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I give the art and design teams love for how good the game looks, audio deserves it too!

PricefieldPricefield Member Posts: 112
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So many things in this game make the atmosphere perfect from the noise. Here's a bit of a fan boy moment for them!:

Trapper: The SNAP of someone stepping into a trap and hearing him wiping his machete is so satisfying.

@ReSpEcTtHe4PeRcEnT  also made me remember the sound of him stepping into a trap, forgot that!

Wraith: The bell is just ominous (I almost miss global bell buuuut he was weak back then </3) and props to elephant roar when he gets stunned

Hillbilly: The new chainsaw sounds amazing, and hearing the overheat whine is just even better. Also his cute lil roar seals it for me. And his new chase and terror radius are so damn good, like it doesn't deserve to be that good, but it is!

Nurse: The screams are amazing and hearing her gasp is low key spooky. Also hearing how gently she wipes the blade really gives off the delicate nature of her (even though she is far from it in game lmao)

Hag: The Scream she makes when a trap is made and with the POV change makes her one of the few killers that keeps me always worried

Myers: I mean, what is there to say? the heartbeat, the music, THE MUSIC and just everything about him down to the breathing is ######### perfect!

Doc: the laughter, the screaming, the electro vibe his chases and terror radius have and his mori, all fit the madness theme so damn well

Huntress: I mean, the Lullaby is probably one of the pinnacle of dread from sound design. it's super calming and messed up at the same time. Also her child anger noises at pallets really fits with her lore!

Bubba: Our bottom tier now promoted bow got lots of new sounds that are all enjoyable. he kept his base ones, but the new screech of metal when you're out of charges and that sound when you get them back just 'fits him'

Spirit: The different sounds of anguish she makes, her small little cries when she twitches and the passive phasing noise literally give off a spirit of anger (just like how I feel facing her!)

legion: Killer Instinct is honestly one of the coolest tracking features, and they nailed the heartbeat of prey vibe nearby so well. Also, as someone who came off a sudden adrenaline rush from a jog after a puppy, that stun sound is perfect.

Plague: First, her vomit is gross and all the puking is really gross, but in that good way!Bonus points to corrupt purge and those whispers, she is also one of the top design for sounds, there's just too much to say

Pig: i mean her stun sound is why she is so damn cute, give who did that a raise. Her ambush roar, really is an oh ######### moment. Also, super super bonus points for the new cosmetics that make noise, gives variety to her!

Clown: I mained him forever because of that damn laugh. His huffing over things and just that damn laugh fir his ######### up story so well

Deathslinger: The gun, the laugh, the sound of reeling in getting to a higher and higher note fits a bounty hunter reeling his prey so well!

Demogorgan: Unless I'm wrong, first killer with custom chase music (time blurs after 4 years), hearing global audio for everything and his shred just make him that distant, ominous killer! Again, top contender for sound design!

Freddy: The laugh, the grunts, and the damn lullaby NAIL his vibe so well! There's just not much to say, NOES was captured so well.

Ghostface: How quiet he is is good sound design. The build up to a reveal is like opening a dark closet in a scary movie with the sudden oh crap when it happens

Oni: Large, angry, brutal, vicious and again angry are what i feel when I'm in his terror radius, let alone Demon Fury which I could gush over forever

Pyramid Head: heavy Metal chains terror radius, his sword going through the Earth for Judgements, launching of them and hearing it scrape through things. I almost always wish I play indoors maps with him so I can hear it more!

Blight: THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD DRUGS! Need I say more?


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