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Why playing killer is easier



  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 3,778

    fine by me but I still said solo is hard but either with out being in swf good solo can beat a killer

    but Agree to disagree I don't careπŸ™‚

  • Kisagi1990Kisagi1990 Member Posts: 184

    And you know. Even if you are correct, Lord Penguin. Survivors mainly only complain about 2 things. Tunneling and camping. They mention glitches and ask devs to correct them, but killers complain about everything. There is literally a post where the killer is complaining ABOUT THE STRUGGLE!!! That's another entitled killer wanting a win handed to them. Killers complain about the hatch, looping, DS, BT, Adrenaline, SG, Unbreakable, etc. The list goes on. So tell me. Who really complains more?

  • basszombiebasszombie Member Posts: 9

    killer IS easier than survivor. the only way for survivors to make it out is actually with friends... so yes, killer is easier.

  • basszombiebasszombie Member Posts: 9
    edited September 2020

    soloqueue survivor has no chance whatosoever.

  • JimPickens666JimPickens666 Member Posts: 326

    I used to be a killer main, got a few 100 hours on select killers. Still had fustrating matches. Now im a killer main and I only really lose if theres a Mori and im not even really trying half the time, i play half a sleep in a party running the killer.

    But im sure your big brain survivor theory on killer has merit, go try it out lol

  • MrPenguinMrPenguin Member Posts: 1,009
    edited September 2020

    They only complain about tunneling and camping? I don't have the words for the amount your vision is clouded by survivor colored glasses. There were multiple survivor threads asking for the following:

    To get rid of DC penalties so they could DC whenever they want like before because "they dont want to wast their time in a match they don't want to play" I saw a poll a day or 2 ago asking for the penalty to stay off I could probably find it again in the first few pages, they complain about how close exit gates can be (valid, but its there), they complain about killers complaining, they complain about hit boxes, they complain killers can close the hatch, they complain that killers are slightly faster than them, they complain they get less BP, they complain they can't win a 1v1 against every single killer in a 4v1 game, they complain that totems are too much to do and they're too hard to find, they complain about NoED (which feels bad, but its really not that strong), they complain about WGLF not being BBQ levels, they complain about getting hit through pallet drops, they complain about Ruin, Enduring, Pop, BBQ (which has so many counters), Add-ons (lots of them), Their own teammates using self-care (which is not a bad perk, people just you is when they shouldn't and its not that hard to understand the math why), teammates in general, why does distortion only have 3 stacks and why cant I get more in the match, Thana (which has a abysmally low effect for its requirements), Mori's, whats the point of wiggling, struggle not being automatic, Blood Warden, Corrupt, Franklins, Losing item add-ons after a match (like killers do, at least they can keep the item), Devour hope, Undying (the perk just came out and its a 50/50 gamble perk), Infectious Fright, M&A, Spirit Fury, unsafe pallets, every killer that is not clown, to equip a perk if they have a specific weakness (like totems and small game), dead zones, getting hit through windows, about how many nerfs they've gotten, slugging (jeez the slugging complaints), indoor maps and gens being hard to find, how much they have to hold M1 (oh so hard) having to adjust their play style for certain killers and builds, why is DS one time use only, why do you want to change the second chance perks, and the list goes on and on, that's just off the top of my head.

    Some of these are valid complaints but jeez do they complain. These are all complaints I've seen multiple times over my time in the forums. You want me to tell you who complains more? The answer is a big fat "SURVIVORS" on the side of a 100 page book called the survivor handbook. Its insane.

  • basszombiebasszombie Member Posts: 9

    yeah. survivors complain more because the game is easier as killer. simple as that.

  • MrPenguinMrPenguin Member Posts: 1,009

    Survivors complain more because they're entitled and are used to playing baby mode so as soon as anything they don't like happens they explode. Killer I don't like? DC. I got downed? DC, ect. ect. get on the forums, cry.

  • basszombiebasszombie Member Posts: 9

    yeah. because the game is easier as killer. survivors wouldnt be here if it werent. wake up...

  • MrPenguinMrPenguin Member Posts: 1,009

    No the game is easier as survivor, wake up...

    They just want their easy mode made easier. There is a reason why people play survivor when they just want to relax, its easy compared to the other side.

