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Handful of Tweak Ideas

arcnkdarcnkd Member Posts: 446
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This is really just a handful of tweaks that I feel would be beneficial to bring (or return) to the game for various reasons. I am well aware that the majority of the community will disagree with these, primarily the ones that suggest any reverts on a few killer features or things that Survivor-mains worked to get changed to begin with. Feel free to add any other changes you guys and gals think of; but these are just some personal ones I thought of (and some with the help of my irl friend) I'll break the post up with Killers in one post and Survivors in a second reply. By the way if this is TL;DR - are you really in the forums to read or discuss anything anyway?

Freddy -

Simple changes here. Revert him to having no terror radius to Survivors not in the Dream State. Keep him visible to the waking world if you absolutely have to, because I know players cried left and right about him being able to have total invisibility in his power and getting a free hit because of it; but he shouldn't have a terror radius if you're awake. He doesn't exist in the physical world. If anything - remove heartbeats and give him lullaby as his only 'terror radius'.

Second, make being in the Dream State a tough decision. Right now, there is very, very little reason to want to wake up. With the above change, that adds a little more decision to the matter; but also revert the changes that removed action speed penalties from being Dreaming. Keep them low but noticeable, like 5% slower actions while sleeping (being generous; I would say 10% is still fine) -- this turns the Dream State into a tough decision of "is it worth it to hear the killer's lullaby but perform actions slower; or have to pay attention to surroundings a lot more diligently and perform actions at no penalty?"

Doctor -

Make Madness able to decay and vanish off a Survivor once applied; instead of having permanent Madness Tier 1. That's about the only change the Doctor could really use that I feel. Yes, this directly makes Calm Spirit an even more powerful counter to the Doctor - but it was already gimped by allowing Madness to apply to Survivors even if they are protected from screaming and revealing themselves due to the power. The only change this really does is make Survivors eventually become immune to addons and effects caused by Tier 1 Madness.


Currently, Mikey is in a weird place of being both capable yet underwhelming. Ghost Face can arguably perform his job better, even if you don't use the stalking mechanic that often. I think the simplest change for Mikey would not involve removing any of his tiers as others have suggested; but rather, allow his Tier 2 to decay back into Tier 1 - so he can willingly switch in and out of having no terror radius vs. having more speed/lunge.

Optionally, if you do remove tiers - remove Tier 2 and not Tier 1. provide Tier 2's benefits to Tier 1, but retain the zero terror radius (he wouldn't become that broken); changed the Scratched Mirror if you need to; and keep the same amount of stalking required to go from Tier 1 to Tier 3 currently, to go to the new Tier 2.

Ghost Face -

Fix the issues with breaking him out of his power either not working at all; working sporadically; or working at a ridiculous distance.

Plague -

Prevent her from moving at near-max speed while charging her bile; but in exchange, allow any generator she 'infects' to regress at normal regression 'vile' infected (eh? XD); giving her a unique ability to cause 'ranged' generator regression - but disable it from functioning with any generator kicking perks or giving her damaging bloodpoints.

Huntress -

Hatchet Hitboxes. Enough said. Fix those.

Oni -

For God's sake, force him to use his power in full. Do not allow him to injure Survivors and then proceed to play the entire game holding his hand up and 'tracking' them with blood orbs but never actually using his demon dash transformation.

Pyramid Head -

Give Torment some negative effective on Survivors to actually provide more than just a looming 'possibility' of being caged or killed if they've been hooked once before.

Optionally either: give his ranged attack a forced activation, but turn it into a frontal cone-strike instead of a narrow straight line (so it is either keep the current ability to mindgame and fakeout Survivors; or let his ranged attack hit more frequently and reasonably and be harder to dodge); or, give his ranged attack the ability to inflict Torment upon hit in exchange for a slightly longer cooldown time once fired.

Also, while digging his trenches and not in a chase, allow Pyramid Head to run at an increased speed letting him use this power as a brief map mobility mechanic - for better coverage on the larger maps where his trenches are less effective.

General Killers -

Allow Killers the ability to damage unpowered but in-progress Exit Gate boxes; what this would do is trigger regression on Exit Gates that Survivors either purposefully leave at 99% to avoid EGC until they're all situated to flee from it; or allow the Killer to put pressure on the Exit Gates instead of being looped and circled and the Gates being opened by 'tapping' them to completion. Let the regression happen relatively quickly, and (make this change for Generator regression too) only allow regression to be stopped by performing a consecutive opening/repair function on the box/generator for 2 seconds - thereby removing the ability to 'tap away' regression during a close chase/loop.

