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This update was rushed out, and now we have deal with tons of annoying bugs.

I started playing DBD about a month before ghostface came out, and I think this is the buggiest chapter release I've seen since I started playing the game. If I listed every bug from this patch, we'd be here all day, so I'm just gonna highlight my personal favorites.

-Bloodlust will freeze the game for a second, at least on Xbox.

-Dragon's Grip doesn't make people scream, making it about 12x more difficult to use without the information.

-DS stuns are bugged, meaning you can stun the killer and be downed again.

-Hooking, locker searching, and vaulting are bugged, meaning you sometimes have to spam the button to perform a basic killer action. (This is the most annoying one IMO.)

-Sometimes slugged survivors just cannot be healed, so you better hope they have unbreakable. (I've heard this isn't new, but I figured it was worth mentioning.)

-Sometimes The Blight will spawn with his limbs scattered contorted around his body, which may be my new favorite thing to ever happen in the history of ever.

I would've written these off as unnoticed bugs, but these are pretty hard to miss aside from the bloodlust bug on console. If I didn't have archive challenges to do I would play Fall Guys until they fix this mess of an update. It's sad because The Blight is my new favorite killer, yet he released with a broken update.



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