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Blight Power and Perks - Do Not Listen to Your 'Dev Laws' This Time.

arcnkdarcnkd Member Posts: 446
edited September 2020 in 4.2.0 PTB Feedback

Killer-preferred forced to be a survivor main because killers cannot play and progress with friends, here. So I have a lot more experience with survivor-side than killers lately.

The Blight. Oh, DbD Devs...

His power is... unimaginative. He rushes like several of our other killers do - but, in order to make him 'different' he has to break chase by slamming into an object before he can start chasing again and actually hit with his power. It's literally a survivor second chance built into the rush and honestly... is reaching when it comes to any sort of relation to his abilities.

Honestly if you were going for a chemist and a rusher - I would have given him something along the lines of rushing and slamming into survivors with his chemical slam. This would injure the survivor and inflict them with two or three status effects, among them broken, for so many seconds -- then it would put the Blight into fatigue state and make his movement lowered for so many seconds (a considerably smaller amount than the survivor broken/other status effects from his power); this would give survivors time to get away and break the chase and slow the killer from pursuing to immediately get that second hit and down them; but the broken status would also prevent survivors from just running to the side and patching right back up and neutralizing the injury from the power.

And there you would have - rusher with actual 'corruption' blighting effects.

HIs perks though, and the 'Dev Law' you should not follow.

Do. Not. Nerf them because Survivors cry out that they are too overpowered. They are powerful, yes, and considerably so (almost too powerful for $$$, borderlining pay-to-win because of terrible Shrine RNG rates... like some horrible mobile gacha game).

The pallet blocking power is amazing and one of the few options a killer can pack to severely hurt the ridiculousness of looping; punishing survivors for making risky plays or getting caught for once.

The totem-proximity aura reading is literally only 5 or less points on the map at any given time. Very manageable and forces survivors to have to both focus on totems (as they SHOULD be anyway) and be cautious about it at the same time. Again, GOOD. Survivors don't need every game to be 'relax and F with the killer'.

The exposed status and scream for tapping/working on a damage generator. YES. Punish survivors for their endless 'sneaky' tapping on generators around a killer kicking them. Again, forces Survivors to have to change their tactics and playstyles - and play more cautiously.

And the hex bouncing perk; again - forces Survivors to be on their toes more and put more focus on totems than they do right now, and be cautious not to get too comfortable because a hex is destroyed.

These are the kinds of perks (and honestly the kinds of reworks to other perks) that DBD needs - perks that put more pressure on the Survivor-side on the game and force them to have to change from their constant, go-to strategies.

Survivors, no matter how hard they will fight to deny it, have it too easy in the games. You can call it 'asymmetrical' all you want; but that does not have to mean completely imbalanced. SWF is an unfixable plague to the balance of the game; and the habitual nerfing of killer powers that force Survivors to have to 'sweat' in games (and by sweat I mean, actually have to do anything other than run circles around killers; F with them; and taunt/teabag them at every chance while the killer is constantly having to press hard to keep the advantage, especially against SWF), has got to go.

DBD should not be a game for 'casual relaxing matches'. Both sides should have to struggle and, yes, have that stress that almost all killers feel constantly, from both sides being powerful (killer perks being powerful by nature; survivor perks being strong but their power coming MORE from their being 4 survivors and thus 4x the perks in effect).


  • PawcelotPawcelot Member Posts: 985

    From what I understand, the Blight we got on the PTB was an older version of him.. which makes you wonder why they even bothered with a PTB since every piece of feedback we give is voided null. Anyway, he has been confirmed to be buffed as in being less wonky and having much smaller hitboxes during Rush.

    I suspect they'll nerf his perks because of "oppressive" but we'll see if he himself will suffer any when he hits Live tomorrow.

  • arcnkdarcnkd Member Posts: 446

    Oh I have zero. zilch. nada. doubt that they will cave and nerf his perks because of their development-crippling fear of making Survivors upset and cry. They've long proven they have a solid belief in "keeping Survivors happy" because there are 4 to every 1 killer needed... even though that logic is completely ridiculous and only serves to make killer numbers lower and lower because of imbalance, intentional/unintentional bias favoring one side because of a flimsy sense of 'asymmetry' and just a growing disparity between playing relaxing, streamer-friendly goof-around games (many Survivor-player games); or playing toxic-by-nature, stressful, play-hard games (many Killer games).

  • PawcelotPawcelot Member Posts: 985

    I think the game would be much healthier overall if there was more strong perks overall. It'd create the variety we'd want to get out the stale meta. Creating weak perks and then slapping cooldowns on them for good measure.. just makes it all less interesting. How many people will be using Dragon's Hold when its held back by 3 damn cooldowns? And on the other side of the coin, why the actual ######### does a perk like Visionary even got a cooldown to begin with?

  • xeravxerav Member Posts: 392
    edited September 2020

    Feedback (pointless from the start) is already too late when he gets released tomorrow or in a week.


    Undying is OP (with the aurea reveal) they added Undying to force survivor more into doing a secondary objective (totems) which they announced like 6 month ago. Before cleansing a Dull Totem felt bad cuz at best you would play around Noed now cleansing a dull totem is like cleansing a Hex Totem cuz you prevent the respawn + side effects like aura reveal from retrebution.

    The aura reveal punishes survivor for doing their secondary objective (which is lame tbh) and for what reason do we have Thrill of the Hunt....

    well the Blight ... is most likely a meme Killer (even if they buff hitbox and turnrate he does nothing what other Killers cant do better while also being super hard to learn / play and rather easy to outplay). Sure he is not as bad as clown but again if other Killers do the same job better why play him.

    Not only does he rely on RNG (the right props have to spawn in order to get around certain corners (killershack). A survivor who understands how he moves could simply run towards the tree at the corner of shack and is perfectly safe cuz blight has to bounce once to deal damage and once the survivor is past the tree the blight has to either waste time bouncing back to shack and then back to the tree or cancel his power and become a m1 killer.

    The only "good" blight strat requires a better slam turnate and and you simply stand right at a wall/prop for a insta slam into lethal rush.

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