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New Killer Idea - The Curse

Killer idea that came about as a friend and I were randomly chatting about other things on the forum. Not really meant as anything 'serious'.

The Curse (Would have chosen The Witch Doctor, but DBD uses The -One Word- as its template.

Power - Personal Totems: The Curse possesses the ability to place up to 3 Dull Totems of their own creation at any point of the map, at their feet (to prevent placing in places that cannot be reached). Once placed, these totems act and function as normal Dull Totems when it comes to Hex perks.

Secondary Power - Endless Curse: The Curse may visit any Dull Totem while this power is charged and choose to use it - randomly selecting a currently active Hex and transferring it to that Totem in real-time. This would allow the Curse to set their Hexes in their own strategic locations as well as pair it with other hex perks, like Thrill of the Hunt, and the upcoming Aura-reading perk involving totem proximity -- to bounce an active hex to a new location (but not be able to choose which hex gets bounced, making it harder to use with multiple active hexes.

Movement: The Curse would have the movement mechanics of vaulting over pallets during chases and through windows; but only moves at the same speed as EW-I Meyers.

Perk 1 - Hex: Stalker - While this hex is active, every 15 seconds the Curse gains Undetectable for 5 seconds; immediately triggers at the start of the match.

Perk 2 - Cursebringer - Whenever a Hex or Dull Totem is destroyed, gain a token (max 5). For each token, the Curse gains 1/1.5/2% increased speed for all actions (vaulting, damaging pallets/gen, attacking/missing recovery), but not movement.

Perk 3 - Hex: Cursed Blessing - When this active Hex Totem is broken, all healthy Survivors immediately become Injured and gain Broken status for 10 seconds, but gain 10% Haste for 10 seconds. If that Survivor was in a chase, they also become immune to any damage that would put them in the dying state during this time.

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