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Why do most killers perks have so many requirements?

I just want to point this out that most killers perks have sooo many requirements while most survivor perks are just for free. Just look at all the new 6 perks that just came out with this chapter. Personally i think only undying and desperate measures are good, but that doesnt matter to prove my point with the perk design.


Visionary - requirements: basically just spawn into the game, wait 16 seconds when you repair a gen

Desperate measures - requirements: have an injured/hooked/dying survivor, doesnt even have to be you

Built to Last - requirements: wait 10 seconds after depleting an item


Dragons grip - requirements: kick a gen (gen must not be regressing), survivor must touch it in 30 seconds, you have to hit them in 60 seconds, cooldown 80 seconds

Hex: Blood Favour - requirements: hit a survivor, with a basic attack, pallets are only blocked within 16 meters, for 15 seconds, cooldown 40 seconds, its a hex perk

Hex: Undying - requirements: this one is good in terms of requirements, but its still a hex perk and with bad RNG it can be gone before it even does smth

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