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So... Console FPS Was Fixed, But They Broke PC FPS.

RockoRangoRockoRango Member Posts: 554
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From the information I've gathered, PC is at a ~40fps loss while Consoles have no fps problems. While this might depend on your PC specs, simply put, they've tried to optimize the game for console but busted FPS on PC in the process.

Does this hold up? Because if it does I'm just gonna stop playing; I only get a stable (Note that 'stable' is more important than the actual fps) 144 on medium settings (Because my Refresh is 144 and I use GSYNC) with a Geforce RTX 2060 and a Ryzen 5 3600x, and I don't wanna deal with stuttering if I'm playing Nurse and I get a huge drop every time I blink. It's unplayable at that point.

As far as I see, some Consoles have been a lot smoother while others are still having issues. I can't tell, since I don't have a Console, but that sucks.

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