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KyxlectKyxlect Member Posts: 230
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Hello, I had come up with an OC Killer I guess it's called? or unofficial, fan-made, etc. and I figured out two out of the three character perks they should have. One for finding Survivor's, One for Gen control, but for the last perk I couldn't decide if the Hex system should be used or if the other option would be better.

What do you think?

Option 1:

Hex: Decay

Starting at the beginning of the Trial, Survivor's items are consumed at a rate of 1%/2%/3% * per second.

*Rework: 0.238%/0.33%/0.55%, that's 7 minutes, 5 minutes and 3 minutes before the item is fully consumed.

This Hex effects persists as long as the related Hex Totem is standing.

Option 2:

Deadly Precision

Each time you hit a Survivor with a Basic Attack, there is a 100% chance of applying the Hemorrhage effect, a 40%/45%/50% chance of applying the Mangled effect and a 15%/20%/25% chance of applying the Deep Wound effect. (These other effects have the possibility of adding to the base, like Hem, Hem + Mangle, Hem + Mangle + Deep Wound)

If you'd have to make a choice, As a Killer, which one do you think would be more useful? As a Survivor, which one would you hate to play against more?

Custom Perk 12 votes

Hex: Decay
TapeKnotEnderloganYTAwkward_FiendPior_MorteBeast123344RubyinsomniaccrimsondragonTheWisp2006 8 votes
Deadly Precision
DeadeyeElcopolloCheeseAntonReverseVelocity 4 votes
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  • RubyinsomniacRubyinsomniac Member Posts: 20
    Hex: Decay

    I like the Hex as a killer that loves Hex's and hates flashlights but even though this would be perfect in the game it would be incredibly annoying for the survivors because it would literally just waste the item. 3% a second? That means in 33 seconds after the game starts their item is just straight up gone. I think a idea is that it gets used faster or it gets used when you hit them or something like that. I love the idea but I think it's too powerful.

  • KyxlectKyxlect Member Posts: 230

    Ah yes, I see what you mean. I've been working on a nerf, how about this?:

    Tier 1: 0.238% consumption per second (7 minutes)

    Tier 2: 0.33% consumption per second (5 minutes)

    Tier 3: 0.55% consumption per second (3 minutes)

  • Awkward_FiendAwkward_Fiend Member Posts: 687
    Hex: Decay

    Neither are good ideas, Hex: Decay isn't a hex that'd be enjoyable for either side since the killer doesn't get any visual examples of it working out (and it's numbers are wayyyy too high and would make medkits useless instantly), and Deadly Precision is just a luck based Sloppy.

  • KyxlectKyxlect Member Posts: 230

    Did you happen to see my rework for Hex: Decay? Hmm...and because of that, Deadly Precision isn't appealing to you and you don't believe it'd be useful? Alright, thank you for your feedback. Might try to come up with a rework.

  • RubyinsomniacRubyinsomniac Member Posts: 20
    Hex: Decay

    I don't really know exactly how long matches are and I don't play survivor enough to really tell how long items last.

    As far as I know it's pretty balanced now. I would definitely use this. My default build is Devour Hope, Ruin, undying, and really the fourth I'd open. I would definitely use this for that fourth hex.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,546
    Deadly Precision

    no precision votes? Dudes, comeon! Sloppy is already a good perk and that perk exceeds it massively with the chance of Deep Wounds! It could be an Adrenaline counter for example, and causing a 28 heal is also pretty good

  • ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 711
    Deadly Precision

    Hex: Decay feels too unfair and unfun for the survivor side (e.g. you won't be able to use addonless Brown/Green Medkit to restore your health even once). I don't like perks which are very unfair for the opposite side. Same reason why I never use Object of Obsession (except one time when I had to do Laurie's adept achievement). I try to stick to the rule of "if I would hated such thing done to me, I wouldn't do it to others". At least for Franklin's you have to hit them, while with this perk it's just perma-effect unless they find the totem (which usually, despite the memes, takes 1-2 minutes, during which your item will be almost completely consumed with killer making no effort whatsoever for it to be done).

    Deadly Precision seems like a buffed version of Sloppy Butcher. It's mkay.

  • musefanmusefan Member Posts: 345

    Option 3: Hex that restores all totems (and other hexes) once destroyed.

    Basically, punishes naive survivors that don't realise Ruin has already been destroyed.

    Also, helps improve the chance of end game hexes actually making it to the end.

    This could indirectly help with gen rushing issues too.

  • CheeseAntonCheeseAnton Member Posts: 882
    Deadly Precision

    You reworked Hex: Decay but I still think it's too much. Maybe (and this is only a maybe) 5 minutes is enough, but 3 minutes is way too low. As someone else said, you haven't even thought about the Brown/Green medkits. I know you asked for us to vote for the one's that'd be most hated to go against and most likely to run as killer, but I can't support Hex: Decay. I think Franklin's, while still annoying, is way more balanced and fun than this, and I wouldn't want to see this in the game.

    Deadly Precision is okay, I guess.

  • KyxlectKyxlect Member Posts: 230

    Well, there are lesser used perks that specifically increase the life and usability of those Medkits. You got Self-Care, Botany Knowledge, Streetwise, Solidarity, Leader, Spine Chill, Desperate Measures, Built to Last and probably some other ones. That's a lot of perks that help with that, so I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree that it's overpowered for that reason. Also, since it's a Hex it's value is based on where it spawns. So it could either be very useful at slowing the game down or very useless if it spawns right next to the Survivor's at the beginning of the trial.

    Hmm..."With the Killer making no effort whatsoever for it to be done". But aren't Survivor's just getting a quick health state without doing anything special other than using even the most common of Medkits? Gaining back a health state is a pretty big deal in my opinion considering that the Killer has to strike them twice before they can be hooked.

  • ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 711
    Deadly Precision

    These perks won't help you if you are already out of charges. Built to Last and Streetwise will only make it so that you'll have your charges for few more dozens of seconds, which is not much. All other perks which you mentioned don't need a medkit in order to work and some of them (like Solidarity and Leader) ignore medkit in your hands.

    And no, survivors are not "just getting a quick health state without doing anything special". Healing up wastes their time. Time, that could've been spent on pressuring gens or doing other objectives, like assisting teammates or breaking totems. Wasted time is the price they pay for healing with medkits and/or Self-Care. And the more time they waste - the more pressure killer gets. That's why you can see a lot of streamers being more than fine with the fact that survivors are all healing instead of repairing generators. Looking for medkit in the chests before healing with it will waste even more time. Time, which they will only spend on gens, once they understand that chests are useless when this Hex is up.

    Medkits can be a big deal for most killers without one-shot attack, you are not wrong here - that's why medkits are the most powerful and useful item in the first place. But denying players from using their items right from the start of the game, without any trigger-point is at least cruel and at most - moronic. Items are a part of the game, hence why a player should at least have a chance to use them.

    We already have perks and addons, that undermine efficiency of medkits and flashlights. We already have perks and addons, that make toolboxes less useful. Hell, we even already have a perk, that eliminates items from the game, if survivor was hit and didn't pick dropped item up afterwards. What makes you think that the game needs an item-destroying Hex? Especially with such ridiculous conditions. And the main thing - it doesn't even slow the game down. Survivors can still heal and do gens efficiently, even without items. It only eliminates the use of all items except keys. So, basically - you are just making your opponents annoyed. And if totem is broken - it does a whole lot of nothing.

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