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DS is needed



  • CheyeneKLCheyeneKL Member Posts: 376

    Tea... I've made the same argument to people on the forums here. DS HAS counterplay. It's in a good spot where it is, no matter how mad some people are about not being able to get free re-hooks.

    I don't like anyone's idea for it lasting only 30s unless you get into a chase with the killer within those 30 seconds, either, because that's also easily cheesable by ending the chase but still following. I just don't see it working out well.

    Wanting it to deactivate in lockers is stupid, too, because at this point it's the only counterplay to getting instantly mori'd off first hook LMAO

    Anyways, as a survivor main, I rarely see people use DS aggressively in games. 95% of the time it's used as an anti-tunneling perk. And y'all, it wasn't originally created as an anti-tunneling perk- it activated upon pickup for the obsession and once you wiggled to a certain percentage of the wiggle bar for the non obsessions. There's not really an argument to be had there because by the way the original perk worked, using DS aggressively is also fair game.

    Me personally? I didn't run DS until crossplay was implemented. It either saves your butt or is a complete waste of a perk slot and I DON'T LIKE that it's on me as a survivor to waste a perk slot on something to prevent a killer from tunneling me out of the game ASAP. I would 100% prefer to run a fun perk instead of DS but if I get multiple tunnelers in a row, DS is going on.

  • Human_GiraffeHuman_Giraffe Member Posts: 123

    You said DS didn't need a nerf. If you don't think you're insane then you need to be put in a mental institution.

  • ExerlinExerlin Member Posts: 1,105

    I feel like it's less of a "DS is required" issue and more of a "there shouldn't be a neon flag telling the killer there is no DS in the match" kind of issue. I never run DS and generally don't have many issues with tunnelers unless there is no obsession in the match. I've been running Blood Pact though and have honestly been getting more value out of that than I would have DS.

  • EntityDrudgeEntityDrudge Member Posts: 184

    He still has to chase the other survivor. If he downs them that quickly, you're screwed anyway because he's simply better than either your teammates, or you.

  • illuminaegiilluminaegi Member Posts: 32

    I don't think DS is necessary, but it is nice to have, and it's in a good spot. I dont run it too often with Survivor, but when I do, I always get value out of it. (Not sure why, but Killers like Tunneling the good 'ole P3 Steve thaf hit 'em with the Head On stun.)

    Whenever I do play killer though, I honestly will just delete people from the game as quickly as possible if they don't have DS. I don't face camp or proxy or anything, but I'm not going to let you get the unhook in my face scott free. If I come back to hook because I can't find anyone (It's a hard life when you're 50+ on a killer and still don't have Tier 1 BBQ) and you run right back into me, you can go back up on the hook.

    Sorry @ all the Megs who've done this, but it's okay- you'll go home soon.

  • maxkiddmaxkidd Member Posts: 21

    Damn this thread makes me happy. As other have said we all know [BAD WORD] tunneling killers exist and ds should be used for that but it's being used as an aggressive tactic then a anti tunnel perk. I'd say as other have ds deactivates on full heal or repairing a generator but the timer should pause in chase . For EGC I think it shouldn't activate of its anti tunnel and your in endgame.....that's not how tunneling works unless the killer is REALLY [BAD WORD].

  • Tr1ppstar606Tr1ppstar606 Member Posts: 1

    Yeah its so true there is like 100 killers that either 1. Takes advantage of DS(by using it against them) or 2. Playing so toxic to the point where its not fun anymore. Because like If you don't have the right things the killer can kill you before anything is done.

    Like the leigion with the deep cut when they hit you and your in like a 50 meter range they can see you and you need to get healed to remove the deep cut. And if they have tricks up there sleeves its so much harder to live longer then 2 minutes without being downed once.

  • Lx_maliceLx_malice Member Posts: 350

    DS is definitely not needed. Before it was even reworked survivors did just fine without it so I'm not sure where anyone got the idea that it's required to be used. It reminds of old ruin alot actually. Players have deluded themselves into thinking they need these perks to win when they don't so almost everyone in the playerbase runs them. Of course ruin got reworked though.

  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 1,063

    DS as an anti-tunnel perk is totally fine. The problem is when people use it offensively to go for unsafe hooks or do a gen in my face then hop in a locker as soon as i come running, forcing me to choose between DS and the gen. Also it stacking with unbreakable. DS and UB should not stack.

  • GodDamn_AngelaGodDamn_Angela Member Posts: 1,768

    Nah. I have never used DS outside of getting Adept Laurie.

    I run non-meta perks (except Spine Chill) and do fine. I don't even usually run Exhaustion perks which, granted, means I'm making the game harder on myself but its too easy when you go full tryhard.

  • BreakdownUserBreakdownUser Member Posts: 1

    That's cool and all but what if everyone just ran a better perk, Like borrowed time? You know, the best perk next to self care and deliverance, All I'm saying is that unless you have been literally fed to the killer Dc isn't too helpful, it'll buy you some time but if you were being tunneled you still will be except you got a 5 second stun in, unless it's end game it won't do much.

    Like I don't understand what makes everyone think its meta, Yeah it has its uses but it isn't much, You'd be much better off running an exhaustion perk rather than one that NEEDS you to be downed and picked up within 40-60 seconds of being Saved, Boom sprint burst, boom dead hard, you know?

    I just want you guys to think about it, I'm not saying don't use it but definitely don't call it meta, It's bad enough as it is, but then again it was pretty broken before it's rework.

    To conclude, Dc is a poor perk and will only redeem you once from a mess up.

  • LiunUKLiunUK Member Posts: 482

    this post became really sad now that ds is bugged and only stuns the killer for 3 seconds the day after its initial posting

  • ScrubloScrublo Member Posts: 45

    Personally I think a shorter timer would be good if it was paused when being chased and stopped ticking if you got downed so killers wouldn't down you and then slug you for 60 seconds, because how is that fun for either sides. Also if you are being chased straight off hook but make it to a pallet fast you get punished for looping the killer well if you go down after 60 seconds so you have to force ending it early which is just dumb imo. This way it would fix the 60 seconds invunrability and the issues of being punished for being a good looper on someone who insta tunnels you

  • ScrubloScrublo Member Posts: 45

    Wouldn't change too much, it would just make survivors 99% and ruin we'll make it

  • SloppyKnockoutSloppyKnockout Member Posts: 1,505
    edited September 2020

    "An average game".

    I haven't run DS (outside of a freshly prestiged survivor and that's all they had, but soon switched off) since 2017...everyone told me I'd get relentlessly tunneled. Still hasn't happened. Almost 4 years later. I think the true question and solution here is "What do I think tunneling is, and what is tunneling actually? Those two things are usually very different.

    Fancy that.

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