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Decisive Strike stun duration (~2 second stuns).

Patch 4.2.0, when stunned with Decisive Strike, Huntress, Spirit, Pig and probably some other killers (haven't tested the bug on all of them) get stunned for ~2 seconds instead of 5.

This bug did not occur while I was playing Hillbilly.

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  • marchimarchi Member Posts: 2

    Same happened to me with The Pig and The Spirit. Seems like it's working fine against The Nurse as well.

  • KernelzillaKernelzilla Member Posts: 66

    Same here, i played against a spirit, i used my DS and the stun just work for 2 secs and then she can move again very quickly.

  • MadokaMadoka Member Posts: 8

    Same here against Freddy and Myers. Jeez they fix 2 things and break 15 more...

  • sailormarssailormars Member Posts: 120

    Happened to me as both killer and survivor. As killer it was with Bubba. I got hit with DS and was almost immediately able to hit them after. As survivor it was against a pig.

  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 487

    Don't worry, it's a bug that disadvantages survivors and their crutches, it will be fixed by tomorrow.

  • laxygamesytlaxygamesyt Member Posts: 10

    i found this whilst playing on stream i was like bye next thing i know hes right behind me

  • v4lorv4lor Member Posts: 74
    edited September 2020

    Footage of the bug. Note how there's no debuff icon for the DS stun in the bottom right like there normally would be.

  • Trap_DavidTrap_David Member Posts: 2

    I recorded some more extensive footage of the same bug.

    Not sure if links are allowed but its about a 6 minute YouTube video


  • RastaboozeRastabooze Member Posts: 97

    same thing happens to me all the time since new update. DS is unplayable like this.

    @ v4lor and @

  • RastaboozeRastabooze Member Posts: 97

    same thing happens to me all the time since new update (vs Spirit, Huntress, Myers, Wraith, Freddy, Bubba, Pig...). DS is unplayable like this.

    @ v4lor and @Trap David: did you make a report on that so that the devs can watch it?

  • SenaxuSenaxu Member Posts: 3

    good joke. As usual they did nothing and its over a week later now. Such stuff shouldn't happen in the first place and if it does happen it should be fixed as soon as possible.

    Dont get me wrong. The new updated graphics do look really great but regarding the coding of gamefunctions it has been always "a pretty good job so far".

    That meme is there for a reason. If such gamechanging bugs do appear in other competitive games like LoL or valorant they are fixed within hours. But not in DbD and aslong the major of people still do spent their money on skins etc. nothing will change there sadly....

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