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Should tunnel killing and face camping be bannable



  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 1,465
    edited September 9
    non bannable offense.

    Gotta say no as well.

    they should nerf these ‚strategy’s‘ though, since tunneling is currently the most viable strategy and both mechanics drive away many new players, which is very understandable

  • ScaryCatScaryCat Member Posts: 44
    non bannable offense.

    Do you know any other game that bans this sort of thing? If people decide to play like assholes then that's their problem.

    If you meet a face-camper; do gens and hope that your hooked buddy will cooperate and stay on the hook Till the end. Then the killer either loses the match or gets 1-2 kills.

    And although I hate tunneling, sometimes I can understand when a killer decides to do so. Sometimes it's needed when the survivors genrush or the killer makes far too many mistakes.

    Asking to ban these actions seems unreasonable to me.

  • MrsGhostfaceMrsGhostface Member Posts: 456
    non bannable offense.

    Should be punishable, not a ban though

  • VoidAetherVoidAether Member Posts: 15
    non bannable offense.

    its not bannable just know if you do it your annoying everyone

  • DsnoozDsnooz Member Posts: 5
    non bannable offense.

    It's very situational, so it should not be a bannable offense.

    For Tunneling:

    Some players want to be tunneled. As they like being the center of attention and bothering the killer.

    Tunneling opens the opportunity for your teammates to get protection hits, flashlight stuns, etc.

    Running DS can mitigate the effects of tunneling.

    Personally, if I'm being tunneled I see it as an opportunity to get better at mind-games.

    I've seen survivors claim they were tunneled when everyone was hooked at least once and the hook order was rotated by the killer.

    For Face-Camping

    If the killer has had a bad game, I don't blame them for face-camping when 1 to 0 generators are left.

    If the killer face-camps at the start everyone loses opportunities to get BP and Emblems for pips. So, there is a natural incentive to not face-camp. It'll be a boring match for the most part and I don't understand why players would use this tactic. Staring at a hooked player is not really playing the game at all.

    Sometimes the survivors aren't pressuring generators. From the killer's perspective, after circling the whole map to see no gen progress and find the poor survivor finally being unhooked before their eyes they have to hit someone. They have to play the game, it's sad to see someone called a "camper" in that situation.

    From a design stand-point, it's really hard to stamp out these actions when the survivor(s) had the option to play the game better.

  • FloppyFloppy Member Posts: 7
    edited September 20
    Bannable offense.

    I would say that if they had evidence that the tunnelling is happening then yes but not camping I just think that camping shows how bad a killer is at the game and maybe get a blood point penalty or something like a big one! Camping and tunneling doesn't make the game fun it just makes it frustrating and seriously if you have to do either of these then we know you suck lol can't get a kill with out basically cheating (yea dbd doesn't call it cheating or against the rules but we all know its cheating) don't respond to this with hate or stupid things like they have this perk to stop blah blah if you been tunneled to death you know those perks, items whatever won't stop it they just delay it. Also dbd is completely unbalanced for a game. Its fun when people who are good play but unbalanced af.

  • AggressiveFTWAggressiveFTW Member Posts: 156
    non bannable offense.

    Wow I am SOOOOO tired of these questions, and for the "last" time NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • karatinac97karatinac97 Member Posts: 208
    non bannable offense.

    No matter how much you hate it, it is not a bannable offence. It's like saying that survivors shouldn't be allowed to unhook or take hits for each other. Yes it can be really scummy tactics (people who face camp/tunnel from the start) but they are just doing their objective.

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246
    non bannable offense.

    Should "doing generators" be a bannable offense? lel

    no but for real, facecamping was patched out of the game long ago

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 1,271
    non bannable offense.

    why have you dug this up while it was just about to die out

  • TheButcher6641TheButcher6641 Member Posts: 54
    non bannable offense.