  • basszombiebasszombie Member Posts: 9
    edited September 2020

    look. playing killer is the equivalent of being 'monkey in the middle' so there has to be insentive to play killer right? cause no wants to be monkey in the middle. i get it. so buff the killers up a little. but right now its too easy for the killers... you're either a pro at looping, or you go down. there is no in between. thats the point im trying to make. can we agree on that at least? not to mention the fact that i can make the same argument: killers are entitled. so it doesn't hold my friend.

  • MrPenguinMrPenguin Member Posts: 1,009

    No not really? Looping is pretty easy given the current map design for most maps. Unless you're Spirit, Nurse, Freddy, huntress or maybe hag, survivors holding w and occasionally having to play the pallet/window is all it takes. Add into that the gen times, you don't have to loop as long. Add in the exhaustion perks, here's free time and distance. Add in all the second chance perks, here's some get out of jail free cards.

    Most killers don't have it east that's the whole point of contention. If you mean "you're either a pro at looping, or you go down" yeah thats the game and what survivors apparently find fun. But "pro" is too far. If you're just, not bad at looping, you're fine.

  • basszombiebasszombie Member Posts: 9
    edited September 2020

    look man. im rank 8 and im absolute trash. thats all im saying about the game. so fix that matchmaking or change some [BAD WORD] because games are absolutely polarizing. especially when waiting half an hour for a game and getting owned in 2 seconds. yeah im bad, but so what, that shouldnt mean my experience has to be ruined. the only way to survive is with friends otherwise killer has better odds. i could make the argument to get good from your end as well, but i know that means nothing to you. so yeah. changes have to be made.

  • unluckycombounluckycombo Member Posts: 314

    I mean, I play both sides, but I gotta agree- recently I've been seeing a lot more complaints on Killer's side then survivor's side here on the forums. It seems like there are quite a lot of threads about Hatch and Keys needing a nerf, or how nasty DS+Unbreakable is. I've also seen the normal back and forth as to whether or not Blight needs a buff or not- but that's normal with new killer releases. And a lot of the things you listed survivors complaining about are the same things that Killers complain about on the other side... DS is OP. Sprint Burst is too strong. Iron Will is too powerful. Locker blinds shouldn't exist. BNP are toxic. Keys are OP, Prove Thyself should get nerfed, Stealth is boring to play against, I deserve a 4k every game so Hatch without key at endgame is OP. SWF ruins the game- the list goes on.

    Instead of making the argument an Us versus them, Killer versus Survivor demonizing each other, how about we all just agree that there's crappy things to play against on both sides, and both do require skill, they just require skill in different areas. Yes, some killers are more difficult to play mechanically, but they also have the higher pay-off to reward it. Just like how survivors have high risk, high reward perks like Ace in The Hole.

    The game has crappy things on both sides, and this Killer vs Survivor argument is dumb. There's entitled, crappy people on both sides of the argument, and splitting the community with dumb labels like that just makes the community more toxic.

  • SweetTerrorSweetTerror Member Posts: 1,434
    edited September 2020

    I understand what you're saying, but I disagree. With matchmaking being in the state that it is, it can lead to a plethora of rainbow matches that aren't fair and balanced. Tonight I finished a survivor match where the killer was rank 3, I was rank 4, but my teammates were rank 13, 11, and 8. Needless to say it was a s*** show.

    So yes playing killer might be easier, but it can be easier for all the wrong reasons.

  • MrPenguinMrPenguin Member Posts: 1,009
    edited September 2020

    I haven't really seen that, like I said, earlier today it was 6 to 2 survivor to killer complaints. I still see survivors complaining much more. But as for the other points I agree on a lot of them (although I have never seen anyone say nerf WGLF). Both sides have problems and people really need to realize that. It just was the point being made was "who complains more" and I'll tell you the same thing I told them since I see you only have 10 post so I'm assuming you're rather new, survivors all in all complain much more. Its not that killers don't complain at all, because they do, and some of it is real dumb or ignorant (like 4k every game, thats dumb, same with I should escape every game), but its nothing compared to the survivor main playerbase. Again, the survivor handbook is a meme for a reason.

