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Saying Something Nice About EVERY Killer

To break up the usual monotony of "Nerf X", "Second Chance Meta is Dumb" or even the stupid "PC vs. Console" threads, I have decided to try and say something positive about every single killer in the game. Not exactly going to do the Survivors, since they are all skins, but if you all want me to, I can certainly try but it'll be a lot harder. Blight excluded since he literally just came out, and I have no idea how he plays, nor will I for several days at the rate I'm going.

Trapper - No other killer has made me feel so big-brained or outplayed. Correct trap placement is an absolute nightmare to face.

Wraith - A fantastic way to handle invisibility in the game. While he does feel a bit outdated now, he's still rather iconic.

Hillbilly - The coolest walking animation in the game. I love how they incorporated his limp into the actual camera when you play as him!

Nurse - I know a lot of medical professionals IRL, and yes, this is totally plausible. Props for having the most realistic lore of the entire bunch.

Hag - A good Hag will always keep me on my toes, especially with how quickly they can be everywhere. Rare to find these players, but I'm actually thankful when they aren't another trap camper.

Doctor - There is something enjoyable about making all the survivors SCREAM endlessly as the Doctor. If I wasn't a Pig main, then I'd probably main Doctor.

Myers - The single most concentrated source of paranoia for me in this game. While I do hate his iridescent add-ons, every other part of his kit is always good to play as and against.

Huntress - Everything about her is just great. Lore, the song she sings and her gameplay are fantastic. I just suck at playing her.

Freddy - Since his rework, he's been one of the strongest characters in the game and licenced character or no, he deserves it. In his own franchise, Freddy has always been on a whole new level of invincible.

Pig - My favourite killer. So much fun to play, and such a wide variety of options to deal with survivors. Reverse Bear Traps are so iconic and I love seeing them in anything SAW related.

Clown - Always an interesting killer to go against because you can't verse him like most other killers, and everyone who plays Clown does so differently. Good for a laugh too!

Spirit - Good to have a killer that isn't just straight chasing, focusing more on the mental aspect of playing killer. Just needs to be toned down a little bit with the difference in information given, and she'd be perfect.

Legion - I actually really like playing as Legion. Great for trying to stall out the game, fantastic for earning bloodpoints and surprisingly easy to rank up with, even with no kills!

Plague - Very interactive and a creative variation on a ranged killer. I reckon that people are really sleeping on her, and using her power wrong. Most of you are on the right path, but need to change a few timings.

Ghostface - I wanted a Scream killer in the game for a good while, and I am very happy with the result. Reveal mechanic is a little borked, but considering what it started as, I'm very satisfied with where GF is at.

Demogorgon - Very interesting killer, with a lot of options between the detection from Of The Abyss and Shred but I just wish that it'd shut up! If most of the noises from it were removed, then Demo would be one of the strongest killers around!

Oni - Favourite killer aesthetically. Interesting to see as well a killer who has to build up to their power, and having a killer like this will open up more options for killer design in the future.

Deathslinger - Again, love the aesthetic. The Redeemer is also quite a fun power to use, if you can actually score a hit.

Executioner - Thank the Entity it wasn't Candyman! I was surprised to see that Pyramid Head was released. His power set is also actually very good, with a variety of methods for dealing with survivors.

Leatherface - ...................




The movie was good.


  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 3,014

    Trapper - People who play Trapper are really dedicated to a killer who needs some improvements. Maybe let him carry two traps, and let him summon his traps from a distance too.

    Wraith - Always scares the crap out of me.

    Billy - The first killer I was able to actually get some kills with. Never did get the hang of his chainsaw though.

    Nurse - When you suck at nurse, but pull off a sick blink it feels awesome.

    Hag - First killer I was good at for a little bit (then sucked at). She also has Ruin so thanks for that.

    Doctor - Makes finding survivors much easier. Since his rework, he's really fun to play.

    Myers - Scares the crap out of you if you don't know he's the killer. Also first killer I 4K'ed with.

    Huntress - Massive respect to anyone who can hit long distance hatchets.

    Freddy - Fake Pallets are a lot of fun. I wish there were an option to play with them instead of using an add-on.

    Pig - She's best girl. S tier in my heart.

    Clown - Reminds me of Inside Out.

    Spirit - Coolest looking killer.

    Legion - Awesome idea. Needs a serious buff, though.

    Plague - Has great cosmetics.

    Ghostface - Best stealth killer.

    Demogorgon - Best chase music. You're wrong if you say otherwise.

