hook, the following effects apply:

    -For 25/30/35 seconds you will have blood lust at level 1 , the increase in blood lust at level 2 and 3 will work normally, however while the perk effect lasts, whenever an action causes you to lose blood lust, it will just return to the level 1

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  • HendoHendo Member Posts: 85

    Survivor Perk:

    • Persistence: Seeing your colleagues in trouble motivates you to do your absolute best. When another survivor is either hooked or in the dying state, you gain a 3/6/9% speed increase in healing, sabotage, cleansing, repair, and gate opening until the survivor is either rescued or dies.

    Killer Perk:

    • Faulted: As soon as the final generator is active, our killer has left a creative surprise on the exit gates to increase your fear. Survivors now gain difficult skill checks as they head to unlock the gates - if they fail a skill check, the gate will lose the additional progress of 4/5/6% per missed skill check.

    These 2 perks were ones I created a year or so ago with my Evil Within 2 DLC idea. I hope you like them!

  • RDQ_TheRedFoxRDQ_TheRedFox Member Posts: 43

    Boon : Photophobia - Survivor Perk

    Press and hold the Active Ability button near a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem. Soft, and dark, chimes ring out in a 24 meter radius around the totem. When a Killer snuffs this totem, the totem embers flare very bright, blinding them for 1/2/3 seconds. If this perk is triggered, it is disabled for 90 seconds.

    That's it. That's the perk. A simple trap for the Killer. And the cooldown timer is there to make it significantly less annoying to go up against. After all, most blinds only last 2 seconds, even if you can increase it to a maximum of 3.8 for a Flashlight. (Blast Mine is 4 seconds, and Flashbang blinds the Killer for 2.5 by what I can tell, so they're still useful perks.)

  • AnchorTeaAnchorTea Member Posts: 271

    Here we go again.

    Survivor perk: Finishing Touch

    When chased by the Killer for 30 seconds, Finishing Touch activates.

    Stunning the killer with a pallet will increase the stun duration by 100%

    Has a cooldown of 80/70/60 seconds

  • Jivetalkin13Jivetalkin13 Member Posts: 500

    No Rest For The Wicked: Those who would do you harm, deserve damnation. Any survivor who stuns or blinds you gain the Exhausted status effect for 10/20/30 seconds. This perk has a cooldown of 15 seconds while not in chase.

    Last Leg: Surviving until your last breath isn't easy, but not impossible. Gain a 1%/2%/3% stacking boost in generator repair speed, healing speed, and vaulting speed while inflicted with the Blindness, Broken, Cursed, Exhausted, Exposed, Hemmorage, Hindered, Incapacitated, Mangled, or Oblivious status effects.

  • AnnoyingNarratorAnnoyingNarrator Member Posts: 142

    Here are some survivor perks themed around the original three killers and vice-versa


    Not Yet: You are a dead man, but you refuse to let others fall into the entity's grasp.

    When you are downed, you stay moving for an extra second before collapsing. However, you can't escape from the gates or the hatch or recover for 10 seconds afterwards and have your aura revealed. This time is extended by 5 seconds if you took a protection hit for someone. When moving, being hit again sends you straight into the dying state.

    Get out of here, NOW! - Evan Macmillan

    Unwilling Witness: You have seen things you were not meant to see, and refuse to let the truth die with you.

    Any aura revealed to you is revealed to other survivors within a 24 meter radius. Any time an aura reading perk is activated by either you or the killer, you gain a token. Each token increases the radius of Unwilling Witness by 1 meter up to 32 meters and increases unhook speed by 1% per token up to 25%

    People mistake me being quiet for me being ignorant. I wish that were true. - Philip Ojomo

    Gears and Grease: Working with machines is dirty work, but you would not have it any other way.

    When on a generator, you will face constant skill checks at all times with both the penalty of failure and the benefits of success being reduced by half.

    Completing a Gen gives you 20% healing progress.

    You leave a trail of oil behind you.

    Look Miss, my job is to get this tractor here working, not look good doing it. - Max Thompson Jr.


    Hurdles: At the end of the day, all those around you are just in the way of your goal, hurdles to be jumped over.

    You can now cancel your missed swing animation with the vault animation or the pallet breaking animation. This suppresses your red light for 3 seconds. Hurdles has a cool-down of 30 seconds.

    I would say I am sorry for this, but I need to win. - Meg Thomas

    Hex: Overgrowth: Vines and their ability to strangle the life out of other plants become a source of inspiration.

