Home Rank update error and Disconnection Penalty


I was struggling with the game which is constantly crashing and now I get penalty and not for a few minutes or even hours, but days, so the game for me is literally unplayable.

After submitting a ticket about the issue, what I got was this:

Does it really justify my ban? I wound understand if I had poor connection or dead battery on my console, no questions would be made otherwise, but the game is crashing by itself, I'm not developing this game, so why should I get punished for the software failure? I have no control over the situation, nor I cause the game to crash or to freeze. The game is just crashing every 2nd or 3rd game with a pop up error message and I have to relaunch the game just to see that I was banned for 24 hours.

I spent over $400 on this game and bought every DLC possible, but cannot play this game because the game is buggy and therefore it's my fault? What? Is it some sort of joke?

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