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In-Game Sponsoring

tariousxtariousx Member Posts: 83

So I got this idea, hear me out.

Tournaments increasing in popularity brings about golden opportunities!

BHVR should seek out sponsors for our Survivor hardware! 0 Mind game pallets smashing Killers in the teeth? Let's get a replay of that brought to you by Home Depot! Sponsors added to the pallet to show that logo front and center during a pallet stun! Un-safe pallets, brought to you by Wal-Mart! Sabotage save? "Oooh, and that hook is no match for a 32 charge Craftsmen set!"

This would inadvertently cause BHVR to have to nerf Spirit Fury as it would not be in the Sponsors best interest to have their product destroyed instantly before it does its job though. Sorry Killers.

Eventually, we could have survivors in matching Nascar style outfits branded with the finest hardware sponsors and BHVR would be rolling in that sweet money!

Ehhhhhh, I've not had my coffee yet...

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