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demogorgon needs to be fixed

a few months ago when I played as demogorgon he was maneuverable and I could move normally with him but after getting back to him recently he feels extremely clunky to play as , and his side stepping speed has been greatly reduced compared to how he felt some months ago . when I played as him in lery's memorial I could barely sidestep and go through corners or loop . I don't get why the devs decided to make him so sluggish but his movement speed needs to be reverted to default because he can not hit any survivors being so sluggish and as he is now can only hit them 20 percent of the time .


  • DeeJHansenDeeJHansen Member Posts: 81

    Don't forget how loud he is. Good luck hearing footsteps or groans. That was my number one issue with demo. Second was his portals which suck so bad.

  • batmanscarbatmanscar Member Posts: 466

    he also needs a major fov increase his hands are so big the both take up 2/3 rd's of the screen and it is very easy for survivors to loop you and to lose sight of them after you hit them , and also his hands are so big that you can barely see anything at your sides he really needs to get fixed with these issues

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