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What if perk tiers were something like this?

RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 2,741
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If perks tiers gave you an option to chose from three effects... and some examples I came up with


1) Tighter scratch marks

2) Scratch marks last longer

3) Scratch marks are more directional (scratch marks indicate the direction the survivor was facing)

Brutal Strength:

1) Break action speed increase

2) Breaking pallets takes 1 kick

3) Breaking gens would apply an increased regression

Hangman's Trick:

1) Longer sabo times

2) shorter hook respawn times

3) Aura reading when survivors are near hook (either carrying or not)


1) Breaking a gen after hooking a survivor applies X% of regression

2) Allows break action on a competed gen when gates are still closed (resets gen to 50% once per match after a survivor is hooked)

3) Allows the killer to close an open gate and disables the gate from being reopened (obviously once per match)

Ruin: This is just an example of how BHVR can change an effect

1) Old Ruin

2) New Ruin

3) A mix of both (100% regression on gen with progress and random skillchecks are affected "not all")

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