On the topic of generator regression: change Killer kicking to cause instant regression in addition to triggering natural regression. Keep the amount reasonable, but based off total generator progress and not curren progress - something like instantly decays 10% generator progress per kick, or all current progress if less than 10% has been filled. This is another way to enforce generator regression, make damaging generators more worthwhile, and combined with the above changes - is a powerful way to force Survivors off generators and either make them have to find another generator to work on; or manage to escape the killer and come back to that generator and rebuild their progress.



  • arcnkdarcnkd Member Posts: 446

    Claudette -

    Change her cosmetics - either brighten their saturation; change their color palette completely; or something. There should not be a one-size-fits-all 'stealth' character that she currently is because of her dark skin tone (which doesn't need to be changed) and dark-toned, earthy clothing (which is the easiest and most logical to change).

    No Mither -

    This perk is a weird chimera with half-effects from other perks (Iron Will; Unbreakable), and this has been thrown around a lot; but allow No Mither to become more of a choice instead of an absolute hinderance. Stop being so afraid, Devs. Simplest change - No Mither lets Survivor start healthy; but when they take their first injury they immediately become permanently broken. Keep is grunt reduction because it pairs nicely with Iron Will under the effects of Stridor and such; and allow No Mither's no-blood effect to prevent leaving orbs for the Oni.

    As for its recover from dying state ability - it's a mute point without the speed increase from Unbreakable, but is repeatable during the trial. Yet, how many times will you feasibly recover from dying state anyway? I'd suggest removing this part of the perk and replacing it with a increase struggle progression - something like, 10-15% faster struggling given David's knack for being the 'aggressive fighter' type of Survivor.

    Also, allow No Mither to give the Survivor running it the ability to benefit from 'Resilience' before being injured - since injury would effectively cause them to have the same literal red-flag on their icon that the current ability does. This way; players can run No Mither and Resilience together for a niche injury-speed-increase build, but not be immediately soloed out because of the glaring red-flag on their icon.

    We're Gonna Live Forever -

    Make this a reverse Barbecue-and-Chili; whenever a Survivor is hooked - the Survivors with this perk see the killer's aura when they are farther than 40 meters from you, for the same 4 second duration that a Killer using BBQ is able to see Survivors.

    Secondly, allow healing other Survivors and successfully repairing a generator to add a stack of WGLF but not trigger the aura reading. Survivors deserve ways to add stacks to this perk's Bloodpoint generation by doing their objective (generators) and not having to explicitly throw themselves in harm's way with protection hits/unhooks.

    Technician -

    With the new generator sounds, I think it's reasonable to change Technician to have an added effect of muffling Generator repair sounds on a minor level. Not so much to make it become meta because of allowing Survivors to hear what's going on around them as easily as before; but enough that it provides some extra benefit.

    Botany Knowledge -

    Increase its benefit from the current 11/22/33% increase to healing speed and efficiency to something like 15/30/45% increase. This gives it a little more power and oomph and makes it a little more lucrative in running 'medic' builds using it (and because it takes a perk slot away from something probably more 'useful' it would still be niche and balanced). For added benefit, allow Botany Knowledge to reduce the effectiveness of perks like Overwhelming Presence by 50% when using a medkit (which at Tier 3 for both perks would result in 5% increased consumption instead of 55%) so the perk still neutralizes the efficiency of Botany but the Botany perk provides better cushioning and still some benefit when facing against this perk. Leave Coulrophobia alone, since this Tier 3 Botany perk would reduce it's penalty to 5%.

    Leader -

    Allow the user to benefit from the perk if another Survivor is nearby, the same way they can benefit from their own Prove Thyself when another Survivor joins in.

    Adrenaline -

    Slight nerf - do not allow it to proc if the Survivor is downed.

    Bond -

    Small change, reveal your Aura to the Survivors that come within its active range as well.

    Off the Record -

    I think it needs reworking to not just be a 80 second Iron Will with aura-hiding upon unhooking/escaping the hook.

    Spine Chill & Premonition -

    Should not trigger if the killer is under the effects of any sort of 'stealth' mechanic.

    Repressed Alliance -

    I think its trigger time is kind of ridiculous and would be perfectly reasonable at 40/35/30 seconds of generator repair time before you can 'seal and mark' the generator.

    Slippery Meat -

    Increase the odds of escaping hooks by 1/2/3% in adddition to current benefits.

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