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Heavy Screen Tearing After The Blight Update

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Their last patch of fixes didn't solve this, so I had to make a topic.

Am I really the only one who is experiencing heavy screen tearing after the Blight update? Anyone else?

Graphics barely even changed after the update and yet I have this issue. And I like to know why.

I know my monitor isn't made for gaming and it is fairly old, but why this happens now, after the update, when nothing really changed? My monitor is Acer 24" Full HD LED K242HLbd and it is 60hz monitor.

I'm playing Dead by Daylight on PC, and my PC hardware are AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (CPU) and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super (GPU) with 16GB ram. Screen tearing happens possibly everywhere, not sure, but is noticeable in-game when playing as survivor or killer. Doesn't matter what map it is. Doesn't matter what killer I'm playing as or against. And as I said above, this started to happen after the Blight update. It's super annoying and I cannot seem to find reason for this issue.

Turning v-sync on from the settings doesn't fix the issue, screen tearing is still exist.

Changing quality from low to ultra makes screen tearing less noticeable, if I'm not mistaken.

So yeah, normally, I play with v-sync off, low quality and 100% resolution.

If anyone experiences this kind of issue after the Blight update, please tell it here and I'd also like to know your monitor and some of your specs like CPU and GPU.

thank you.

Edit: Also need to mention that my DBD settings file isn't default.

I just made 2 tests with my settings file and default settings file, in survivor tutorial mode and recorded videos.

My settings file: There's nothing visible errors in the video, screen tearing isn't there, but it's alright since it shouldn't be shown in the video. Resolution was 100%, Quality Low.

Default settings file: Game is twitching on the video, and in-game it looks like the screen is wavy (it's probably sort of screen tearing too), I can clearly see it when I look to the ground and I move. Resolution was 100%, Quality Low.

Edit 2:

Tested DBD on my television's screen today and it has no screen tearing which I find weird, taking note that my monitor is as old as my television. Both are 60hz.

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  • RainbowPatooieRainbowPatooie Member Posts: 303

    To quote someone who seemed to find a fix for this: "If you have NVIDIA GPU just go to Nvidia Panel / 3D Settings, 3D APP settings and choose DBD. Search for Vsync and enable the option named "Fast". It won't limit your fps and it'll fix the screen tearing."

    I'm trying this rn and hopefully it'll work.

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