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Recycle items, add-ons and offerings?

CalamardoCalamardo Member Posts: 20
edited September 2020 in General Discussions

Hey there!

I asked myself this while spending lots of Bloodpoints for both survivors and killers.

I got a lot of items that I think they're useless or I may never use it on purpose, and I think a lot of players can be in the same scenario, stacking items up endlessly.

Should Dead by Daylight have a system similar to other games, where you can recycle or sell back items?

Of course, I think it should be a very small percentage of the value in Bloodpoints of the item, because of how easy is to get them. Maybe even recycle them for a very very small amount of Iridescent Shards?

Could it be a good idea? What are your opinions on this subject?

Thanks for sharing your perspective, cheers!

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