    Camping is a tactic. It is fair and legal tactic. It might not feel that way for a hooked survivor because it will be make it harder to escape for sure but it is 100% fair. Whatever kind of camping you do is alright. It is your tactic to winning the game. You might want to face-camp to be sure your prey does not escape. You might want to patrol the area to ensure that no survivors approach your prey. You might want to hide and ambush other survivors attempting to rescue your prey or you might want to abandon your prey entirely and look for fresh meat. Whichever works for you. I have camped in various different ways when necessary and in turn when I am camped I don't hold a grudge. People should accept camping and not be salty when camped. If you don't head back back for the hook when you see a survivor unhooking them that is just stupid as is thinking that people should be banned for camping. Think about it. If you were an obsessive and rage-induced murderer, would you leave your victim unattended while you walk away.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 1,408
    non bannable offense.

    I don't think they should be bannable but I do think there should be mechanics implemented to prevent the hard tunneling/face camping that happens.

    Maybe do something similar to PH cages where if killer is by hook for certain amount of time not in a chase the hook moves - if hook moves aura disappears for killer. That would make a face camper think twice about hanging out by the hook. If they won't do that they could atleast have the camped hooked survivor receive BP for % gen repaired while hooked and distraction points since they are distracting the killer from doing anything else. They should also put the "do gens if your teammate is camped" tip from mobile on the loading screen before every game. Tunneling just have killer earn less points for hooking same person multiple times in a row.

    They also need to re-evaluate the rift challenges since many on both sides encourage bad game play, like tunneling and camping. The sacrifice obsession x times basically guarantees the obsession will be tunneled/camped when the killer is trying to get that challenge done.

  • maderrmaderr Member Posts: 165
    Bannable offense.

    Counterplay is gen rushing, it's great for SWF.

    If you have 4 SoloQ, the game is still ruined for 1 survivor so no it's not ok.

  • AvilgusAvilgus Member Posts: 422
    non bannable offense.

    What is the equivalent of "Tunnel/facecamp" in the survivors side ?

  • MasterofSFLMasterofSFL Member Posts: 73
    edited October 4

    The poll is improper.

    Tunneling is simply chasing down one survivor repeatedly, face camping is flat out camping the hooked survivor. Of the two, face camping should be a bannable activity, if the devs are not going to implement mechanisms that dissuade killers for openly, blatantly and repeatedly doing it. The entire theme and flavor of the game is to be chased/hunted/harassed by a killer, any killer that stands next to a survivor mid-game takes that away.

    Yes, the killer will "lose," but there isn't a win/loss in dead by daylight, it's performance and bloodpoints. While the killer may not get as many trying to chase the survivors, ensuring a kill is a guaranteed amount plus a count towards dailies/rift and that's worth it for many. The flip side is that the survivor who was hooked now has the choice of blowing the next howeverlong it'll take to die on hook and get almost nothing for the game or DCing, getting nothing and robbing their team of their time on hook. It's toxic to game health to do it.

    If you wanted to solve that problem with an easy fix, hooked survivors in your terror radius have their regression rate reduced while you're not in chase and they gain altruism points for the duration. That forces the killer to stand there for an extremely long time or to get up and start finding other survivors. This also opens up "Bait & Ambush" builds with things like Insidious for non-stealth killers.

  • MasterofSFLMasterofSFL Member Posts: 73

    The game is asymmetrical, there is no equivalent.

    The closest you get to that is SWF, light spam, full time harass the killer.

  • AvilgusAvilgus Member Posts: 422
    non bannable offense.

    "The game is asymmetrical, there is no equivalent."

    Exactly !

  • jayrujayru Member Posts: 54
    non bannable offense.

    How do you make playing the game how the game itself LETS you play it bannable? Unless you're throwing a match or being afk, I can't think of a game that bans you for doing what the game lets you do. How stupid lmfao

  • KingWeebKingWeeb Member Posts: 7
    non bannable offense.

    Salty survivors will abuse this. So no

  • PawcelotPawcelot Member Posts: 802
    non bannable offense.

    BHVR has even confirmed neither is bannable.

  • maderrmaderr Member Posts: 165
    edited October 11
    Bannable offense.

    You get a point BUT, camping and tunneling for the killer is a "strategy" as the pro esport devs say so why camping and staying hidden is not a strategy for the survivors ? Why do they have ravens flying around when thery stay too long at the same place ?

    Ye, so for one side it's a strategy and for the other side it's not and it's punished.

    Who is the smart guy thinking about all those mechanics seriously lol... i would like to have a discussion with him/her, might be funny af.

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