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  • LuluTheLion14LuluTheLion14 Member Posts: 243

    Killer Perks.

    Great Reduce.

    Every time a survivor hits a great skill check, gain a token up to a maximum of 5. Each token decrease the great skill check zone by 15/20/25%. The 5th token decreases the skill check zone by 25%. If a survivor fails a skill check, you lose 1 token.

    Hidden Tracks.

    When a survivor walks and enters a locker slowly, scratch marks will appear as if they ran over there. The scratch marks will stay visible for 6/8/10 seconds.

    Rotten Health.

    When a survivor leaves their healing bar incomplete, their healing bar will start to regress by 1/1.5/2% per second.

    Survivor Perks.

    Safe Place.

    You can now heal inside lockers. Using either a med kit or self care. Safe place decreases the speed that you heal inside a locker by 3/4/5%.

    Hide Your Tracks.

    After running over to a locker and hiding inside of it, any scratch marks that you may have left behind will instantly disappear. Hide Your Tracks has a cooldown of 30/25/20 seconds.

    Just Keep Cleansing.

    For every totem that has been cleansed increases the speed that you heal, cleanse, search chests, unhook survivors and open the exit gate by 2/3/4%.

    I have lots more perks on my chapter ideas! I have quite a lot. Feel free to look at them.

  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 1,834
    edited August 2020

    So, it is my opinion that Thrill of the Hunt's 1 token per remaining Totem system is criminally underused. In that vein...

    Totemic Hinderance: Gain 1 token for each Totem remaining in the trial. Survivors repair 2/3/4% slower for each token. (starts at 20%)

    Totemic Strength: Gain 1 token for each Totem remaining in the Trial. Perform break actions 4/6/8% faster per toke.. (starts at 40%)

    Totemic Haste: Gain 1 token for each Totem remaining in the Trial. Gain a haste effect of 1/1.5/2% per token. This haste effect goes on cool down for 10 seconds when using an ability or interacting with a Survivor. (starts at 10%. The idea behind this perk is to make you much faster at finding that initial chase and patrolling generators)

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  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,025

    Reworking an old perk because I feel like it needs it,

    Surge: Downing a survivor regresses the nearest 3 generators by up to 8% this effect charges up over 60/50/40 seconds and is stronger the longer it charges for, (20 seconds of charging means 4% at tier 3 then back to 0% to start charging again, lesser amounts still make the gen start regressing)

  • B_Swims08232004B_Swims08232004 Member Posts: 12

    i'm new to this community but not the game i love coming up with perks i don't exactly know how to make one but i'm gonna join in sorry if this isn't exactly how a perk would work. this is sort of a anti nurses calling perk

    new survivors perk : A friends hand

    when unhooking a fellow survivor your aura is revealed to the killer for 20 minutes and the survivor you saved is able to make a swift getaway.

    "take my hand friend it will be worth it."

    new killer perk : hunter's rage

    when a pallet is dropped on you the survivor who dropped it, their aura is revealed to you for 30 minutes

    "there is no escaping rage not by a long shot"

  • I made a discussion about a perk concept on August 19 that was based on the idea of getting the "perfect" item when plundering chests. Given the complicated number of game states that make a perfect item hard to determine, it would be far too difficult to program, let alone balance.

    The concept is more interesting as a thought experiment, as you have to ask "If I was spectating a game of DBD, what item would I give someone in a certain spot? A medkit cause everyone's injured? A toolbox because there's 5 gens left? A flashlight because they're against Hag?"

  • ThatPigMainThatPigMain Member Posts: 8

    Survivor Perk: Hold It In

    At the start of the match gain 2/3/4 tokens

    the next time you would gain a negative status affect it wont be applied and you lose one token.

    Killer Perk: Keep It Coming

    Your mind is like a submachine-gun

    The Cooldown on your ability and perks are reduced by 10/15/20%

  • ItzNobodyItzNobody Member Posts: 184
    • Cold Blood (Killer Perk)

    - You abhor seeing your prey step closer to their escape and feel a need to advance.

    Damaging a Generator or Breaking a Pallet will grant you a Haste Status Effect of 3/4/5% for 15 seconds.

    "I must admit, I respect your tenacity. But I'm afraid our games end here." - Nicholai Givonaef

  • ItzNobodyItzNobody Member Posts: 184
    • Viscous Intent (Killer Perk)

    - It pleases you to see your prey cower in fear as you feed into your ferocious nature.

    When an Injured Survivor escapes the chase, Viscous Intent reveals the aura of all Survivors for 10 seconds.

    Viscous Intent has a cooldown of 75/60/45 seconds.

