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The real reason you hate Spirit

thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227
edited September 2020 in General Discussions

I was going to post this as a reply to another thread but realized this might actually help a lot of people understand the Spirit debate a lot better.


If you have a problem with Spirit then you have a problem with mix-up characters in fighting games.

"Instances in which a player is faced with the possibility that their opponent is going to make one of numerous potential decisions, Mix-Ups are a fundamental part of fighting games. Specific games will even feature characters that possess entire movesets that are entirely based around the utilization of mix-ups, forming the archetype of Mix-Up characters. Mix-Up characters will possess numerous moves that have a similar or even identical start up animation that are then followed up by attacks that must be blocked or dodged different ways."

Spirit is literally this type of character, the one where you have to read and predict. Now in the FGC, it is actually VERY COMMON for strong mix-up characters to get a lot of hate from the general player base.

I don't expect you to sit through the video, so I will just summarize this as people don't like to have to change their tactics or play re-actively to their opponent such that making the wrong read will get you seriously punished.

This is basically what is going on with Spirit.

The thing is, just like Spirit, these characters have counter play. It's just that, by the very nature of what how they were designed and what they do, also by the fact it can be very frustrating to play against them due to the high punishment for mistakes and the ease of making said mistakes, makes this probably the most hated character archetypes in the FGC. Which is exactly what is going on with Spirit.

My theory is that because Spirit is the equivalent of a mix up character in a fighting game, a lot of players just don't understand what to do and/or get frustrated more easily when what they do doesn't work and they are dead for it. It actually has nothing to do with her having counter play or not, and everything to do with just what she does, period.

If you hate Spirit, that's fine. Go ahead hate her. I hate Doc for reasons I won't get into. There is no problem with that. But don't be intellectually dishonest about it and claim she has no counter play. SHE DOES.

Like mix up characters, I don't see Spirit going away anytime soon. You are just going to have to learn to accept her as part of the game. Yes, Prayer Beads were OP and she did get an update to balance her out more. Honestly the only way the devs can satisfy most of you at this point is either deleting her from the game, or giving her a Freddy makeover, and I neither expect nor want either of those, and I don't think you do either guy or gal reading this.

Be honest with yourself first and we can have an actual discussion about Spirit.



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