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Mouse Lags after closing the game.


I have a problem since the last update, every time i close the game my mouse lags for a quite time and move very slow on the desktop.

i play the windows 10 version via XBOX Game Pass for PC.

I notice that the mouse lags stop when the process in the task manager fully quit.

There is anything i can do to fix the issue? i need to reinstall the game?

Thank you for your help.



  • MinaaaMinaaa Member Posts: 55

    I was thinking the game was causing this issue but wasnt sure until now.

    When can we expect a fix for this devs????

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,416

    Huh, that's an odd one. I'll mention it.

  • TedioTedio Member Posts: 4

    thanks for the reply.

    The issue occur everytime i close the game so my mouse pointer moove veery slow and laggy, if i open the task manager the mouse come back to normal and if i force kill the game process via task manager ther is no problem after.

    I have the problem with only DBD, other games or app are fine. my windows 10 is up to date so...

    Thank you

  • zudolgtrzudolgtr Member Posts: 1

    I can confirm I have the exact same problem, also on Windows 10, game from XBOX Game Pass for PC.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,416

    Mmmkay, so it seems to be JUST the XBox App version of the game.

    I've passed it on but not heard anything as of yet.

  • f0li0f0li0 Member Posts: 3
    edited September 2020

    Just to chip in, I have the exact same issue as mentioned by the others (Windows store version). Quit the game, mouse lags heavily for 30 seconds.

    If I open task manager then it's fine, as soon as I close task manager it starts again, doesn't happen on the Steam version.

    It shows as 'Suspended' in Task Manager with the green leaf and the hover tool tip says 'suspending to improve performance' while it's lagging.


  • TedioTedio Member Posts: 4

    any news about the problem? i had to quit the game always from task manager by a force kill of the process. Tnx

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,416

    Nope, afraid not.

  • KapeeshyKapeeshy Member Posts: 1

    Can confirm that the game has had updates and still has this problem

    (Playing via game pass)

  • S0rryMakerS0rryMaker Member Posts: 1

    Hi! I'm having the exact same problem as well. I thought my PC was about to go into BSOD or something, I was really scared. I didn't know it was the game causing this issue when I noticed that the cursor only slows down for 10 seconds after I exit the game.

  • MinaaaMinaaa Member Posts: 55

    @KhaineGB When can we expect an update on this issue?

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,416

    No idea. I haven't heard anything either.

  • JameroniJameroni Member Posts: 2

    Also having this issue, Multiple friends on the xbox app for PC also having this issue.

  • TedioTedio Member Posts: 4
    edited October 2020

    just an update after the 4.3.0 release:

    seems the mouse lag as been fixed, but now i think the game window is bugged, like my screen go black after i alt+tab. before the update i think it was in borderless full screen but now i think it's broken.

    plus the esc key in main manu doesnt work.

  • Splitsecond27Splitsecond27 Member Posts: 52

    Ik this is completely random but do you know if there’s any way to get custom perk icons on the windows version?

  • krehlivkrehliv Member Posts: 3

    Bumping this. I still have this issue, my mouse lags and almost makes my computer unusable for about 20 seconds after closing the game. I bought the game off the Microsoft Store. Here's what the apps look like in Task Manager while lagging:

    Thanks in advance for looking into this!

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,416

    Do you happen to have a controller connected/being used? I know there's an issue being tracked right now with that.

  • MinaaaMinaaa Member Posts: 55

    The issue came back after the recent update

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,416

    That's kinda why I was asking if you have a controller plugged in at all, because there have been reports of that causing issues as of the latest update

  • krehlivkrehliv Member Posts: 3

    I had a controller plugged in at the time of posting, but unplugging it has not resolved the lag issue.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,416

    Hm, ok, so it's definitely not that. Any gaming software specifically for your mouse? (apparently keyboard software can cause it too)

  • krehlivkrehliv Member Posts: 3

    I do not have fancy mouse or keyboard software.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,416

    Ok, well that's good and bad, because that means it's not the problem.

    Have a look and see if mouse acceleration is on: https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-turn-off-mouse-acceleration-windows-10?r=US&IR=T#:~:text=Mouse%20acceleration%20is%20a%20feature,off%20%22Enhance%20pointer%20precision.%22

    I usually turn it off just in general. Seems to help a lot with windows, apps and games.

  • MinaaaMinaaa Member Posts: 55

    It's not related to mouse settings, the game keeps running as a background task even after you exit out.

    You have to go to task manager and close DBD that way.

  • daleylifedaleylife Member Posts: 28
    edited April 3

    I am having this issue as well, just started when Trickster released.

    PS: I am on PC and do use a controller.

  • nocxtiousnocxtious Member Posts: 1
    edited April 3

    This is also happening to me, just downloaded the game via Game Pass for pc, no controller plugged in. Mouse lags excessively after closing the game normally though the ingame menu, and is useless until you launch task manager and force kill the app.

  • RyuzakiRyuzaki Member Posts: 510

    I occasionally have this issue and I don't know how to reproduce it.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,416

    Ooooh, okay, that'd explain it. This has been happening on steam as well and I think Mandy has been collecting log files for it.

    In your case, try not using a controller and see if it helps, though I suspecti t wont.

  • Volvoxt_opsVolvoxt_ops Member Posts: 26

    I have the exact same problem after the new 4.6.0 update and it's starting to get very irritating, has anyone found a temporary fix at the very least until BHVR patches this?

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,416

    It seems to be one of two different things.

    1) Using a controller and mouse at the same time. There's no fix for this other than using one or the other, not both. This is being looked into.

    2) Game not closing after you finished playing. Only fix for this seems to be to open task manager (ctrl+shift+esc) and kill the task manually. I believe this is being looked into.

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