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Concept for Killer: The Engineer

TheAngryPickleTheAngryPickle Member Posts: 73


I will rebuild you! I have the technology!

You modify a downed survivor with machinery, randomly enhancing an ability while crippling another, randomly increasing Repair/Healing/Sabotage by 10% while randomly decreasing Repair/Healing/Sabotage by 20%. It is possible to, for example, get Repair speed twice, resulting in -10% Repair speed.


Piñata: You booby-trap 1/2/3 generator(s). The process takes 15 seconds per generator, and has a slight/moderate/tremendously difficult skill check every 5 seconds. If you fail a skill-check while setting the trap, you get stunned have to start the process over. When a survivor fails a skill-check, the explosion sends shrapnel flying for 5 meters around the generator, injuring anyone in range.

Power Drain: 1 additional generator is required to power the exit gates. 1 additional generator is spawned at 45%/30%/15% progression.

Reconfiguration: Generator skill checks are reversed, moving counter-clockwise, the needle moving 5%/10%/15% faster.


  • HighlanderFXHighlanderFX Member Posts: 3

    Some neat ideas for perks, the one that looks like it needs careful consideration for stats is Piñata. I'm wondering if 15 seconds is really the right amount of time for something like that..its a lot of time in some cases but at the same time not a lot of time given it can take a health state off a survivor. I love the idea though!

  • TohmoTohmo Member Posts: 243

    Don't worry boys: the Engineer, is Engi-here.

  • grisstylgrisstyl Member Posts: 110

    Seems like a neat idea. Pinata might be a little crazy, I agree. I really like the idea of Reconfiguration.

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