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Building a Better Bloodweb (And Reigning in the Grind)

Will this ever get implemented? Hell no. The Devs have made it clear that despite what they say, they want the game to be grindy af. But if there's even a chance they see this...

Let's face it. The only people that enjoy the current design of the bloodweb and the game's grind are the players that: A) Eat up whatever the game dishes out anyway; B) Would keep playing anyway; and C) Are the 'hardcores' that feel there needs to be some metric to separate players that play every now and then and those that decide DBD is the game they want to focus hours and hours and hours into.

Most of the other players in the player base would agree that the grind has gotten a little ridiculous - especially for new players walking into the game now. We have an expansive roster of survivors and killers; and each have to grind out and level to unlock the perks to grind out and find on the bloodwebs of other characters.... it's just so much grind and for really zero reason other than arbitrary 'player retention'. The Devs already release paid DLC every few months which gets eaten up by the playerbase looking for something new/fresh to play - which only further adds to the grind with more perks that have to be blessed by RNGesus once they are unlocked.

My idea for a revised bloodweb is simple - it doesn't remove the grind completely, but rather makes it far more new-player and veteran player friendly.

First and foremost, every survivor and killer automatically should have access to Tier 1 of every perk available to that role (that you have purchased or unlocked from the Shrine). The bloodweb primarily, should instead, be the source for offerings, add-ons, items.

Leveling a survivor or killer to level 30/35/40 respectively, would unlock Tier 2 versions of the current teachable perks - for everyone character. This way, you still have the reason to level and 'learn' the teachables, but they provide much more benefit than they currently do.

Leveling to level 50 would unlock Tier 3 versions of that survivor/killer's specific perks. What this does is instead of picking up a character and only leveling them to 30/35/40 and then never touching them again because you've unlocked their teachables; it now encourages at least leveling them to 50 to get all three tiers. Keep prestige and the associated bloodied attire in the game and possibly (if it isn't already in the game) increase the rarity rates of the add-ons, items, and offerings in that character's bloodwebs for each prestige rank.

To encourage players playing a character past 50 (instead of stopping because Tier 3 is available of those perks), for Prestige levels - also add the possibility of more cosmetics as unlockables through the bloodweb (and yes Devs, that would mean making more cosmetics than you currently do).

What these changes would do overall is allow new players (especially solo players or those with only like 1 other friend that plays) to get a feel for all perks and combinations they have purchased/access to; instead of having to invest hours into grinding and grinding on characters to unlock them and then HOPE they show up on the survivor character (read: skin) or killer they actually want to play. Yet, at the same time, it would still maintain some level of grind and requirement to play beyond that, playing each survivor and learning each killer if you want to unlock perks beyond Tier 1; but removes the atrocious RNG from the equation.


Q: But wouldn't this become a pay-to-win situation if perks unlocked when a DLC is bought?

A: Not anymore than the current situation is - you buy the DLC, you can level that character directly and get their teachable perks on other characters (and most players will save up 1 million BP in bank and 1 million BP in Tome rewards to 'power level' the new DLC killer/survivor anyway), while other players have to wait for the Shrine of RNG. Both ways would still provide the option to wait for the awful RNG of the Shrine to get DLC perks that you do not own. If anything, I believe this would encourage more people to invest in DLC simply to unlock the perks at base level to everyone automatically - and then decide from there if they want to invest the time to level them for Tiers 2/3. By the way, the cost for everything right now is considerable - close to if not over $100 USD just so a player can "play" the game and actually have everything 'available' (barring extensive grind on top of that).

Q: If the grind is removed, won't everyone will quit playing the game?

A: People quit playing the game because of the grind. People quit playing the game because they grow bored. You're going to have people quit the game regardless - but for a game like this, there isn't a need to have so much of the experience gated off by a grind.

Q: Having access to all perks immediately would be unfair.

A: How? By allowing players of all levels the ability to switch out perks and try out new builds on the fly without an extensive time/bloodpoint investment; without having to resort to the KYF mode (which limits actual hands-on experience because not every game you play will be pure SWF; this mode doesn't account for that and is especially bad if you do not have 4 other friends to play with for a full 'experience')

Q: I would quit playing the game if this was implemented/How is this fair to players that have unlocked them naturally so far??

A: Sounds like a personal need for validation from the games you play to me, if you would stop playing simply because there wasn't a mechanic that made you feel 'better' than others simply because you chose or were able to invest more time grinding and grinding and grinding; or had better luck with RNG. And other games do updates all the time that ease the quality of life for new players, even if older players had things rougher - Dead by Daylight is no different, when they changed bloodwebs or modified bloodpoint generation and costs. Just because your older playerbase did things one way, should not mean that Devs should throw out any ideas that make things easier for new players to get attached to the game and actually stick around.

Q: Why not just leave things the way they are and increase bloodpoint generation?

A: Trust me, as much as I would love base bloodpoint generation to be what we gain during double bp events; and for there not to be the absolutely ridiculous pip-reward system that punishes you for playing effectively vs playing 'how we prefer' -- the Devs have made it clear they intend to continue being drug dealers dealing digital crack and only raising the generation to reasonable rates when they feel like it. Besides - under this new system - everyone could at least benefit from bloodpoint generation perks on the base level and more easily invest/unlock them for all characters by purchasing/playing David/Cannibal (for the two main bp perks used on either side).

Q: If the bloodweb only had items and add-ons on it, that would be boring.

A: Ah, see, personally I would go so far as to even remove any ability at all to retain your items/add-ons: therefore, forcing players to decide if they really want to bring that Mori or that sweet medkit or toolbox into the game, knowing that they'll have to invest in getting another one instead of being able to keep it; making them have to keep leveling through bloodwebs on characters they actively play (as they do already) but be more item-conscious. But that's mostly unrelated to the bloodweb situation (though it would compensate the lack of perk grind for item grind, for all you pro grinders out there).


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