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What do you think about these perk ideas?

AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 1,704

Sorry for not coming up with any names for these perks. :(

Perk Idea #1 (Chest Perk)

  • The rarity of items from chests has 50/75/100% chance to be higher than the previous one.
  • This Perk guarantees an Item of common rarity on your first unlocked chest.

Note: Pharmacy Synergy: I have 2 ideas, the item rarity will start at rare, or you will get a common Med-Kit instead of the rare one.

Perk Idea #2 (Exhaustion Perk)

  • The On-Hit Sprint lasts 2x longer than normal.
  • Causes the Exhausted Status Effect for 60/50/40 seconds.

Perk Idea #3 (Exhaustion Perk)

  • When you should medium vault a window you fast vault it instead.
  • Causes the Exhausted Status Effect for 30/25/20 seconds.

Perk Idea #4 (Killer aura reveal perk)

  • When your aura is revealed to The Killer, their aura is revealed to you for 2/3/4 seconds.

Perk Idea #5 (Chase Perk)

Press and hold the Active Ability button for 4 seconds while standing beside a Pallet to make it durable.

  • Durable Pallets take 10/15/20% longer to be destroyed.
  • Stuns caused by Durable Pallets are 20% longer.

What do you think about these perk ideas? 21 votes

I like all of them
kellysman0326zoozoom6Arial 3 votes
I like some of them
White_OwlSeiko300Raven014AlifyPior_MorteDankDragon8753AggressiveFTWmusefanCalamityJanebenkiMellenOxiTapeTheWisp2006 13 votes
I don't like some of them
Awkward_FiendNoOneKnowsNova 2 votes
I don't like all of them
TapeKnotBlazelskiRoboMojo 3 votes


  • BlazelskiBlazelski Member Posts: 86
    I don't like all of them
    1. This perk is terrible if used without Pharmacy or a stack of Shiny Coins. I love chest builds, and I'd never use this. With Pharmacy, it's either made worse or OP.
    2. A worse compromise between Sprint Burst and Dead Hard. Not useful.
    3. This one is actually kind of interesting, but it would probably just end up being a better/worse version of Lithe.
    4. This is just a much better version of Distortion, so it's not a good suggestion.
    5. This one is interesting too, but it would probably either be a time waster for the survivors or it would allow survivors to easily make it to further loops, greatly extending chases. It'd probably be bad for game health either way.
  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 487
    I like some of them

    The only one I like is the killer aura reveal, and only because I think that's what OoO should be instead.

    The first one is just another "make it way more likely to get a key" perk which Pluderer's already does too well.

  • musefanmusefan Member Posts: 265
    I like some of them

    2. The advantage over Sprint Burst would be that you don't have to walk around the map to prevent triggering it

    4. It's different from Distortion because it doesn't hide your aura from the killer. You both get to each other

  • Awkward_FiendAwkward_Fiend Member Posts: 461
    I don't like some of them

    I like 2 and 4, but the other 3 are honestly meh, especially the Medium Vault Lithe

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,151
    I like some of them
    1. Plunderers exists.
    2. This has potential, but I'm not sure how much...
    3. The momentum mechanic is already stupid sometimes, it does not need this perk to help it.
    4. A reverse BBQ?
    5. A reverse Brutal Strength + Enduring... I like this one a little.
  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,354
    edited September 21
    I like some of them

    I really like almost all of these perk ideas for some reason or another, I wish that you had created a poll option for "I like most of them" because the word "some" doesn't give enough credit to what largely are some really decent ideas, at the very least conceptually anyway.

