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Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,014
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(Everything in this post is on Low graphics with max resolution)

This update causes so many FPS dips and V-sync problems it's not even funny. Even worse is that these problems were IN THE PTB and NOT fixed. My game has never had FPS issues before this update (running at a consistent 65 FPS) but now just STANDING STILL can cause a dip. Certain maps like Lery's or Ormond drop 10 frames at all times and when you get to the center of a map it dips as well. Standing by a completed gens causes FPS dips too. Finishing a gen causes a a 20 FPS dip as well as breaking pallets or walls, and if you're playing killer that can lose you 30 FPS. Being on a hook makes you drop about 10 frames. Escaping makes you lose about 20 and anything that has some kind of effect (status effect, gen sparks, ect.) will make your FPS dip either by 5 or 10 FPS. Even the killer's red stain causes dips whenever you can see it, it's seriously not ok that all this happens.

With this new update I now have Screen Tearing where there wasn't before, it's super annoying and coupled with the FPS problems makes the game super frustrating to play. Please get these fixed I don't know how much more I can stomach with this terrible performance, and I can only imagine how bad it is for console players.

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  • JotaJota Member Posts: 157

    I had to enable v-sync to fix the screen tearing, I'm having the same issues playing on Ultra settings.

  • VaurokVaurok Member Posts: 11

    Same here. I had to go from Ultra at 80+ fps to Medium to keep a solid 60 fps. I get the screen tearing too now. I was really hoping it would be fixed between the PTB and now but.. nah. Gens popping is awful, missing a skill check on a gen crushes my frame rate for a second, etc.

  • WitheredWithered Member Posts: 67

    Relatable, I cant even try to play killer rn because everytime I swing, I teleport 4 ft from where I was, and miss. In addition to that, I mainly play Legion, where missing hits is devastating. ;-;

    With Survivor, I teleport out in front of the killer. RIP Game till next patch

  • BirbBirb Member Posts: 2

    Hello! Before the update, I played at low resolution on low graphics, my FPS was 27–30. It's not much, but I could play. After updating the FPS even in the lobby dropped to 5, textures at low quality were loaded for more than a minute. When connected to the lobby, it was thrown to the initial screen. When reconnected, all textures — ground and characters — were blurry and ragged. At the beginning of the game the FPS didn't increase, there was only 5. I couldn't play. In the same match my husband's DBD collapsed. Great update! It prepared for the RTX 3080?

  • alenarellaalenarella Member Posts: 2

    Before the Update I played on ultra graphics with no problems. After the Update I have 3-8 FPS on LOW GRAPHICS. Can't start a game with this Issus, teleporting around the map, skillchecks missings...! I have a GTX 1070, Intel Core i7-6700k 4x4000Mhz and 16 GB RAM. Friends with lower specs have no problems.

  • EarelandEareland Member Posts: 86

    I have RTX 2060 Super GPU and I can confirm that screen tearing is real. (v-sync off from game settings, low graphics + max resolution) It wasn't thing before this new update. I have always disliked screen tearing and I hope they fix this issue asap. About other performance issues I'm not really sure, other than that game feels okay, but I have just played one match, although I'm pretty sure that performance has went down according to many reports on the Steam forums and here. Probably I can say that performance has dropped slightly for me, but maybe I just have not paid enough attention on FPS dropping as screen tearing was the first think that caught my eyes.

    I hope they fix all these stuff asap. Otherwise, I don't see DBD having bright future from now on.

  • AsuraAsura Member Posts: 21

    I get screen tear, stuttering, and nauseating visuals after this update. Used to get 100+ FPS before the update and now I'm lucky if I get 40-45. I have a pretty high end PC.

  • heofthevoidheofthevoid Member Posts: 11
    edited September 8

    The game has become completely unplayable for me, while it runs completely fine for my friends. Why is there this divide, and when are they fixing it? They haven't even acknowledged the problem.

  • TheMLRTheMLR Member Posts: 5

    How do you activate V-Sync?

  • UseTheValveUseTheValve Member Posts: 225

    Normal map where I used to get 120 FPS (the old maps) it's around 60-70 now same bug as before on the new map I get around 100+ I think it's because they updated the light on the old one but the optimisation isn't there like on bedlam and Yamaoka

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,014

    It's in the .ini files, would not recommend it because it locks your FPS to 60 and causes even worse performance; it also lags out skillchecks.

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,014

    I get worse FPS on unchanged maps, the Game, Lery's, and Ormond are unplayable because my FPS dip to 40.