    I wouldn't call ace in the hole high risk, its just rng. You always get something so theres not really any risk at all actually. A big problem I see with the design of the game, is that the survivor side has many low-risk/high-reward perks and such while the killer side has a lot of high-risk/low-medium reward things. Considering the killer has to face 16 perks, that really shouldn't be the case at all. I also play both sides, I know the frustration on both ends. But if I want to relax? Survivor hands down.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 453

    I'd agree with you, if at least 3/4 of my games since I started playing a few days ago wasn't at least a 3man - the majority (not exaggerating here) being really obnoxious. Twice tonight I've seen a team change to full Moral(Morel?) with those toolbox things just as the timer is about to go red. Not even sure how to prevent that.

    Its like...chaps. I'm Yellow. Two of you are Red. You could beat me easily with half the effort - so there's no need to be awful.

    Seriously: "Games full, get out", "Uninstall LOL" and "haha get out scrub" is the sort of thing that drives new players away.

  • unluckycombounluckycombo Member Posts: 314

    I promise you, I've been around this community for a hot minute. Just because I've never made an account on the forums before now doesn't mean I haven't been lurking around- both here on the Forums, and over on the Subreddit and Discord. I've been playing since Legion's release with over 1k hours, so this isn't my first rodeo with this argument. It happens constantly, and killers complain just as much as survivors. (It's just that here's generally more Survivor players, so of course it's going to look like they 'complain more'. Just like how Survivors seem more toxic because whenever you play, you only run into 1 killer per game, compared to 4 survivors- so you have a higher chance of finding a toxic survivor player more often.)

    I'd argue the risk with Ace in the Hole (With having played so much of it) is that it struggles to be worth running. You risk wasting your time for an item that you could have just brought into a trial, and would have guaranteed your perk slot for better perks (because let's be real, Ace in the Hole is not worth running without Plunderer's), for the slight reward that you're going to get something really good out of a chest. High Risk since you're not going to be running as strong as a build, possibility of high reward with item RNG. And I'd argue that survivor perks are kinda weird with their risk/reward. A lot of survivor perk's usefulness really relies on the team, or on the killer themselves. I think the issue is less with the perks themselves, and more so just how easily they're exploited with comms. In solo queue, it's harder to make those plays that make these perks low risk, high reward, unless you have a competent team, which is always going to be a mixed bag because of the random nature of the game.

    Honestly, I really like where the Dev team is going with balancing. Really excited to see what they have up their sleeves next for both sides.

  • Squirrel_ThiccSquirrel_Thicc Member Posts: 1,621

    With all due respect, bs.

  • MrPenguinMrPenguin Member Posts: 1,009

    I can believe that, I played the game for a fair amount before I made my account. When I joined Spirit came soon after, so clown was the newest killer.

    With all due respect I'd have to disagree. I wouldn't say it seems like they complain more, they do. Both in amount and severity in my experience and from my observations. Whether its because of there being more of them or whatever, thats how it is. Same with the toxic argument. Just as an example killers might give someone the hatch for a bad game, I have never seen a survivor give a killer a sacrifice for a bad game. Not to mention the other things like T-bagging at a pallet, pointing, flashlight things ect. While these don't bother me personally, they are toxic by definition since they do nothing else but try and bother the other side. The only killer equivalent that comes to mind is hitting survivors on the hook, or dropping the survivor in front of the hatch just to close it. I maybe see that happen 1-2 times a day if I'm (un)lucky. Survivors are constantly being toxic and complaining after every match no matter what you do. You exist on the map your camping, you hooked me once you're tunneling ect. ect. Oh something I don't like? DC. Dude the survivor DC's are insane. I have not had a killer DC on me in a while. But maybe our experiences and perceptions just differ.

    And I can see now why you would consider Ace in the hole that way with the explanation provided.

    As for the devs balance direction, I mostly agree with it lately with things such as the Billy changes and Nurse changes. Now if we could get some DS, second chance perks, and Spirit changes that would be nice. Instead we got PH "under review" when most people agree he's fine.

  • Dennis_van_eijkDennis_van_eijk Member Posts: 749

    lol either you're trolling or you're pretty new to the game?

    Cause i play solo and escape 90% of the time without much effort tho.

