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The Hatch (I know, another one)

Okay, I know everyone has an opinion on this but I wanted to throw mine into the mix too. I play both killer and survivor so I'd like to think that I'm being fair here.
I can't test it out because I'm a ps4 player and don't have access to the ptb but from what I've gathered you now need a key to open a hatch that the killer has closed on you.
What I'm thinking is a new item. Something you can only get in the match - a guaranteed pull from a chest. A crowbar or even a different key that has no add-ons, it's only job is to open the hatch at the end of the game if need be. You can't leave with it, and it will be in a different chest each game. Beauty of this is someone is going to find it, but not necessarily the one who will end up needing it. It could be under a used hook where a dead survivor was, on found randomly on the ground where someone dropped it.
I hate the stand offs, which is why this closing of the hatch thing probably came into effect, I would just hate to give the killer a free kill because they saw something first.


  • mintchapstickmintchapstick Member Posts: 720

    I actually wouldn't mind this.

    The problem with needing a generator to open the hatch, is that as a lone survivor, sitting next to one of the only leftover generators is how you get immediately found; especially in a situation where the killer knows that you're looking to work on generators. So, something that's more randomized/unpredictable for both the killer and the survivor is step in a better direction.

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