    A few comments / tweaks:

    1. This has got to be my favorite on the list just because I'm waiting for a perk to fill out the "Scavenger build" right now there are only three perks that affect chests, Plunderer's Instinct, Ace in the Hole, and Pharmacy, so I just fill the last slot with Spine Chill just in case I get caught at a chest or something. Although Built to Last kinda fills that role, I'd rather take this perk to be totally honest if I'm going to be on a chest opening spree for the archives or something.
      1. A change I would seriously ask you @AhoyWolf to consider for this perk is remove the "guarantees an item of Common rarity" stipulation. Just because it kind of throws the synergy between this and Pharmacy into question since it's not clearly called out in the description, so which perk overrides which? The entire point of Pharmacy is to get that really good medkit (and I know that you noted specifically that pharmacy would override this perk but then why use the word "guarantee"? eh it feels like a whole mess that could be easily avoided).
      2. More importantly however, I don't think a perk that affects chests of all things needs this type of restriction placed upon it, especially since there's a limited number of chests on the map in the first place. Instead it should be up to a maximum of Very Rare rarity (meaning you can't pull the skeleton key with this perk equipped) and beyond that, RNG determines where you "start" whether you have a good start and start at rare and then from there get purple items the rest of the game or if you do start at common and have to work your way up. I think this makes the perk far more interesting than guaranteeing you start at the bottom
      3. In order to compete with meta perks for viability these "lower tier perks" shouldn't have restrictions placed upon them that make them worse than they would be.
    2. I think this is a cool idea conceptually though I think perhaps it might be too strong in it's current state. I think a simple solution would be to decrease the time from 2x to something like 1.5x or 1.25x even and then make the exhausted status effect last even longer, maybe 70 or 80 seconds.
      1. Another solution @AhoyWolf I think is to decay the speed during the doubled time. By default survivors gain 150% movement speed (6m/s) for 2 seconds, what this does is instead of losing the bust of speed immediately as survivors normally do back to 100%, for the next 2 seconds 150% will trickle down to 149% then 148% then 147% and so on and so forth and this will continue to do so over the course of 2 seconds until you're back at 100% movement speed. Just an interesting thought I had
    3. This is just a great perk. It might kind of replace the purpose of Distortion sort of like how Hex: Undying is way better than Hex: Thrill of The Hunt, but I dunno, we'd have to wait and see, maybe this will get distortion to be buffed and increase token count or something (3 is so little, you lose that by the end of the match. Either they increase the number of tokens or they create a way for you to earn tokens back, after every gen. repaired or safe unhook or something)
    4. I like the concept but I think this might be one of if not potentially the most broken out of all of them, especially considering the super short exhausted cooldown. I think it's an interesting idea, turning medium vaults into fast vaults but I think it'd have to be reworked somehow. I don't have much further insight or thought on this one specifically, it's the most difficult I think to balance of the 5.

    5. @AhoyWolf I'll be honest this is the only idea I don't like. Flat out, if it weren't for this perk I'd have picked the "I like all of them" poll option. Unlike a similar perk which exists already in the game Yui's Any Means Necessary, there's no cooldown on this thing- so what's to stop SWF squads from taking the first minute or two minutes of the match to fortify every single pallet on the map to make them durable? That's absolutely broken and unbalanced, but even if a cooldown were added onto this thing making super strong pallets like the Shack Pallet, or I'm thinking of that one Pallet right next to the stairs on Midwhich, Cow Tree Pallet, etc. making any of those "durable" sounds absolutely insane.

    On top of this however, this directly conflicts (sort of) with what I think would make a really cool base mechanic in Dead By Daylight. The idea of having different pallets of different weights, depending on the strength of the loop you can have a heavy, average, or light pallet. The stronger loops have light pallets, and the much weaker ones (thinking about ones with really short loops or walls like the one behind Badham Preschool) will have heavier pallets. This incentivizes smart plays where survivors will try their best to go for pallet slams, the skilled ones who have their timing down will be rewarded at these weaker loops as the heavier pallets will cause longer stuns, and take longer to break as well.

    Whereas Strong loops which can be used very easily and effectively will have weaker, more frail, lighter pallets which cause a shorter stun and are more easily & quickly broken. This nerfs them a little bit but in the grand scheme of things it allows for a more interesting and diversified balance across maps and map design in Dead By Daylight rather than just "the length of the loop".

    This idea was also directly mentioned and brought up in Scott Jund's Second "Idea Review"

    So for those three reasons, a lack of a cooldown, the fact that it seems to me fundamentally broken considering the idea of fortifying already really strong pallets like Shack pallet, and the fact it sort of conflicts with a far more balanced idea and cool change to the base mechanics, it's a serious no go for me on that last perk idea.

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