    But i really think you're trolling here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰βœŒοΈ

  • DzeikorDzeikor Member Posts: 704

    Oh Wow I honestly didn't expected this thread to blow up this hard,I have a lot of comments to read now,lol.

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,253

    It honestly is easier and more relaxing for me. I only have to worry about my choices and I affect how my game goes. Also, there's nothing survivors can do to stop me from having fun.

    Meanwhile when I play as survivor, my fun can be ruined by getting tunneled, camped, slugged, or while i'm looping a killer for what should be 2 or 3 gens, my teammates are looting chests, saboing hooks, running after the killer waiting for a flashlight save and just overall making stupid ass choices. So even if I play an amazing game, I can still die with 4 gens left because my teammates did nothing.

  • Kisagi1990Kisagi1990 Member Posts: 184

    Lol Somebody didnt read my comment properly~ I said "mainly" which generally assumes majority. And yes you gave your example of a page 1 look at the forums that updates with new comments every second of the day. It's not accurate at all and cannot be used as in order to find out who REALLY does more, you have to count every single post and figure it out. I gave numbers based off the posts I have seen just by myself. I dont give a rat's ass about what you believe is true or not but you seem to very hardcore, Lord Penguin. You may find 1 or 2 posts about killer perks but I guarantee that it's based on.... wait for it..... Camping and tunneling! Survivors complain about DC penalties because of campy, tunnely killers. They are sick of tunneling. And they complain about Noed because of campy, tunnely killers. It's not entitlement. It's the inability to play the game cause killers wanna be cheap af and make the game boring for survivors. Killers on the other hand. LITERALLY complain about the inability to recieve their 4k. Every post about the hatch/key/map posted by a killer is about how the survivors dont deserve the survive. And same with their perks. Their perks make it so the killer has a hard time reaching 4k and so they complain. Plain and simple. "Oh you have no proof!" I can hear you preparing to type. The proof is all the the posts. I've argued with many OPs to know how toxic killers are. Survivors are toxic players, but killers? Well. They are toxic in the forums.

  • siren_sorceresssiren_sorceress Member Posts: 321

    Lol spirit is ggez 50 games in a row. The fact you cant admit s tiers are easy once you learn how to play them shows your immediate bias.

  • vectorvector Member Posts: 176

    survivios can win the game even 3 vs 1 , even if one of them is a complete new to the game, if one of them stays afk all the time. You can play survivior hide 90% of time and still win the game.

    On the contrary any mistake made by a killer at least on red ranks means losing a gen, bad chase losing a gen, missing a hit means losing a gen etc. Way more stress when you play killer.

  • nick_larkingnick_larking Member Posts: 30

    Playing as solo survivor is far more relaxed and easy than playing killer (both at red ranks). Ye occasionally you might get camped or 1hooked if you dont pick that one perk. if i play with a friend; Hell, even with a literal potato for friend she can stall the killer long enough just by instantly throwing down pallets lol.

  • AlexisFoxAlexisFox Member Posts: 109

    Y'know, I keep hearing people say that any mistake you make as killer can cost you the match so you have to play perfectly every match. That just is simply not true. I've seen killers and been the killer that made mistake after mistake even huge mistakes and still come back from them to win the match. Just because you won doesn't mean you didn't make mistakes or the other team just made more mistakes. It's far more complicated than that. As survivor you may feel to he game is easier because you feel like all you do most of the time is sit there holding m1, that doesn't mean that's all you should be doing during that time. I watch streamers barely paying attention because the are doing the m1 while ignoring the game to focus on their stream and they end up not contributing anywhere near as much to the team as they could be doing. So sure while as survivor you can let your team do the work for you making it personally easier on you that doesn't mean that side is easier. It simply means it has the potential for you to be carried to victory. Killer can't be carried so if you're going to compare sides compare them evenly without the carry survivors can get if they have competent teammates. Killer can play the entire match no matter what, survivors can be taken out of the match before it's over. That means killer gets more chances to recover from mistakes. A mistake from a survivor can put them on a hook that they then die on without ever getting another shot. If they do get pulled off then they have the opportunity to redeem their mistake. How many mistakes can a killer really get away with compared to a survivor? Consider that question objectively.

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