    Every time a survivor heals, gain one stack of Overgrowth. Once you reach 10 stacks of Overgrowth, Two Hexes is created and the tokens are consumed.

    These hexes' aura is revealed to all survivors. As long as the hex is active, the following effects apply:

    • Survivors cannot fast vault
    • Vaulting is 10% slower
    • Survivors repair, open gate, and sabotage 50% slower

    Cleansing one hex removes the effect, but Overgrowth can activate multiple times in a trial. If there is only one totem left in the match when Overgrowth activates, then there is not repair penalty.

    You have to admit, the parasitic nature of this plant is fascinating, especially on humans. - Claudette Morel

    Modern Times: Morality is thing of the old world, all that matters now is numbers and profit.

    Modern Times gains a stack anytime you hook a survivor you have not hooked before.

    Once you gain 3 stacks, the stacks are consumed and every survivor that you hooked gains a hook state. Modern Times now reveals itself to all survivors and they gain a 20% increase in gen speeds. During this time, every time you hook a survivor you gain a stack.

    Once you gain 5 stacks, every survivor becomes exposed and can be killed when downed.

    I know from your perspective, this is all madness. But this madness is very, very profitable. - Dwight Fairfield

    Off-Putting: Your presence can only be described as off, like something just slightly inhuman.

    Your Terror Radius is no longer centered on you but rather centered on were you were 3 seconds ago.

    "I think there is someone wrong with your child."

  • EnderloganYTEnderloganYT Member Posts: 616

    Survivor perks: Doctors Orders

    Plenty of rest is the cure to all!

    While walking, automatically heal from injured to healthy, up to 10%/15%/20%.

    “Look at that…It’s time for bed already.” - Embry

    Delightful Departure

    One must stay brave, even in times of distress.

    While injured, scratch marks disappear 30%/45%/50% sooner. Does not stack. 

    “Of course we have to go down! That’s the whole point, isn’t it?” - Dr. D. Light

    Apple a Day

    The best medicine is prevention.

    Everytime you heal a survivor, gain a token. Press the active ability button while in chase to gain a 1%/2%/3% speed boost for 15 seconds. Does not stack.

    “I will do my best to assist!” - Dr. D. Light

  • orangegoblinorangegoblin Member Posts: 104
    edited April 29

    These are all killer perks.

    Medieval Justice!: If a survivor rescues another survivor within 16 meters of the killer, the rescued survivor is granted sprint burst for 5s. The Survivor that rescued the other Survivor is hindered for 10s, and has their aura is shown for 10/15/20s. Any friendly effects on the rescuer will not trigger during this time. This effect trumps all friendly perks.

    Concussive Strikes!: Survivors that are given Deepwounds, or who are hit while suffering from Hemorrhage, or Mangled status effects are blinded for .2, .3, .5 seconds.

    Swift Death!: The killer moves 2/3/5% faster when looking in the direction of a survivor whose aura is revealed.

    Joke perk... or is it? HEX: BEWARE THE DOOT!: A Hex rooting its power in spook! Anytime a generator is completed, all survivors hear an *UNHOLY DOOT* After 2 generators are completed the hex activates! Any generator completed once the perk is active summons 3 little skeletons from the ground at all currently lit generator locations. They will find and attack Survivors for 1 health state, Survivors cannot be downed by the skeletons. The skeletons last for 60 seconds each, before being called back to the fog by the entities own Much Louder DOOT. When a survivor vaults a window, the skeletons collide with the window, exploding, blinding all within a 5 meter radius for 2 seconds! Skeletons will crawl over and under pallets, to continue chase! Survivors unlucky enough to be hit by the bones, suffer from hemorrhage and mangled status effects. A map-wide terror radius will appear during this time or until all skeletons are destroyed via colliding with windows or being kicked. Hex effect remain active until the related totem is destroyed.(these skeletons move at 100% speed) (maximum of 15 total skeletons will be summoned when the last generator is complete!).

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  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,055


    Boon: Burning Hope

    A Boon that inspires a fierce will to live and succeed,

    Any exhaustion perks (except Dead Hard) that are activated within 24 metres of this boon have their Agility effect’s extended by one second, and the exhaustion time caused is decreased by 10/15/20 percent



    Your bloodlust burns everything that tries to impede your hunt to cinders and ash

    If you are stunned by a pallet, this perk activates the next time you enter a chase, you recover from pallet stuns 10% faster, and break pallets 25/30/35% faster, if you break 5 pallets during a chase, you gain a 10% speed increase, this perk deactivates once you leave the chase

  • RezblazeRezblaze Member Posts: 818

    Here it is.

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