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What’s your favorite Hex protection perk?

Rareware0192Rareware0192 Member Posts: 336

Hex: Haunted Ground - Protects other Hex perks by making it more likely (66%) for this perk to get cleansed instead of the one it’s protecting. Rewards the killer by making everyone Exposed for 60 seconds.

Hex: Retribution - Not so much a protection perk but a perk that makes up for losing a Hex perk by giving aura reading for 10 seconds.

Hex: Thrill of the Hunt - A noise notification whenever someone works on a Hex totem along with longer cleansing time. Also gives bonus bloodpoints in the Hunting category.

Hex: Undying - Replaces an available dull totem with a Hex perk that was recently lost until there are no more dull totems or this hex gets cleansed.

What’s your favorite Hex protection perk? 26 votes

Hex: Haunted Ground
Pior_MorteMoravenei 2 votes
Hex: Retribution
Hex: Thrill of the Hunt
EnderloganYTmalatrusedugmanCheeseAntonRubyinsomniac 5 votes
Hex: Undying
Seiko300TapeKnotBoosted_Dwightmusstang62PlantCollectortenoresaxP0PG03SOrangeJackAwkward_FiendOwlzeyWe_GaminSkullKidDerZuntormusefanBeast123344megswifeyTheWisp2006BwstedReverseVelocity 19 votes


  • EnderloganYTEnderloganYT Member Posts: 616
    Hex: Thrill of the Hunt
    1. haha bloodpoint go brrrr
    2. if a survivor spawns near a hex and starts cleansing you have near instant knowledge of where they and possibly others spawned.
    3. if you can keep it to endgame with NOED it can nearly guarantee keeping it for the rest of the game

    honestly very underrated

  • CheeseAntonCheeseAnton Member Posts: 882
    Hex: Thrill of the Hunt

    Hex: Thrill of the hunt is one of my favorite perks, even though it dang well shouldn't be. In fact, it's in my basekit doctor (STBFL, Thanatophobia, Surge, and Thrill). Yeah, I love using Thrill by itself.

    I have a lot of cosmetics for Doctor, but one of my favorite things to do is go default Doctor with frosty eyes. from my experience, EVERYONE assumes they use NOED. So they either kill themselves trying to get rid of Thrill, or they spend so long cleansing totems. Either way, it's one of my more reliable slow downs that does more for me than Pop, Ruin, Corrupt, and I just find it fun.

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,862
    Hex: Undying

    Jokes on you, this is actually my full build that you laid out in the poll options and then I wait to watch the magic happen.

  • RubyinsomniacRubyinsomniac Member Posts: 20
    Hex: Thrill of the Hunt

    I say Thrill of the hunt is good until you get undying then just pick which ever you like better. Thrill of the hunt is free and it gives more bloodpoints.

    Thrill of the hunt vs. undying.

    Thrill of the hunt you actually find out where they are and can get into a chase and possibly a entire hook. Also, it takes longer so you can actually get over there in time.

    Undying helps if your too slow or just too busy too get over there. The one thing is that it resets tokens so there's the chance that Devor Hope is useless because it takes so long to get the tokens in the first place.

    If you want to be annoying run Ruin, Retribution/Haunted ground, thrill of the hunt, undying. Then just stay close to the totems. You'll know when their cleansing and you chase them off but even if they do undying keeps it up and you get the effect of Retribution/Haunted Ground.

  • BlazelskiBlazelski Member Posts: 319

    It would be pointless to run Undying if you were running Haunted in that build, wouldn't it? All the totems are taken, so there's no dulls for anything to transfer to.

  • DerZuntorDerZuntor Member Posts: 289
    Hex: Undying

    Before Undying it was Thrill of the Hunt

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 8,004
    Hex: Thrill of the Hunt

    Thrill of the Hunt is my favorite in general because it works with any other Hex. Hex Undying is specifically great with Ruin but it doesn’t work well with hexes like Devour Hope that build up tokens. So basically if I run Ruin I’d go with Undying but if I run Devour Hope or a multiple Hex build I’d go with Thrill.

  • malatrusemalatruse Member Posts: 712
    Hex: Thrill of the Hunt

    When I was running a quad hex build (for Reasons) Thrill helped me more than Retribution.

  • Awkward_FiendAwkward_Fiend Member Posts: 687
    Hex: Undying

    I'm torn, on one hand I love Thrills slowdown, but on the other hand I actually have to start babysitting my totems. Just letting my bones be with Undying ends up being way more fun and less tedious.

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