    "You see? You're learning. The only life that matters is your own." - Nicholai Givonaef

  • ItzNobodyItzNobody Member Posts: 184
    • Perfect BioWeapon (Killer Perk)

    - You become obsessed with one Survivor.

    After hooking the Obsession, Perfect BioWeapon activates for the next 20/25/30 seconds. While activated, hitting a Survivor with a basic attack will place them onto the Dying State.

    The perk deactivates if the Obsession is killed or sacrificed.

    All Survivors are given the Exposed Status Effect once a Survivor has been downed at first use.

    "Have you-Have you ever seen anything so incredible? The data on this would be worth millions!" - Nicholai Ginovaef

  • ItzNobodyItzNobody Member Posts: 184
    • Dead Weight (Survivor Perk)

    You feel confident and reassure those you save that everything will be alright.

    When you have healed other Survivors for the equivalent of one Health State, Dead Weight activates.

    While Dead Weight is activated, the next time you are put into the Injured State will reveal the aura of the Killer to your allies for 20/25/30 seconds.

    "It's alright, you go on ahead. I'm not gonna die on you, and leave you in a cold, cruel, Carlos-less world." - Carlos Oliveira

  • HEXSLAYER999HEXSLAYER999 Member Posts: 134
    edited August 2020

    For a witchy survivor:

    Healing aura: healing action button. Becomes active when a survivor is injured or in dying state heal survivors at x/x/x slow healing speed this perk is to help in healing progress, not to be stronger then actually healing another survivor. Survivor heals injured survivor at whatever distance. Just like when healing/selfcare survivor cannot move while healing from distances (cool fingers on temple animation when perk is in use). While the perk is in use the survivor whom is healing's aura is revealed to the killer.

    This ability is cool because if an injured survivor is being chased/or in dying state they can get some progress on being healed; this also gives the killer the option to stop chasing an injured/searching for downed survivor and to go after healing survivor.

    This healing has skill checks.

    This perk does not stack with med kit. Perk does stack with botany knowledge, auto didact and solidarity.

    Auto didact skill perk prerequisite cannot be obtained by healing aura due but healing aura can receive a buff in speed (by fractions of a second tbh) per auto didact stack.

    Multiple survivors cannot use healing aura to heal the same survivor. Healing aura cannot be used on a survivor that is being healed directly by other survivors (one will always cancel the other) Healing aura cannot be used on yourself, you can however make progress on healing yourself by synergizing solidarity with healing done by healing aura.


    Third eye: active ability. After cleansing a totem this ability becomes active. Once activated the survivor can clear their mind of dr.s maddness status effect/plagues sickness/pyramids tormented status effect. (Or any unique to specific killer status effects) after 16 seconds/8 seconds/2 seconds.

    Can only be activated after cleansing a totem.

    Stackable with inner strength (the balance is the more ppl that using perks that work with cleansing totems-the less totems there will be available.

    Shrouded in darkness:

    After the second survivor dies by any means all aura revealing perks (killer, survivors, and your own perks that reveal your aura to others) will be cancelled for 5/10/15 seconds.

    This is essentially a time saver when trying to escape hatch. Killer won't see you. Survivors that will try to bait killers to you will not see you.

  • HEXSLAYER999HEXSLAYER999 Member Posts: 134
    edited August 2020

    Jock or cheerleader survivor

    VIP: start the match as the obsession (the obsession circlet around player icon will be colored yellow-to show others that this ability is active). Protection hits taken for you reward others 5%/10%/15% more blood points with additional stacks per protection hit. However this perk becomes inactive when another survivor becomes the obsession. Perk reactivates if you become the obsession again.

    Perk that will reward others for being altruistic to you.

    Running laps: 15%/ 20%/ 25% blood point bonus for getting into chases with killer. Rewards survivors who take on the roll of looping killers.

    Royal B 🐝: after being unhooked within the killer's terror radius, ability becomes active if the rescuer is running ahead of you/not lined up to take a protection hit (body blocking/sandbagging you in a chase), you stun the rescuer (animation is similar to hag phantasm trap stun) rescuer will pause and jump in place as if startled, you are able to continue running off. This ability will not activate if you were rescued with borrowed time.

    If you survive the trial after using this ability, blood points awarded for surviving are doubled, if you do not survive trial you lose half of the blood points awarded in the altruism category.

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  • MekochiMekochi Member Posts: 614

    Survivor Perk

    Light On Your Feet - The sudden rush of of adrenaline flowing through you made you feel lighter than before.

    When starting a chase with a killer you are granted with the haste status effect for 5/6/7 seconds. Grants the exhausted status effect for 60/50/40 seconds.

