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Time till approval of a thread

BenAcidBenAcid Member Posts: 34

Hey guys

I have a quick question, or two to be accurate.

1.How long does it take for a Thread (in my case in the "Fan Creation" Section) to be approved. The one I think about now is from yesterday, but if I remember correctly I tried to post another on a few month ago and it still isn't online. But maybe I missed something.
2.Why do I need to wait for a Mod to approve a thread, that was already online and I only edited?

Ben Acid


  • BenAcidBenAcid Member Posts: 34

    Oh, and another thing, can you allow us to open our discussion while they wait for beeing approved? Right no they just disappear.

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,428
    Heyo. So basically it just needs to be manually approved by a mod. The filter basically just flags posts that it thinks are suspicious and puts them in a queue for us to deal with.

    Edited posts work the same way, otherwise I could make a legitimate post and then edit it to circumvent the spam filter.

    It's usually checked at least once a day. If your post does not show up after that, it was likely marked as spam and deleted. That'll typically happen when people try to double or triple post after the spam filter catches the first one. So if it does mark your post for review, please don't try again, it just makes things confusing and more than likely will result in them all being deleted.
  • BenAcidBenAcid Member Posts: 34
    edited September 2018

    Oh so maybe the problem was the following:
    When the Forum was just opened, I wanted to create a Discussion about a few of my killer concepts, but when I clicked on post, it just disappeared (said nothing about waiting for a mod or anything). I than created it a second time, so maybe now its catched as spam :/
    Would be sad, had quiet some work with it.

    But thanks for the answer :)

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