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Dear mod's please bring this to the Dev's :) (positive criticism)

Dear Dev's.

You did a great job about making new Animation's and reworking the graphic's.

But please.PLEASE commiunicate more with us.

This Post isn't about Console optimize but I wanted from you that you can say us what is going on.

Something like "We are working for a fix" or "We don't know how to solve this issue yet".

This came from a Console Player where is playing both sides.


  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 3,398

    They do say these things though, the problem is that these kinds of statements aren't very helpful, nor do they give the community any kind of reinforcement knowing their voice has been heard. They say it so often. When they say they're "looking into it" we have no idea what they mean by that or how long this is going to take before we get the change out of the blue with maybe some developer notes a few days before it's released and that's it.

    Honestly they've said they're doing so much and looking into fixing so many things they probably have way too much on their plate now and even they have no idea how to handle it all.

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