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Spirit already released



  • powerbatspowerbats Member Posts: 7,071

    @RSB said:

    I agree on this. Nobody (maybe except for some individuals) were crying over this. This is just a lie... We should not spread the community even more - on PC users and console users.

    Is it fair to release content first for the PC, and then for consoles? Nope, as well as releasing this first on consoles, then on PC. This is a thing we can't change, because platform as Steam, Sony and Xbox have different policies due to releasing content, so when on Steam, let's say, you just upload an update on the servers, then Steam checks: "Hm, looks okay. Accepted", on consoles it may take days, months more and vice versa.

    We should not blame the devs, nor other users for it, because it will take us nowhere.

    Thank you, it's sad that a vocal few on both sides have nothing better to do than try and start flame wars and then when called out on it act like children.

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