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Killer DC's

So tonight i have depipped from rank 4 to rank 6 (almost rank 7) because every single game I get someone who camps, tunnels, slugs, first hook moris, etc. They stop me from playing the game entirely so i dont get the chance to accumulate the points I need just because the killers decide to be toxic. The killers arent better than me, theyre just using cheap tactics that take away the need for skill in order to get kills.

On the other side of it, Ive had a couple killers who just didnt pay attention to me. theyd spend the entire match just chasing one or two people and so I dont really get to unhook, heal, get chased, stun the killer, most of the things I need to get points. I escaped a game with 17k points and still depipped.

but I just played against a spirit, I was able to avoid her attacks when she came out of phasing, I managed to lose her a few times, I looped her a decent amount (this was all in like the first like 3 or 4 minutes of the game) and she decides to disconnect. I was playing super well and the killer decided to disconnect because of it and robbed me of the pips I would have gotten.

Like why is it so easy for killers to take away survivors chance to earn pips, whether it be from playing toxic or from DCing.

Can we please do something, like if a killer DC's every survivor automatically gets a pip because they usually only dc when theyre getting outplayed.

I know yall dont care enough about the survivors enjoyment to do anything about tunneling or moris or camping or anything but come on Ive lost almost 3 ranks in one night because every single killer takes away my ability to play the game at all and earn points. not because theyre better than me, just because they play dirty.

(which btw camping, tunneling, all that stuff is *by definition* unsportsmanlike. So like either they need to be a punishable offense or you need to change the name of the report category)


  • AxeAxe Member Posts: 413

    they are not unsportmanlike, its vaild strats devs confirmed over and over again. If you tunnel someone out of the game it will lower down the gen pressure and increase your chance of winning. Camping is only really scummy if you have no reason to do so, I will often stay close to the hook if I notice survivors scratch marks or hook divers/farmers. Healing survivors who are slugged takes a lot of time and the killer need as much time as possible to win their games. I get a DC maybe 50% of my matches these days and that cost me points and pips.... Both sides have to deal with a lot of BS at the moment we just need to suck it up and deal with it.

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