    "What can I say, I am used to this sorta thing." - Ava Baxter

    Killer Perk

    Hex: Blurred Perception - If a survivor cleanses a dull totem they will be affected with the exhausted status affect for 40/50/60 seconds when cleansed. When the lit totem is cleansed, the survivor that cleansed that totem will become the obsession.

    You can only be obsessed with one survivor at a time.

    "When they put you on a pedestal, their greed blurs reality." - Sarah Rose

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494


    -Waltz=After pressing the activate ability button, this perk will activate. For 3/4/5 seconds completely remove the user’s hit box. This make attacks, grabs, and similar actions impossible during that time. This effect will also allow the user to move through the killer and other survivors. However, receive the exhausted status effect for 60/50/40 seconds. You can not recover from exhaustion while running.

    -Duelist=Every 60/45/30 seconds, double the action speeds of yourself and any survivor within a 15 meter radius for 3/5/7 seconds. However, after that period, the user will have action speeds halved for 15/13/11 seconds.

    -Prodigy= At the start of a trial, randomly receive a 50/75/100% speed increase to a singular type of action (Repairing, sabotaging, healing, etc.). The action will be revealed after doing the correct action, this a passive skill.


    Chastity=The first time you successfully melee attack a healthy survivor, they are given the endurance status effect for 30 seconds. When they lose that effect and return to the healthy state, every subsequent melee attack to that survivor, while they are healthy, will put them into the dying health state. This can be done to 1/2/3 survivors at a time.

    Courtly Intrigue=The disturbance radius of crows are decreased to 6/8/10 meters. When a survivor disturbs a crow, that crow will follow them and reveal their aura for 1/2/3 seconds. This effect does not stack and any subsequent crow disturbed while under effect of courtly intrigue will act in their normal behavior.

    -Social Hierarchy=Hex: At the start of the trial, each survivor is give a rank 1-4 with differing effects for each rank. The killer is rank 0.

    •Rank 0: When standing still all positive effects give to survivors are halted and their auras are reveal if their are standing still as well.

    •Rank 1: 5/4/3% increase to movement. Receive the blinded status effect for the rest of the trial.

    •Rank 2: 10/8/6% increase to generator repair speed. Receive the exhausted status effect every time a generator is repaired for 45/60/75 seconds.

    •Rank 3: 25/20/15% increase to healing speed for others. 5/10/15% decrease to healing speed for self.

    •Rank 4: Can hear the killer’s terror radius from 30/20/10 meters outside its range (However, is unaffected by terror radius based effects if outside the range).

  • Rhe2vejaRhe2veja Member Posts: 63

    Killer perk:

    Everything ends: you become obssesed with a survivor, every time you hit the obssesion, everything ends gains a token(max 5 tokens), when the endgame collapse is activated a few effects activate.


    1 token: survivors are afeccted with the oblivious status effect 

    2 tokens: 1 random survivor will be affected by the exposed status effect 

    3 tokens: endgame collapse time is reduced by 30 secs

    4 tokens: endgame collapse time is reduced by 40 secs

    5 tokens: endgame collapse time is reduced by 50 secs, healing speed is reduced by 36%, the speed of every survivor is reduced by 6%

    If the obssesion dies or leaves, everything ends deactivate.

    The obssesion can´t open the exit doors

    The obssesion can´t leave in the first 10/15/20 of the endgame collapse.

    " in the end, everything dies"

  • delilahsupastardelilahsupastar Member Posts: 40

    For the survivors who disagree with Mori -

    Chance to escape a Mori attempt 15/30/45% or something to that affect.

    For the killers who disagree with keys -

    Key users must have to complete 1/2 difficult skill checks in order to open hatch and any attempt to do so will alert the killer.

    For killers who disagree with Object of Obsession -

    Just a plain ol' aura reading block perk. Although, I don't feel like it's that big of a deal but some do. If it's worth a perk slot to them then I say go for it.

    Problem solved. No one can complain, then. I get SO tired of the complaining. Just play the game and move on to the next one.

  • delilahsupastardelilahsupastar Member Posts: 40

    Okay, I have a more serious one (for survivor):

    Once per trial - if you become exposed and you are hit, instead of being put into the dying state, the hit will instead apply the deep wounds status affect. You will have 10/15/20 seconds to mend or you will immediately be put into the dying state. If you are hit again you will immediately be put into the dying state. Causes the broken status effect for 60-90 seconds. Sort of like a borrowed time for the exposed status.

