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Time to uninstall.

I don’t expect people to care as I haven’t been on this forum for a long time, but I’m still going to post my thoughts.

I’ve played this game for a long time, on both sides. I have bought every single DLC chapter and have spent way more money on cosmetics than I’d like to admit, but recently I just don’t have fun and it’s because of the people I’m forced to play with or against. I was so excited for Felix and the graphics update but 90% of the matches I’ve had since the update have been with killers that either face camp or tunnel. I expect to see this once in a while but not almost every single match. Maybe I’m being extremely unlucky with whatever server I’m being put on, but I’m having a terrible time and I’m finding myself getting annoyed which is something I don’t want any game to do to me. So it’s time to bow out.

It is sad as I truly do love this game and the hard work put into cosmetics etc but I just can’t cope with the absolute shitfest that is the player base. It’s not as bad for a killer, but I didn’t buy or invest in this game to only play one role.

Also, it’s not always me being face camped, in fact, it’s rarely me. But being in those matches still drags me down as it’s no fun having to just sit on generators whilst your team are camped at the hook. Where is the fun? This game is called Dead By Daylight, not generator simulator.

Hopefully the rest of you are having better matches and maybe I will return but I can’t see it being anytime soon. I’m completely drained by constantly going against people who’s sole goal is to make people have a terrible time.


👋🏻 💚



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  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,814

    Aw, I was hoping you’d meet ScienceGuy_ on here, too! (or it may be Science_Guy)

    Thought it was cute how you both had similar interest in the systematic study of structure an behavior of physics an the natural world thru observation an experiment💞😊

    Yeah... completely empathize with you, most ppl probs do. I’ve experienced jus about everything in the DBD universe.

    I remember how when I first hit red ranks on PS4, majority of the facecamping, tunneling, etc. stopped. The killers I get on PS4 who play that way are usually green rank, occasionally purple. But they’re rare, anymore.

    Jus get a lot of DCs that bring matches down.

    Mostly, I survive solo. So much easier with SWFs, but I prefer the com-less challenge, tbh.

    Maybs havin’ a break from DBD for a bit will lift you up.

    I’ve been contemplating deleting it off my console. Jus hoping they get a few licensed killers I like, so I’m hanging in for now.

    I take short breaks here & there when I become overwhelmed in a negative way, or when I’m a li’l frustrated. The longest was 2 weeks.

    Anyways, whatever you decide, DBD will always be here, as will it’s community (for better or for worse... always looking toward the better, personally🙂).

    If you’re leaving for awhile, hope you back soon. It’s really uplifting to have pleasant ppl w positive contributions inhabiting the community

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 2,060

    That wouldn't work. Without timer, survivors will abuse it by forcing killer to chase them. You only need to run in front of killer to initiate chase, so some people can literally have unlimited invincibility. Pair with UB it'll be extremely broken.

  • DontNerfDontNerf Member Posts: 990

    See you in a week

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,559

    Yeesssss....join the club of people who've done it once.

  • MusicNerd_TCMusicNerd_TC Member Posts: 3,099

    The killer controls who he chases, you can simply look away from the survivor to not initiate the chase.

  • FrostanceFrostance Member Posts: 8

    I'm sorry, I too despise face camping although I do it on occasion if I get a toxic player that totally annoys me, but never everyone in the match. But I do find face camping matches more challenging because we don't just leave those team mates on hook to die. We work hard to save them, two of us go in and take a hit to save the person. Now I'm f they can down someone in one hit it's harder, but depending on killer can still be done. They may not be my favorite match, but better than a slug fest where he downs everyone then hangs them one by one or leaves them to bleed out. Try to challenge yourself when the killer is bad, even if you die it can be fun trying different things out.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,686

    Maybe just try taking a break instead of completely abandoning the game?

    the devs are working constantly on balance and introduces new killers and perks that might encourage not camping or tunneling, and you just sometimes get very unlucky with your matches.. so taking a break, playing other games/doing other stuff and coming back later with new content etc might be the better thing if you really care about the game

  • A_Skinny_LegendA_Skinny_Legend Member Posts: 877

    Aren't you a nurse main now?

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,331
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    From another new player (killer perspective) - this game, at present, is set up to cause frustration and toxicity in many ways.

    It was very clearly designed for a less coordinated group of players versus a killer. But now we have SWF and it creates a situation where it can be amazingly painful to be the killer, especially as these groups are almost inevitably BM.

    There is nothing quite like a team of 4 changing to quadruple Morel with Toolboxes just as the timer expires and then telling you "Games full uninstall" when they destroy you to make you want to take it out on the next group you face.

