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The real reason you hate Spirit



  • BrokenbonesBrokenbones Member Posts: 566
    edited September 2020

    Personally it's more of a frustration than a hatred of spirit for myself and that frustration usually only comes into play when the Spirit has Stridor. When I'm facing killers like Pyramid Head or Deathslinger - killers that people have also said they feel are unfair or boring, I don't have the same frustration.

    The two factors that make spirit frustrating for me are:

    • Stridor makes anything I try to do to throw off the Spirit or make any sort of play almost pointless. Without Iron will even when crouching you're still extremely loud and Iron will only slightly helps with it
    • When I'm facing PH or Slinger, it might not be always possible to do something about their powers but at least I can physically see them and try to react to what they are doing (within reason, you can't really juke a Slinger with good aim but you can still SEE him)

    The only issue I have with the fighting game comparison you made here, is that, again - both opponents can still see each other. In DBD you physically cannot see the spirit when she's in her power and the footstep noises would be a good way to know, if it wasn't for the loud chase music (and loud grunts of pain from Stridor lul)

    I respect your viewpoint on the subject though.

  • DwinchesterDwinchester Member Posts: 961

    The tiles are designed to protect them, they have a 3rd person view to see what the killer is doing, and the red stain. If survivors are guessing, they need to improve, because there is no reason to guess.

    Dont tell me it cant be done, because I've seen survivors that cant be mindgamed.

  • PigMainBigBrainPigMainBigBrain Member Posts: 1,075

    Uhhhh....Iron will isn't just a spirit counter....it messes up most killers who rely on sound and works especially well against Doc....

  • ill_Boston_lliill_Boston_lli Member Posts: 599

    Agreed I've seen and have been outplayed as spirit on several occasions to where nmw i did the survivor was one step ahead. Of course this is possible to do and just because someone streams it and is good at the game means jack to me. I have 7k hours with almost 5 of them as killer 19k sacrifices so i wouldn't say I'm bad as spirit.

  • OllieHellhunterOllieHellhunter Member Posts: 669
    edited September 2020

    Respectful opinion, I agree for the most part however even with stridor I can escape a chase I'd say just under half the time, it definitely makes it much harder to deal with her though.

    Edit: rereading my point didnt seem clear, I think spirit with stridor is a pain to deal with but even still not completely uncounterable

  • Komodo16Komodo16 Member Posts: 1,488

    I agree and I dont think you should be a sheep. But my point is you dint havr to be unlikable to be viable

  • Komodo16Komodo16 Member Posts: 1,488

    Understandable and the addons before were fine as far as I belueve I just want to have a fair chance without relying on perks or guessing

  • Komodo16Komodo16 Member Posts: 1,488

    Dude I admit my mistakes but you know how many times I lost because she appeared where I was regardless of my perks or mindgames? Tru3 even admits when a killer isnt good and when he loops a spirit he critiques them

  • Komodo16Komodo16 Member Posts: 1,488

    No im explaining why people listen. When you are BIASED you dont look at everything so you have a skewed view and thats why people cite him. Disagree all you want but if you refuse to actually look at it in the other sides way then you dont have much place to call the people who do wrong because they think about both sides

  • BrokenbonesBrokenbones Member Posts: 566

    Oh absolutely, it's not impossible to counter. I agree with you

    I just don't know how I'm meant to improve and learn what to do against it, if that makes sense? Any play feels pointless when I know she has Stridor and will almost always know what I'm doing, pair that with the fact most Spirits run movement speed addons + use the power in short bursts, plays certainly feel impossible to make

  • Komodo16Komodo16 Member Posts: 1,488

    No thats calm spirit and no they were saying run it FOR her

  • OllieHellhunterOllieHellhunter Member Posts: 669

    Yeah I'm in agreement then, im hoping when I play as her some I might be able to plan strategies against her, but alas I dont own her yet.

  • ill_Boston_lliill_Boston_lli Member Posts: 599
    edited September 2020

    I mean when she had silent phase or the amulet didnt have the speed debuff and her wakazashi gave her super lunge it was terrible. ANd i get that its frustrating. It doesnt bother me because my build helps all around no matter the killer

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227
    edited September 2020

    Thank you for acknowledging that your issue with her is frustration and not lack of counter play.

    "The only issue I have with the fighting game comparison you made here, is that, again - both opponents can still see each other."

    In a fighting game there is a back and forth. A mix up character is strongest when it's "their turn" and they are pressuring the opponent. In this case, it doesn't matter if the opponent can see the other guy or not, they have to preemptively counter them by predicting what mix up they will do. This is how Spirit is like a mix up character, because you have to analyze the situation and commit to an option for knowing what she was going to do. However, in most situations you will have at least 1 option that can counter every option she has at once and give you the highest probability to escape. It would be like if blocking in a fighter counter 3 of the potential mix ups that could be done, so now you only have to worry about him picking a 4th option that is maybe higher risk for him, but a lower chance he would take that option. I know that being able to counter 3 options at once doesn't make it a mix up really, but that's what can be done against Spirit.

