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Why playing killer is easier



  • AlexisFoxAlexisFox Member Posts: 90

    Y'know, I keep hearing people say that any mistake you make as killer can cost you the match so you have to play perfectly every match. That just is simply not true. I've seen killers and been the killer that made mistake after mistake even huge mistakes and still come back from them to win the match. Just because you won doesn't mean you didn't make mistakes or the other team just made more mistakes. It's far more complicated than that. As survivor you may feel to he game is easier because you feel like all you do most of the time is sit there holding m1, that doesn't mean that's all you should be doing during that time. I watch streamers barely paying attention because the are doing the m1 while ignoring the game to focus on their stream and they end up not contributing anywhere near as much to the team as they could be doing. So sure while as survivor you can let your team do the work for you making it personally easier on you that doesn't mean that side is easier. It simply means it has the potential for you to be carried to victory. Killer can't be carried so if you're going to compare sides compare them evenly without the carry survivors can get if they have competent teammates. Killer can play the entire match no matter what, survivors can be taken out of the match before it's over. That means killer gets more chances to recover from mistakes. A mistake from a survivor can put them on a hook that they then die on without ever getting another shot. If they do get pulled off then they have the opportunity to redeem their mistake. How many mistakes can a killer really get away with compared to a survivor? Consider that question objectively.

  • DzeikorDzeikor Member Posts: 704

    Yeah,I agree to this,playing killer is buttclenching which is hilarious,it should be the other way,killer be scary and be buttclenching for survivor,but in dbd its the other way around,this game is such a chaotic mess lol

  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 2,159

    It's more consistent but doesn't correlate with difficulty at all.

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