    On top of this, there is no killer matchmaking at present, leading to a lot of killers being put up against far higher ranked/more experienced players.

    After a day or two of this - yeah, killers can get a bit ornery and may resort to tactics dedicated to taking down coordinated teams on Discord, ala hanging one up and then patrolling, or trying to eliminate an softer or more annoying target first. Welcome to the metagame arms race.

    Of course, this is going to make things miserable for the solo players. But I would hesitate to put the blame on killers.

    I'd blame dropping SWF on a game that does not feel properly set up for it.

  • I'm not OP but I'm rank 3 for both roles and I just got the game July 1st (Steam sale). This game is "easy", but that being said, the "solo queue survivor" ranges from absolute garbage to great once in a while.

    But ever since crossplay was enabled, I've noticed console killers will expedite kills ASAP. Many of them camp, and many of them mori spam on down 2 (one hook). It's dumb and I used to love this game back in the low ranks but then when I unlocked all the meta perks for both sides and got really good, I realized this game is extremely "meh" at high level play. But I still play it.

    But the crossplay tunnel+camp+mori makes the game demoralizing. I don't want to log on and I am almost done my rift/battle pass, but I'm contemplating permanently uninstalling. I got my 300 hours worth, maybe it's just time to move on.

  • Thatgurl_againThatgurl_again Member Posts: 287

    Bye have a wonderful time

  • DariusB92DariusB92 Member Posts: 112

    That would be nice, I have never seen that one before. Theres actually not that many helpful hints as there are that tell you what your objective is

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,814

    Also, I believe that most people do care, tho many are jus too cool to show it. Our generation paints this great big picture that acting like you don't care is the "cool trend" nowadays, but it's actually sad more than anything.

    An if we all as a community really didn’t care, would we give puns as reassurance...

    Q: how do you kno you’re in love with a flower?

    A: not a daisy goes by where you don’t think about them 🤪 buh-dum-tshh!🤓

    ...that’s all I got😬

    May you have fun gaming whatevvs games you decide to game, an game them peacefully✌🏽

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,814

    Killers are really jus complaining about SWF matches whenever you hear someone saying, “Survivor Sided!” When we make that differentiation, acknowledging that the game isn’t at all “Solo sided,” then real discussions regarding change can be brought to the table and a solution will be discovered.

    The devs should kno this, and I’m sure that they do... after all, they didn’t only create this game, they also play it every day, jus like us.

    SWF has caused killers to complain frequently, as well as it has caused them to alter their play style to try an combat a team perked with coms who are ALL on the same page at all times throughout the match.

    If this means, tunneling, camping, slugging, ebony’s, iri’s, OP builds & addons, etc., then that’s what they’re willing to do.

    They feel threatened and bullied by SWFs jus like all of we who choose to main Solo, at times, feel bullied by killers who have their anti-SWF build/ mindset on as they go into the trial prepared for a squad of relentless com’d up dominance.

    Solo has gotten less fun as devs have nerfed perks that helped a team of randoms out of tough matches.

    I wish killers (especially mains) would realize, jus like I and many others have, that Solo survivors also got heavily setback from the inclusion of SWF into DBD.

    Devs have to find a way to benefit an balance the game for all 3 parties... SWF, Solo & Killer.

    I trust that they’ll do jus that, eventually.

    I really do have faith in them.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 10,074

    This is just factually not true at all.

    I play strictly solo queue and we 3-4e at least 75% of the matches.

  • UMCorianUMCorian Member Posts: 521
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    As survivor, it can be easy to get discouraged... but you gotta remember those magic moments this game allows.

    Earlier today, I had this game where Pyramid Head we were pretty well outplaying. I opened gate to 99% and waited for the 4th survivor to show himself. Unfortunately, he went down right when the other 2 rats finished the door and ran out.

    I see Pyramid hook and proceed to face camp.

    I felt bad because this dude was only on his first hook, so against my better judgment, I go back to try a solo rescue.

    Seeing me coming back, the other survivor did not try to free himself.

    I waited nearby... seconds felt like minutes. Pyramid Head was getting impatient. He began circling around, trying to find me. He then decided to check the exit, expecting me to be tbaging him or something I suspect. With about 5 seconds left on the struggle, I unhooked. We ran for it, Pyramid Head got in the way. I rush Pyramid Head like a madman, bodyblock as he tries to get to my ally, he reflexively swings, I take the hit, and we both make it out.

    This game has magical moments and that moment easily outweighs 4-5 bad games.

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