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EGS, Keys, Mori's rework

Certain content creator did a video about possible change to above.

To summ it up:

  • Remove Hatch
  • EGS Starts when the last gen pops or only one survivor remains in the trial
  • Make the gates spread out enough so that killer can patrol them but not far enough so he has no chance or close enough so that survivors have no chance
  • Keys work with the gates(I'd say make it very fast to open)
  • Mori offerings are removed, now killer can mori during EGS.

Of course certain perks will have to be adjusted to make it work better but that way we remove couple of not really good situation like 3rd survivor slug, 99 ning gates, camping the hatch, fun way of completing the last gen by one survivor using the hatch and killer closing it and many others.

What do you think?


  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 2,599

    I feel like this would make keys even stronger lol. At least now you need to find the hatch; with this change you just run to the nearest gate and get almost a guaranteed escape. I would like them to pay more attention to gate spacing, though. As is they often feel either way too far apart or right next to each other. They really should be the distance you described.

  • TheFatTopHatTheFatTopHat Member Posts: 13

    I don't like the idea of the hatch being removed. It always comes in handy for me whenver my team proves useless and dies when there's still 4 gens left. So while the killer is hunting for me, I'm finding the hatch and escaping. I never escape from gates last man standing style. And it's always a 50-50 shot when it comes to who finds the hatch first. It's just as hard for killers to find the hatch as it is for survivors. I think it's a nice game mechanic.

  • theArashitheArashi Member Posts: 993

    In case of terrible teammates you have to bet on one chance of luck who finds hatch first. Then you're pretty much toast with gates being as the are.

    Think about it that way, if hatch gets removed and killer has to patrol the gate, you can quickly walk up to it to get first 20% of gates opening that doesn't light up the lamp, or make it so it does light up and sneak up to other gate as killer will keep looking.

  • theArashitheArashi Member Posts: 993

    Problem with the keys is: if survivor find a hatch he's immune and can ignore last goal of the game:gates and possibly the gen and can take rest of the survivors with him. Feels just as nuclear of an option as moris.

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 2,599
    edited September 2020

    I don't think keys are anywhere near as strong as Moris tbh. Keys change the very end of the game, assuming you can survive and keep your key for long enough for it to be relevant, and assuming the survivors actually benefited from using the key beyond the additional hatch escape BPs; in other words, if survivors are on track to escaping already, even if all four make it through the hatch it didn't really change the outcome. Most of the game unfolds exactly as it otherwise would have, and the killer has ample chance to remove the key and/or key user from the game before the hatch spawns. Every once in a while the survivors will three-gen themselves or something and three people will use a key to escape. Games like that are rare, though, even if you make the denominator "games in which a key was brought".

    Meanwhile moris drastically impact the course of the game unless the killer is getting destroyed to the point where they can't get hooks, and they're much easier to use than keys. They're out of the offering slot too which means they can be coupled with top add-ons, which is not the case for keys. Moris are also way more common in killer bloodwebs than keys are in survivor bloodwebs because survivors have more ultra-rares than killers do.

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