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Healing in the basement after being unhooked

Fog_KingFog_King Member Posts: 404

Question for survivors. After you are unhooked from the basement, do you let the survivor who saved you heal you/heal yourself in the basement or you run right away from the basement and heal somewhere else?

I usually just run out of the basement and heal after, but just had a match where the survivor that was saved refused to leave the basement until he was healed, which resulted in the killer coming back and hurting the same survivor again. What do you do?

Healing in the basement after being unhooked 77 votes

Heal/get healed in the basement
Dr_Loomiskaratinac97ThePolicemagicmaster2020Pior_MorteGhouled_MojoBrequeJunsuinaHex_Llamagetuy45u4iuTheButcher6641Aspekt 12 votes
Run out of the basement and heal after
Seiko300InjiAcromioBlueberryTapeKnotGcarraraJotaFog_KingZCerebrateFiv55Boosted_Dwightmusstang62TaigaAhoyWolfArcticWolfpichumudkipthenegativoneoh_0kDicklayciaEnderloganYT 65 votes


  • AcromioAcromio Member Posts: 1,554
    Run out of the basement and heal after

    Why would I give Leatherkek the perfect chance to use his otherwise laughable chainsaw?

  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 299
    Run out of the basement and heal after

    Staying in the basement when the killer knows you're down there is just asking for trouble.

  • Awkward_FiendAwkward_Fiend Member Posts: 461
    Run out of the basement and heal after


  • 0mikeya00mikeya0 Member Posts: 178
    edited September 23
    Run out of the basement and heal after

    Honestly it depends

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  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,354
    Run out of the basement and heal after

    I think it's more nuanced than Yes or No and I would honestly put "sometimes" if OP had made that a poll option, unfortunately they didn't.

    Many killers honestly don't come back to check the basement and I've healed / been healed plenty of times down there before running up and potentially being seen. Especially if whoever is doing the healing has some kind of perk that boosts healing speed like We'll Make it, Botany Knowledge, Desperate Measures, etc.

    Although not every time, most recently I tried doing this a couple days or a week ago at the end of a match that I needed to escape from for an archive challenge. All the gens were done, I had been hooked in basement (for the first time) but the killer was on the other side of the map chasing the obsession, feeling particularly safe I decided to stay in basement and let myself be healed. Obsession goes down and I start to get concerned because I'm not seeing him get picked up and I hear the TR slowly approaching- no time to finish the heal so I run out and proceed to get involved in a lengthy chase and long story short killer tunnels me for two more hooks even though he had a guy (who had been hooked before) down on the ground and could have hooked him instead. Guy decided he could net more pressure (again, all the gens were done doors were just 99 and he hadn't been doing well all game) by going all the way back to the basement on the other side of the map and getting me downed again. He didn't, he was only trading which survivor he killed, but oh well whatever.

    So yeah, the basement heal isn't always the safest thing to do. At the same time running out of the basement and being potentially spotted while injured can lead to a similarly unfortunate outcome. It depends on the situation: what map, where the basement is, what killer you're up against, how many generators have been completed, the situation with how many survivors are injured / downed / hooked / dead, etc.

  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 487
    Run out of the basement and heal after

    The only time I'd heal in the basement is if I'm in SWF and I know the killer's not coming back AND we have We'll Make It. It simply isn't worth the risk.

  • InjiInji Member, Mod Posts: 988
    Run out of the basement and heal after

    Default decision is always 'get out first, then heal'. Depending who you are going against you might heal with We Will Make It in the basement and/or if a second person came in the basement to double heal.

    The one you never stay in the basement with is Bubba. GET OUT ASAP.

  • RockatanskyRockatansky Member Posts: 21

    No. But, yes.

    Too many variables to take into account for a direct answer.

  • musefanmusefan Member Posts: 265
    Run out of the basement and heal after

    Almost always run out. The only exception would be if there was a way to know for sure the killer is busy elsewhere and unlikely to return.

