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Secret Blight passive

I have played him full day for 4 days

haven't got any single Lery yet.

Blight has passive anti Lery confirmed (joking) .


  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,040

    Guess I can't play him then, given that it's my favourite map

  • BabyDweetMainBabyDweetMain Member Posts: 434
    edited September 2020

    Oh I had the best game versus the Blight on Lérys. I feel bad cause they were actually a really nice player.

    First, I like trying new builds that aren't meta just to see how effective they are. On Meg I run Quick and Quiet, Inner Strength, Head On, and Iron Will.

    It started off with me getting a cheeky corner totem I found with my map, but before I could cleanse it, the Blight found me and quickly trapped me in the corner. He kept shaking his head no at me and I was just laughing, nodding yes at him. He hit me and I run off. I lost him and got healed by one of my team mates. He downed someone and hooked them by this time. I was determined to get a totem so I found one in the hallway in another corner. And of course the blight comes and traps me again. I was dying laughing. Same thing happens, he hits me and I escape but this time I finally find a totem to cleanse and it was his hex totem. Through out the match I cleansed nearly all his totems and did 3 gens. Healed a good bit of my team. But I also got the best value I've ever gotten with head-on. He downed a survivor next to me but didn't see me. There was a locked in-between him and the hook so I jump in and I actually get the head-on save. I felt so bad but he ended up killing the guy anyway so no harm done (He told me after the match I scared the ######### out of him lol). I did 2 last minute end game collapse saves and we got out 3 escapes. I double pipped. The killer was very nice though, even said he was tempted to keep me trapped in the corner to be his pet 😂😂😂 was the funnest match I've had in a long time.

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