    New idea for killer - I haven't really thought out major details but they would be called 'The Engineer' and the focus would be gen pressure. One of their add-on abilities would be that they could turn one generator on the map into a 'fake' generator and the survivors wouldn't know which one it is until after they complete it. Run that with corrupt intervention and that would help with the gen rushing swf squads. It would be a pain in the booty for soloq (since half the team hides half the match) but it might still be fun.

  • brandil86brandil86 Member Posts: 5

    Ok, so I had an idea for a perk because it seems that pallet saves rarely ever happen. What if the survivor had a perk (totally situational) that would allow them if picked up and on shoulder to pull a pallet if the killer walks through one. It would only be activated once every certain amount of seconds depending on tier of perk. It would trigger an action button while on shoulder instead of struggling you would have to hit E to use it. I don't think it would be too OP cause killers avoid pallets anyways but it would be situational like if you go down right by the pallet you could use it.

  • Nos37Nos37 Member Posts: 2,135
    edited August 2020


    Being hit by The Killer hides your scratch marks for 10 seconds and reduces all of The Killer's accumulated perk-related tokens to 0 for t/t+n/t+2n seconds. The Killer cannot gain any perk-related tokens while you are on the hook.

  • MissUrbanGoblinMissUrbanGoblin Member Posts: 8

    Keep It Moving [Killer Perk]: Crows accumulate (x-amount) of times faster when a player is inactive.

    I thought this would be interesting to pressure survivors that are much more prone to hiding to keep moving.

    Not So Fast [Survivor Perk]: Upon leaving a generator, when the killer is within an x-meter range, the generator is protected from being damaged for x-amount of time.

    A way to protect your hard work from those over-charge loving Doctors. :)

    Last Ditch Effort [Survivor Perk]: Once per game, when being carried by the killer, survivors have the ability to pull at pallets within a certain range, making stunning the killer and dropping the survivor.

    It's another kind of decisive strike opportunity, but you don't have to depend on your fellow survivors to get those pallet stuns.

  • EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 2,148

    Honestly if it would just hit the closest gen or have a bigger range itd be fine, hitting the 3 nearest i feel would be over kill. i do love surge but its annoying when you dont even get 1 gen with it :/

  • KyleCobra09KyleCobra09 Member Posts: 5

    Intersting idea, but I think it would be better if a new killer got such power and not a perk for everyone

  • striphestriphe Member Posts: 4

    ReverseMori: A survivor perk that challenges mori with a skill check or button mash face off like wiggle between killer and survivor. Killer wins, mori happens, survivor wins, one health state healed.

  • Yogerman1997Yogerman1997 Member Posts: 335

    a Exhaustion perk who allow me to put myself into a fake downed state, you not look as downed in the HUD.

    Put yourself into downed state with this perk will cause Exhaustion for 60/50/40 seconds.

    Put yourself into downed state with this perk will not make Grunts of Pain.

    Put yourself into downed state with this perk will not make Pools of Blood.

    Hold M1 for 4 seconds to get up.

    The killer can mori/grab you like if you really was downed, but he can't see the option, he had to KNOW you are there to do it.

    Can't use this perk while Exhausted.

    Compatible with Tenacity xd

  • HEXSLAYER999HEXSLAYER999 Member Posts: 134

    I like the concept but not the effigy part. An effigy is a statue or model of a person... I think you mean like a rune (kind of like the hags).

    In which case there's so much potential.

    Like a generic rune or symbol but they can use those symbols or pictures on the key chains on the hook as a way of customizing the runes appearance. (Idea)

    Or... You can leave generic symbol designs, It would make hag gameplay nightmarish and interesting with her phantasm trap symbols but now with your concept she has a plethora of new runes she can place on the ground each with their own buff/debuff/trap effect.

  • wildfirelogi1wildfirelogi1 Member Posts: 8

    Killer perk

    Kin Dread: When a survivor unhooks another their aura is revealed for 5 seconds.

  • stoudbakerstoudbaker Member Posts: 130


    Tier 1 and 2

    Find totems lit with so and so range when endgame happens

    Tier 3

    Be abke to see all lit totems in end game collapse


    Would require breaking a fire totem or just a totem to activate

  • HexTotemHexTotem Member Posts: 3

    Back to The Pit: None will escape the entity's grasp. Whenever a survivor cleanses a dull totem gain a token. Survivor sacrifice speed is increased by 1/2/3% for each totem cleansed. Whenever a survivor is unhooked lose a token.

    A Moment of Valor: You are stalwart in the face of despair. Start the trial with 3/4/5 tokens. Whenever you take a protection hit for another survivor you consume a token and remove 1 negative status effect from yourself.

    IDK I was inspired to do a Darkest Dungeon themed chapter by a friend and these were the first perks I made.

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