    Oni - Terrifying to face a good Oni.

    Deathslinger - Has the coolest default outfit.

    Pyramid Head - Has a cool power, is from an awesome series, and is a fantastic addition to the game.

    Leatherface - So misunderstood. Yes, some facecamp. But the very first time I went up against one, he gave me the exit gate! I've seen a few give the hatch too.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 3,589

    Trapper - Very satisfying when traps work out exactly like you hoped

    Wraith - Fast stealthy movement means a good chance to get a hit out of cloak before they get to a loop

    Hillbilly - Excellent map movement and the chance to get instant downs

    Nurse - Teleportation is cool, at least in principle

    Hag - Can win games without ever actually chasing survivors for more than a few seconds at a time

    Doctor - Very difficult to hide from for very long so is always in a chase most of the game

    Myers - His add-on that lets him kill standing healthy survivors in one attack is awesome when you can pull it off

    Huntress - The best one-two combo to down someone in the game

    Freddy - A solid mix of great map movement and anti-loop ability. Also fake pallets are hilarious. 😄

    Pig - Built in slow down with her party hats and a not-so-bad stealth ability

    Clown - Maybe the best 115% basic attack chaser in the game. (The better ones are 110% and Nurse)

    Spirit - A really good mix of quick movement and a catchup mechanic and anti-loop ability

    Legion - Always active and the tracking helps get everyone injured early in the match

    Plague - When she’s charged up she’s got a more powerful range attack than Huntress. Can also injure survivors indirectly just by puking on an object they touch

    Ghostface - Best stealth in the game (other than Spirit’s invisibility). One shot exposed hits are handy, and he has a really fun mori animation

    Demogorgon - His activated portals near gens are really nice. If the survivors leave them up then he can detect anybody working on the gen, and if they cleanse the portal he gets a noise notification on where they are plus it takes them 12 seconds to destroy a portal that only take Demo 2 seconds to place which is a net gain for him.

    Oni - My favorite pallet smash animation with his club in Demon Rush, plus a great punch through the breakable wall animation, and a really brutal looking mori.

    Deathslinger - Flick shots are fun (even though my aim is awful) and he has a neat theme.

    Executioner - Cages save him about 10 seconds per use over a hook which is enough time to cross half a map and get into a new chase. Ranged attack is also good at punishing vault use.

    Leatherface - Easier to land chainsaw than Hillbilly.

    Blight - The best map mobility power in the game. Moves as fast as Hillbilly but can course correct and turn in any direction each bump. Also his top hat skin is nifty. 🎩

  • RenDesuneRenDesune Member Posts: 179

    Trapper is a daddy

    Hillbilly is a daddy

    Wraith is a cutie

    Pyramid Head is a major daddy

    Ghostface is boyftiend material

    Blight is a cutie

    Clown is a silly man who's fun to hang with

    Demo is a cutie

    Freddy has the coolest weapon in the game

    Doctor is a daddy

    Leatherface is always fun to hang with

    Deathslinger is hung

    Michael is a daddy

    Oni is a major daddy

    Legion (Frank) is a bf material

    Hag, Spirit, Nurse, Huntress, and Legion (Susie) are alright

    Pig has a cool weapon and is my main

  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 2,159

    Trapper can set traps and has a funny voice. There you go!

  • StindeStinde Member Posts: 459

    Trapper: Take me man meat!

    Wraith: Love the addons, especially the faster action speed ones.

    Hillbilly: I liked the old you, no one wants to hear your new yells of pleasure.

    Nurse: Every hit I get as you on console feels like I won in the olympics.

    Hag: My favourite girl with Plague. Your higher color addons are underrated and very fun. One of the best mori animation in the game.

    Doctor: You were my main until they reworked you, miss you. I love that you're always so happy. Dr. Vivisection 4-ever!

    Shape: *breathing*

    Huntress: When I play you, it feels like I'm on a horse. Your lullaby stays in my head for several hours after hearing it.

    Leatherface: Now you can be as happy with your new buffs than you are in the end of your mori animation. You could be named Lethalface.

    Freddy: Sorry but I can't say anything positive about you. I just hate you.

    Pig: You deserve some buffs but are still fun from time to time.

    Clown: Some sexy belly you got there, it would be a shame if someone sucked the maggots out of your christmas skin. Seriously. Santa Clown is the best skin in the game.

    Spirit: I love playing against you. Good basekit.

    Legion: Ugh.. Well, I don't hate you as much as Freddy, that's something, right? You were over-nerfed.

