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Should myers be buffed?



  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,223

    No killer needs buffs. You are not supposed to 4K with your eyes closed.

    As far as GF is concerned, he should be nerfed to give the sound he once gave when nearby.

  • KillScreenKillScreen Member Posts: 152

    And i disagree. Tier 1 its the most fun of them all. To play with or against as a fun factor point of view. The jump scares on coms are just priceless.

  • ToxicMyersToxicMyers Member Posts: 1,295

    i really hope you are a dedicated troll on the forums. No you shouldn't be able to 4k with your eyes closed but myers has a hindrnce no other killer has. Imagine if at the start of the match your ability to work on gens was automatically slowed until you saw the killer. Doesn't seem fair now does it. Thats how myers is.

  • CutiadduCutiaddu Member Posts: 393

    Excuse me what? Eyes closed? What are you talking about?

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 3,014

    Buff his Tier 1 movement speed to 4.3 m/s

    Survivors gain evil by doing generators. Reducing the limitations The Shape has now.

    Buff his Tier 3 speed, too, to 4.9 m/s.

  • CutiadduCutiaddu Member Posts: 393

    Yea they should keep the scratched mirror I agree is so fun

  • CutiadduCutiaddu Member Posts: 393

    Giving him extra movement speed would be too much. He already vaults faster, also 4.9 man that's a lot.

  • CutiadduCutiaddu Member Posts: 393

    By the way you can hear Ghostface when he's near, you can clearly hear his clothes moving into the wind, they make a clear swoosh sound

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,223

    That's fair because he gets so much more powerful later on so it balances out. He's a well designed killer as-is. He is fair to play against, something most new killers are missing.

  • CutiadduCutiaddu Member Posts: 393

    Myers is fine, but he's weak right now, good survivors will beat you in situations that with Ghostface you could have won easily. Myers unfortunately at high ranks is not that good, is not terrible unplayable or anything, but playing Ghostface is clearly the best option there, so why not give myers some buffs?

  • ToxicMyersToxicMyers Member Posts: 1,295

    how is he fair? he is a m1 killer with a reduced terror radius, has a hindrance as the start and has no map mobility. That isn't fair. He is underpowerd because every single one of his tiers can be looped easily, he has no power in chase and the fact his power is reduced when he stalks from afar (which makes no sense but ok). Ghostface is better than him and is arguably more balanced. Balance is equality on both sides. Playing as myers puts you on the shorter end of the stick. Its a 4v1 but he is so weak in 1v1. Killers should be able have some power over the survivors. In which myers has none. Take oni for example, he has no hindrance and gets his power off absorbing blood, and his power is stronger than tier 3. and he is balanced. Simply removing tier 1 or buffing tier 3 isn't going to break the game.

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 3,014

    4.9 is probably a bit too much, I was going for incremental numbers. But I don't think 4.8 would be too crazy. Basically Myers with one stack of Play With Your Food for reaching Tier 3. I feel like Myers in Tier 3 should be one of the most terrifying things in the game.

  • CutiadduCutiaddu Member Posts: 393

    I don't know man, I'm no expert at balancing things but that sounds a little too powerful, PWYF is a token perk, if we make myers a 4.8ms killer while in tier 3 which has full movement controll and mindgame potential (moonwalk etc) I think that it would be broken. Then again I don't know it could also be fine

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,223

    Being able to 1-shot and vault windows instantly is power in the chase! With how maps have been redesigned with a cap on pallets, so many dead zones, you shouldn't be having an issue. The new buildings are now even killer sided because killers refuse to break down the walls, and all the windows are closed! You want to talk about fair, we can talk all day about that. The Ghostface has no counterplay to his close proximity. Every ghostface tries to catch people off-guard in an injured state with NO TERROR RADIUS, and kill them. They also use it to have a huge advantage. That's the only thing making ghostface better in my opinion because that aspect of him is grossly unfair. Not every killer needs to be able to get to the other side of the map instantly, with BBQ, and other perks, this is too much advantage. I think killers are spoiled by Freddy and Spirit.

  • CutiadduCutiaddu Member Posts: 393
    edited September 2020

    Personally I never found the Ghostface to have no counterplay at close range, but that's my experience anyone can have a different one. Vaulting windows faster helps a lot by the way I completely agree with you, but that's not that strong imo. Then again you made good points

  • ToxicMyersToxicMyers Member Posts: 1,295

    you mean how his vaulting speed in tier 3 is only as fast as a medium vault? and the new maps are fair. We can talk all day about the macmillian realm and the coldwin realm, which are i think the biggest maps in this game and they are very common, also asylum is another map with a op main house. Thats my issue map pressure with myers is nigh impossible unless you get multiple people with your tier 3, and even then survivors are supposed to split up so you'll most likely get 1 down and maybe 2 on a good day with one tier 3. Also vaulting faster really doesn't help that much in chase. He is still a basic m1 killer with a hindrance at the start and an decent one shot power. Billy for example, has no hindrance, has a one shot down constantly, and has good map pressure. However he was never op. I already talked about oni so lets talk about your problem with ghostface. Well for starters if thats an issue for you run a med kit to heal after he leaves a chase with you. Only thing that is broken with ghostface is his reveal while leaning. What other one shot down killers can i talk about. Bubba is too strong so he isn't a good balance example but anyway. A majority of the one shot down section of the killer roster is balanced. But myers has none of that. And you say no killer should able to move throughout the map quickly? So you want every killer to be vulnerable to the gen rush? Thats pretty unbalanced. It seems like you have a survivor bias. But back to myers.

