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Blight is high skill cap with low reward

So, all day I've been hearing people say 'Just wait for people to master him, then we can see how good he is' or 'With x addon, eh can be good!'

The issue lies in WHY you would spend time learning him. Obviously many people (including myself) play to have fun and not just optimal, but his power is just so janky and unrewarding for using it. His M1s aren't basic attacks so it doesn't work qith insta down perks, indoor maps are a nightmare for him and other things I wont go into since this isnt about his power being eh

I fully believe he has an 'infinite' skill ceiling like Nurse, but the issue is even if you do master him, his power is underwhelming that is it even worth getting past all the issues to land an M1 attack?

And no, if you have to use addons to make him playable (looking at you ghostface) he is a bad killer. I REALLY hope I'm wrong and people find out he is decent, but the time it takes to learn him honestly looks like it could be spent with another killer with much better results

I'm not calling him bad killer, its been less than 24 damn hours, but his power just doesnt seem rewarding to spend to long to learn


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