    For example you can see someone in a chase while on hook, or you have empathy and see someone get hit other side of map, etc.

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 147
    Heal/get healed in the basement

    It depends on the situation. If it's safe to heal in the basement -- like, if we have a sense of where the killer is and it's not basement, and/or the person doing the healing has perks or items that make the healing go fast, I think it's better to heal first so you can take the extra hit if something goes wrong.

    I've lingered in the basement lots of times without anything bad happening, but it's a gamble either way.

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 2,677
    Heal/get healed in the basement

    It all depends. If you have a medi-kit, how many of you are left, where the killer is, which killer you're facing, how many hooks you have left, if the unhooked survivor had been behaving. There are a number of things to consider.

    Usually if I basement unhook and can't hear the terror radius, I'll heal them.

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 1,225

    Taking a neutral stance here. I run an "Extreme healing efficiency" perk set and usually try to heal on the spot (I've had times where the survivor was healed and still had BT) but sometimes I'll just run out if the hook isn't perfectly safe and may become dangerous quickly.

  • BassTramBassTram Member Posts: 111
    Run out of the basement and heal after

    I would only stay in the basement if the person has We'll Make it

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 1,666
    Run out of the basement and heal after

    95% of the time, get the hell out and away from the basement. You shouldn't have been near it to begin with. Loop away from the basement as much as possible

    But if you know the killer is across the map and you have We'll Make it, then maybe.

  • GcarraraGcarrara Member, Mod Posts: 1,520
    Run out of the basement and heal after

    It's not that i don't want to heal you or be healed in the basement... It's just that out of extraordinary situations, i pretty much like to survive a bit longer. 😁

  • TotemsCleanserTotemsCleanser Member Posts: 266
    Run out of the basement and heal after

    It depends, if the killer is luring close to the basement or if I'm not sure he has left most times I run outside. If I know that he's far away, on the other side of the map, or chasing someone else, then I might stay down there to get healed.

  • karatinac97karatinac97 Member Posts: 208
    Heal/get healed in the basement

    It depends on the killer and situation. There are certain killers you want to avoid being anywhere near the basement. Then depending if the killer is very close then it's gonna be difficult to get out. If you can heal in time before they get come down it's a good tactic (especially if they're waiting at the top of the stairs).

    If the killer is really far away or busy, in my opinion, it's better just to heal ASAP. Generally I Iike to heal/be healed after unhooking, unless killer is right there.

  • TheButcher6641TheButcher6641 Member Posts: 54
    Heal/get healed in the basement

    The basement is a safe place to heal. There are multiple lockers, walls to hide behind, Its secluded so the killer can't stumble upon you randomly and 90% of the time there is a chest which could contain a medkit. Therefore I always heal in the basement unless the killer is nearby and knows my location.

  • magicmaster2020magicmaster2020 Member Posts: 213
    Heal/get healed in the basement

    Most of the time I have We'll Make It, so it just makes sense

  • BigTimeGamerBigTimeGamer Member Posts: 1,582
    Run out of the basement and heal after

    if you stay and hide in the basement, im not saving you again

  • ArcticWolfArcticWolf Member Posts: 41
    Run out of the basement and heal after

    Depends on if the killer tunnels or not. If they dont tunnel then we stay if we do get tunneled we attempt to get out.

  • BubbleWrapBubbleWrap Member Posts: 4
    Run out of the basement and heal after

    Typically, it's way safer to escape and then heal if you're given the opportunity. There have been very, very few times I have ever healed after a basement unhook, I was playing with a friend and they asked me to. I had We'll Make It and was able to heal them by the time the killer came back, letting us escape.

    That was one time out of probably over 200 hours. So, it can happen, but it's not likely :p

  • pichumudkippichumudkip Member Posts: 119
    Run out of the basement and heal after

    It depends. I play in a SWF so if I know the killer is on someone else who's not in basement, then sure if the person who unhooked me wants to heal me then why not.

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