    Anyway for everyone else i think myers should at least 110 in tier 1 and stalks faster in tier 1, making it easier for him to get out of it, while tier 2 has the base stalking rate. I think these buffs wouldn't be game breaking but would help him in the map pressure category. We do know that since his addons aren't in the dbd standard that they will probably get looked at and maybe they'll help his basekit as well

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 3,774

    Rank 10 energy. Myers and ghostface are countered pretty significantly by just rotating your camera on a gen. Micheals faster vaults are only marginally faster without Bamboozle or Fire Up. Not enough to make a difference in an area where the survivor was always going to be hit even by T2. The breakable doors on the new map literally only help in the preschool. You have to break the house ones now or they're literal infninites. massive surv buff.

  • DreadnightDreadnight Member Posts: 77

    Remove tier 1 and reduce considerably his terror radius while myers is stalking

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,223

    Most gens don't have LOS with enough distance to avoid getting hit when he is spotted. A jungle gym is just one example. A little terror radius would be fair because he still has the stalking power for 1-shot. Imagine a Myers Tier 2 with no terror radius on demand. Ridiculous. Both preschool buildings with breakable walls is now killer sided, I've never seen a killer break the walls because of this, just another killer buff that never ends.

  • KagatoKagato Member Posts: 24

    -Remove Tier 1.

    -Have Stalking remove his terror radius.

    -Rework add-ons, especially one that gives stalk-walk speed the same as normal walking speed so you can have the same effect as Tier 1 at the cost of some visibility.

  • ToybasherToybasher Member Posts: 879
    edited September 2020

    Judith's Tombstone should let you mori people in lockers and on the ground. To compensate, tombstoning now consumes a PWYF stack, Myers can no longer lunge in EW3 (No using the lunge to down a guy then tombstone him on the ground), and the evil required to hit EW3 with Tombstone + Tuft is all 4 survivors drained completely.

    I also think Vanity Mirror needs a small buff. The slowdown it applies is pretty horrible when I thought the whole point of Vanity Mirror was being able to hit EW2 so you can move faster than Scratched Mirror.

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  • WitchQueenTrinaWitchQueenTrina Member Posts: 17

    Increase Ew1 movement speed up to 110% (4.4 m/s)

    Give Ew1 a lunge but have it set to either 4.4 or 4.6 m/s

    Allow Ew1 to gain bloodlust

    Switch between Ew1 and Ew2 with a toggle on an alternate power button, disable stalking in Ew1

    Survivors gain back evil passively at a rate of 1% every 6 seconds

    Increase the vault speed increases for both Ew2 and Ew3 by 10-15%

    Increase Ew3 movement speed to 120% (4.8 m/s)

    Increase Ew3 lunge by 5%

  • WitchQueenTrinaWitchQueenTrina Member Posts: 17

    Also spine chill should not work on undetectable killers. If a killer goes undetectable the survivors spine chill should be lit up the entire time, that way they still get a benefit out of their perk but they still don't know where the killer is.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 4,945

    I don't want them to get rid of tier 1. I love tier 1. Maybe the devs could decrease the amount of stalking it takes to get out of tier 1?

    Also, he should be immune to Spine Chill while in tier 1 like he was back in the old days. He's slow, he has no lunge, he doesn't get bloodlust; he shouldn't set off Spine Chill.

  • BOT_EthanBOT_Ethan Member Posts: 29

    Myers is much easier to find than GH, and Wraith if survivors are looking around. If spine chill still works for Spirit(and it should), it doesn't make sense to disable it for Myers. I would say the biggest problem with Myers is that entering T3 takes him too much time, maybe 3 gens for first T3 if every survivor is playing smart enough, and that's why we find Myers needs to be buffed at high ranks. Less energy needed to enter T3 and less time would work for me.

  • WitchQueenTrinaWitchQueenTrina Member Posts: 17

    Exactly! Michael, the wraith, ghostface and the pig are all already struggling compared to the more mobile characters and their entire power can be countered with one perk that requires zero survivor input. It's especially true of ghostface and the pig since michael at least can stalk survivors who know he's there and the wraith got some extra help with his buff last year giving him extra movement speed while cloaked.

  • TreSenTreSen Member Posts: 186

    No thank you. There are enough killers for sweats in this game. You can have a lot of fun on tier 1. Leave my scary mikey alone.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 4,945
    edited September 2020

    I'd say in the majority of my matches I see three to four survivors running Spine Chill. I actually see it more than DS, and it affects me more than DS because I try not to tunnel off the hook whether or not there's an obsession. Spine Chill is good for countering Spirit who can't be seen, and it's good for knowing if that killer with a Terror Radius is heading for you or someone else, but it lets survivors counter stealth killers without having to pay attention to their surroundings which, I mean, why even play the game if you're just going to ignore one of the few horror aspects it has?

    I still think Tier 1 Mikey suffers the most from Spine Chill. Ghost Face can crouch and lean and exposes survivors while in stealth mode. Piggy is low to the ground so she's harder to see and she has a dash attack. Wraith is partially invisible and has his lunge when he's uncloaking. But Mikey, he's standing tall and wearing a bright white mask; if the survivors bother to look around they can see him clear as day. He's slow, has no lunge, and has no Bloodlust. When he stalks survivors in Tier 1, they don't become exposed, he becomes un-Undetectable, which in some ways benefits survivors because now he has a TR and red stain. He has no way to get out of stealth mode by himself (unlike the other killers who can leave it at any time by pressing a button); he needs to stalk survivors to exit that stealth mode, he can't re-enter that stealth mode once he leaves it, and as I described he's weaker than other killers while in stealth mode. So, why the [BAD WORD] does Spine Chill work against him in Tier 1? It's looney.

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