For its year 3 anniversary, Dead by Daylight will be hosting its biggest livestream on May 31st at 3PM EST
Major reveals, drama, laughs, cries, surprises. It’s a date!

Stream schedule:

[September 13th, 2018] | Livestream #108 : Girl talk - NOTES

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not_Queen - Community Manager
Patricia - Community Manager

News and Announcements

  • What about The Shattered Bloodline Chapter?
    We are aiming for a release next week on all platform. That doesn't mean it will be simultaneous / same day. If we are running into delays, the Community will be informed.

  • What about the promised Bloodhunt?
    We wanted to have the Bloodhunt before the end of summer but due to unforseen circumstances, we had to push it a bit later.
    September 21st 00:00 UTC to September 24th 00:00 UTC

New Information!

  • New gameban rules
    The new gameban rules will be published on the forum tomorrow.

Next Week

September 20th, 2018
Livestream with not_Queen and Patricia!

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