  • UseTheValveUseTheValve Member Posts: 225

    Go see my other post, did you change post processing to MEDIUM or lower? Give me back 40-50 FPS on the old maps

  • heofthevoidheofthevoid Member Posts: 11

    I wouldn't be as mad if they would acknowledge the problem and say they're working to fix it. THIS WAS A PROBLEM WITH THE PTB, WHY IS IT STILL A PROBLEM WITH THE LIVE BRANCH?

  • heofthevoidheofthevoid Member Posts: 11

    UPDATE: SO I tried a little experiment: I downloaded the client on PC xbox game pass: EVERYTHING [BAD WORD] WORKS. SO it's just the steam version.

    Anyone know how to fix that? I've tried a fresh install/verifying the files/clearing that one folder in the config files.

  • ryanneary1234ryanneary1234 Member Posts: 6

    the new update has caused major frame drops even on games pass version

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,014
  • EarelandEareland Member Posts: 86

    Out of curiosity I had to test if screen tearing is exist when V-sync is turned on from the settings.

    I just tested it in the Survivor tutorial. It's still exist when V-sync is on, but it's slightly less noticeable. Which isn't good thing, tho.

  • madamrettomadamretto Member Posts: 324
    edited September 11

    FPS drops, GPU overheating, teleports, game crashes... God, this update is terrible and not that necessary 🙄

  • LexpearthaLexpeartha Member Posts: 6

    Same situation. I've been playing at low with 75% resolution, and it was holding fine before this update. Now everything seems too inconsistent...

    Random lag spikes, glitchy-like walking, game freezes when chase begins/ends- overall really unplayable experience.

    I am well aware that my PC is not the best, but it was holding just fine around 60 FPS before this update, but now even old maps which did not get graphic rework are too much lagging for me.

  • LaMeRLaMeR Member Posts: 29

    Yeah i have tons of people in my friendlist with the same issue.

    We all have been forced to leave the game. I hope they can fix it,on bhvr they think all their players has NASA pc ?

  • maderrmaderr Member Posts: 189
    edited September 12

    Yup, i guess we all have the same problem, whatever PC you have.

    Have a r5 2600 @ 4.0Ghz + rtx 2060 @ 2010 Mhz and 16GB RAM @3200Mhz, can't hold 100+ FPS on indoor maps and ormond.

    On Dead Dawg Saloon, in the dreamworld, impossible to play above low. With low settings, i get 65 fps...

    And it's full of clipping now, grass pop 3 meters from you... disgusting.

    They should hire some good developpers that know how to optimize a game.

    With my config, i should get 120 fps constant on every map no matter what happens on it, at least on low settings.

    Every update brings more and more FPS/stability/performance problems.

    When i see ppl with i7 9900K + 2080 Ti getting 90 fps in ultra on 1440p, is it a joke from devs or what ? 😂

    3000€ PC can't run properly a 3 years old game. Looks like PUBG in Beta state. If i were BHVR, i would be ashamed...

  • BelzherBelzher Member Posts: 83

    Same here, I have a low-budget PC but I was able to play the game at 45+ fps at least, now it's like 20 I guess? It's pretty bad.

  • AngryBaldManAngryBaldMan Member Posts: 4


  • madamrettomadamretto Member Posts: 324
    edited September 12

    The only thing that really helped me with this is GPU and CPU undervolting. Because my PC also kept crashing today on 40 FPS and low settings. The GPU was 90 °C in the menu, it's nuts. But now it's 70 °C.

  • LexpearthaLexpeartha Member Posts: 6

    The worst part is, I'm not even sure they are acknowledging this exists(as far as I know). Things like these shouldn't be in the live version, ESPECIALLY since they were on PTB too...

    BHVR really needs to do heavy optimizing

  • heofthevoidheofthevoid Member Posts: 11

    They aren't, it's been five days since the update and NOTHING on social media. I either want a fix or my god damn money back at this point.

  • LexpearthaLexpeartha Member Posts: 6

    We really need to find some way to make BHVR see this kind of stuff. The only thing that comes to my mind is that when someone asked Youtuber OhTofu to publicly say that those ex "new" auras are terrible for color-blind people, BHVR really noticed that. Maybe we should try to do something similar?

    Idk I've left playing this game too as many others, so unfun to play with all that mess going around...

  • EarelandEareland Member Posts: 86

    I barely see streamers those have any of the problems above, or they just don't mention them.

    Or those problems aren't bothering them. Is any forum mod even reading this section? Is this section useless?

    Just because everyone isn't complaining about these problems, doesn't mean that it isn't a thing, since not everyone use forums anyways.

    wake up staff!

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