  • BrokenbonesBrokenbones Member Posts: 566

    I do like how you are approaching the subject and making the comparison to fighting games, they do have a lot more in common than one might think at first glance

    In terms of having no counterplay - I'm of the opinion there is always something you can try to do against every killer. It's whether what that something is will have any impact on the chase. If you could give me a DBD example of what you mean with regards to "having 1 option to counter every option she has" that'd be neat if you have the time.

    I'm curious to hear your take

  • Komodo16Komodo16 Member Posts: 1,488

    Yeah those add one were pretty harsh and yeah if you run strong perks you can handle her better. But I hate relying on that and when all survs get is trash talk about how bad they are for running these perks you think that feels good. I have no skill because I always used dead hard and DS so now I have to run other things. But now idc because I run perks that arent counters to killers. My build is a copy paste I guess but adrenaline sprint burst and ds and hope. It helps be deal with noed killers or pull off last minute saves. And ds is because I always get tunneled for the most part when I DONT run it which sucks. And sprint burst to prolong chase. Anything that actively makes me do better in chases is a no go. If I wanted to run perks to make sure I am almost untouchable I could but thats unfair and pathetic

  • OllieHellhunterOllieHellhunter Member Posts: 669

    I will disagree because I find spirit enjoyable to go against, I've seen the other sides point of view, they disagree with me and do not find her fun to verse, and their opinion that it's not fun to verse I cant call wrong because it's an opinion, just like they cant call my opinion of enjoying to verse her wrong.

    However when you try to say its completely uncounterable when theres been multiple times proven and shown by a variety of sources, then people can call you wrong.

    I dont enjoy versing oni, doesnt mean I think anyone who likes to go against Oni is 'BIASED' or that they refuse to look at my point of view. I just assume they have a differing opinion from me. and if I were to say oni is uncounterable theyd be completely in the right to call me wrong.

  • PrettyFaceKatePrettyFaceKate Member Posts: 1,704

    Spirit is a reactive killer, not a predictive killer. She requires tracking, not reading.

  • Komodo16Komodo16 Member Posts: 1,488

    No I say everyone has a right to an opinion but saying someone is wrong due to bias is wrong in my opinion I would say that you can say they are wrong if you at least make the effort to put yourself in their shoes. And tru3 and scott are the only ones who made videos about it. You can talk all you want on forums but you dont have proof without video. And thats why I want to see these counters working. Id love if there was a GOOD counter to her and if there is would you mind sending me a video with proof or record it yourself. I'm open to changing my mind but I need to see something that can get me thinking

  • ill_Boston_lliill_Boston_lli Member Posts: 599
    edited September 2020

    I don't let anyone deter me form using perks I like to run. You are not trash for using something that is part of the game. If a killer has an issue with it its because its something they haven't learned to deal with as a player. But that is a whole different subject. And to be 100% honest i barely am affected by any of the commonly hated survivor perks as killer as I play around them and i don't tunnel much and if i DO down someone off hook i leave them let them unbreakable w.e the case as it is still a form of pressure i don't need to hook them immediately as it still either forces the unbreakable or another survivor to stop what they are doing to get them up. It is interesting to see survivors completely throw themselves at me to save someone who is downed off hook.

  • Demogordon_RamsayDemogordon_Ramsay Member Posts: 1,503

    False. I hate Spirit because she takes no skill and is insanely stupidly designed.

  • TheVVitchTheVVitch Member Posts: 224

    50/50s just suck in a game like this. There's no clear-cut way to actually counter a spirit it's just "git gud". The issue with that is "good" is heavily dependent on how bad the Spirit is at tracking you. Tracking is arguably the easiest part of playing killer. Once you see a survivor, it's extremely easy to keep the chase. Following scratch marks and sound queues while being invisible and having faster ms make it ez mode for her.

    On the survivor side, you can try to listen for her light as fck footsteps over your way more prominent grunts of pain, guess what she will do next with near zero information, or hold w to the next loop and hope she sucks.

    The 50/50 is just too easy for her while the survivors have to be literal rocket scientists at every opportunity where she can phase.

    The only way I have been able to reliably outwit a GOOD Spirit. Is by playing unpredictably with lithe, dance with me, and quick and quiet. Aka anti spirit build.

  • Komodo16Komodo16 Member Posts: 1,488

    Reregardless I want to have perks that dont help me with chases

  • Komodo16Komodo16 Member Posts: 1,488

    I have tried I assure you and also I didnt know about these videos so im going to watch them right now and ill tell you if the killer in question was bad or if the video had proof and ill tell you my thoughts and if you want you can watch it as well and we can discuss

  • SavouryRainSavouryRain Member Posts: 237

    ....good killers hide their red stain all the time. Once the stain is hidden, the survivor is pretty much stuck guessing which direction they went lol

  • cristalcaoscristalcaos Member Posts: 16

    spirit is far from being a 50/50 character, most of these character in tekken pay a really high price for strong mixups, like weak punishment and weak neautral which are essential to be competitive in the game, moreover if you mess up the 50/50 you are most likely getting launched and die.

    if spirit messes up she doesn't get damaged a lot and in ten second you are already in another 50/50, survivor don't like her because they aren't rewarded at all for guessing right at most you'll live 20 seconds more before going down

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 2,978

    You're missing the part of the fighting game where I have an animation to react to. That's a pretty major part of any mix up in a fighter.

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