    Plague: One of my favs. Beautiful and heartbreaking. <3

    Ghost Face: You are one of the most fun killers to play as and against. Your addons could use a buff.

    Demogorgon: One of my top 5 favourites. Fun and cute. Could use some buffs to both basekit and addons. Blindness in portal kekw.

    Oni: I love the chases against you. I should learn to play you.

    Deathslinger: Meh. I don't hate you or love you as survivor or as playing you. Neutral.

    PH: This game ruined the immersion of you for me, sadly. At least you are not weak.

    Blight: Too new. RAAAA!

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    You Know your feelings about Freddy? That's why I said that the TCM movie was good and said nothing about his in-game character.

  • Demogordon_RamsayDemogordon_Ramsay Member Posts: 1,503

    Trapper: Somehow managed to be the face of the game.

    Wraith: One of the half Killers with interesting lore.

    Billy: haha funny redneck man go brrt

    Nurse: Interesting aesthetic.

    Myers: Iconic and well-crafted design, respectful to the original.

    Hag: At least she was nice in her past life.

    Doctor: Smart man, big P... hD.

    Bubba: Kind of cute in a morbid way.

    Huntress: Evokes sympathy in me with her sad character.

    Freddy: Funny in his original movies.

    Pig: My favorite licensed character lore-wise.

    Clown: Doofiest Killer in the game. Always easy to chuckle at his fat ass.

    Spirit: The most aesthetically well-made Killer in the game.

    Legion: My favorite relatable edgy bois. I just wish they were good. Or fun.


    Ghostface: Myers but good. And fun.

    Demogorgon: I love Stranger Things and I love Demo.

    Oni: Aesthetically awesome and very fun to fight, probably my favorite Killer to go against.

    Deathslinger: No.

    Pyramid Head: Silent Hill is badass.

    Blight: Finally, Hallowed Blight Legion.

  • SCP_FOR_DBDSCP_FOR_DBD Member Posts: 2,416

    Trapper: I agree, when I get outsmarted I feel absolutely brained.

    Wraith: When they manage to sneak up on me it is terrifying.

    Billy: I enjoy the tenseness his chainsaw brings.

    Nurse: Seeing a good Nurse makes me jealous, but in a good way.

    Michael: Probably the scariest killer in the game for me.

    Hag: Seeing an interconnected web of traps makes me sweat behind the knees.

    Doctor: I love the mind games.

    Huntress: I enjoy how she makes me rethink chases.

    Bubba: The feeling of power he radiates.

    Pig: Getting snuck up on and trapped makes me feel like I'm in a Saw movie, though only briefly.

    Clown: The dedication to playing someone like Clown is admirable

    Spirit: They have taste lore wise

    Plague: Getting sniped with corrupt purge is so cool.

    Ghost Face: That feeling of realizing hes stalking you is by far the scariest moments in this game. Myers still takes it overall though.

    Demogorgon: Good shred users always surprise me. And portals bring constant tension.

    Oni: Using those weird dash mechanics makes them look like a wizard.

    Pyramid Head: I love the interactivity he brings.

    Freddy, Legion, and Death Slinger all do a wonderful job at existing.

    Left out Blight cause he hasn't been here long enough.

  • Auron471Auron471 Member Posts: 1,308

    Trapper: TAKE ME DADDY

    Wraith: ya got some real cool cosmetics

    Billy: you are one of the most fun killers to vs if the player is moderately competent

    Nurse: pro nurses are so cool to watch

    Mickie: *insert halloween theme*

    Hag: i dont see you that much, and thats nice

    Doctor: uhhhhh...... nice baton?

    Huntress: when your latency is good, you're quite nice to vs!

    Bubba: uhm...... your chili is really good

    Pig: best pallet stun noise EVER

    Clown: despite being so overweight, he still tries his best to get a good workout by chasing survivors. thats admirable.

    Spirit: you're not.... the worse to go against....

    Plag: gimme more food momma bird

    ghostie: nice knife wipe animation bro

    Demo: the bestest boi

    Oni: Really intense to vs. lots o fun

    PH: his ability to be extremely unfun really amazes me!

    Freddy: the ability he has to lag TF out of me really amazes me!

    Legion: I love the way i have to hold M1 for longer!

    Deathslinger: he isnt as unfun as he could be cough cough pyramid head.

    Blight: undetectable blight is scawy. just chillin on a gen, then suddenly... KKKKRRRRHHGGGGGG

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