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I'm really sad that we won't be getting training mode any time soon

KebekKebek Member Posts: 1,897

It's such a pity that feature as wanted as that isn't even decided if it should be implemented yet. I wish main game team would ask DBD mobile team to help them add it asap. So incredibly sad imao.


  • SweetTerrorSweetTerror Member Posts: 1,169

    I agree. The fact that players have to turn to streamers to learn how to play Dead by Daylight because the game doesn't have the tools at hand to teach new players the mechanics of the game is downright sad.

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 1,641

    It'd be nice.

    I want to learn Nurse and Huntress, but I also don't want to get stomped by survivors as they go out the exit gates after 4 minutes.

  • IIITweedleIIIIIITweedleIII Member Posts: 794

    It doesn't hurt nor help either way.

    It DOES help Streamers gain a larger base when your friends suggest watching.

    Adding a tutorial is already in the game. For the basics

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 5,648

    It's really sad that mobile has a lot of features that PC/consoles don't have and probably never will.

  • GrimmReaperGrimmReaper Member Posts: 128

    Did I miss something? Where did they say this? God I hope that isn't true. I badly want to see it in main game but if they said that then that's just sucks.

  • OwlzeyOwlzey Member Posts: 436

    I'm also disappointed by this. People have been asking for it for years and I can't believe the mobile version gets it not long after it was released. The main game really needs a training mode and a better tutorial. I'd love to learn certain killers without the pressure of a ranked game.

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