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DLC Needs Rotation

You're getting the point in this game that the amount of money you are asking for, for new players and veterans alike, to unlock everything this game has to offer is getting pretty ridiculous – almost on the same level that games like World of Warcraft were getting before they began bundling their expansions together.

It's time Dead by Daylight start doing the same thing. You release DLC packs rapidly because you need the constant generation of funds to keep producing content, maintain servers, and pay your licensing fees (as well as most likely skim some to go to other projects; I know some devs do that too). For my personal example – I own Michael that I bought outside of his pack; Freddy/Quentin; Huntress; Ash; and the Silent Hill chapter.

For me, personally, to finish buying out everything I do not have, the cheaper route of buying DLC bundles would cost me a ridiculous sum of $90 plus tax. For newer players, that's even higher – on top of having to buy the game to begin with. And the total just keeps getting higher and higher with each chapter you pump out every few months adding another $5-8 to the cost. (USD)

It's time for that to stop and you can still generate the money you need without being so ridiculous. When a new DLC is released, the oldest in the collection should become free to all players. Choose a set number of 'active' DLC chapters to maintain in the pool and start from there with a rotating cycle.

The only reason not to start doing this is just pure greed – the same reason the Cannibal is not free after all this time – because you locked BBQ behind that paywall and any killer player that doesn't want to wait for the Shrine RNGesus to bless them will have to pay that price to get that perk. Making these changes is not only more beneficial for your customers and more likely to encourage people to stick around more often than the several that I am confident left because of the ridiculous paywalls – but the amount of money you would lose would be minimal at best.


  • SCP_FOR_DBDSCP_FOR_DBD Member Posts: 2,416

    Some of this is likely out of BHVRs control. Bubba can't be free because the guys who own TCM need to be paid, thats the price for getting all these legends.

    All Non Licensed DLCs can be bought without money to my knowledge. So the gameplay DLC that require money is Halloween, NOES, Saw, and Silent Hill, these all cost 7 bucks, thats 28. Stranger things costs 12. thats 40. Ghost Face cost 5, thats 45. Leatherface and Ash cost 4, thats 53. Add on the standard game price of the game and you get 73. This is under PC prices, not sure about the others. This is under the assumption that you buy literally everything, play both sides enough to own all.

    Now lets look at must have perks. Halloween, Laurie has DS. Thats 7, NOES doesn't have any must have perks. Neither does Saw, though they can be useful. Silent Hill doesn't either, though Soul Guard is pretty good. Ghost Face has decent perks, nothing necessary. Stranger Things has nothing ultra useful. Leatherface has BBQ, which is a must have. Thats 11. Ash has nothing. Add on the standard price of the game and you get 33. Thats 33 bucks for the game and essential perks.

    Not to mention there are almost always sales, and this is still under the assumption that you play both sides. I don't think this is nearly a big an issue.

  • arcnkdarcnkd Member Posts: 446
    edited September 2020

    It is bad enough that "essential" perks are paywalled off like a bad paid-to-win mobile game (unless you wait for the wonderfully balanced RNG to bless your Shrine with its limited 2 perks per role each week); but to expect every new player that wants to own and experience all parts of your game, to have to pay for every DLC pack you've ever released (barring a few) is just ridiculous. Licensing fees would not and should not interfere with DLC pricing if the contracts were written up right. Literally, the way it should be handled is just drawing in all revenue for a period and issuing a 'payment' to the license holders for whatever amount was agreed upon per cycle.

    Yes you could buy non-licensed DLC with shards. But again, it is designed like a overseas mobile game where you would have to play constantly to consistently generate the 9,000 shards it takes to buy a killer or survivor. I play for a few to several hours at least 3-5 days of the week, sometimes more, and I am lucky to get maybe 2,000 or maybe 4,000 if I play constantly all week before the shrine resets itself on me (if I'm trying to buy the perks without the killers/Survivors). So, on average... roughly a little over a month or so of constant and continual playing; and heaven forbid I get tired of playing the game and take a break for a little while; in order to unlock one killer or Survivor and repeat the process... for only the handful that can be unlocked this way.

    In short - no console game worth its salt should ever be designed like a cash-grabbing, gacha mobile game that drags out your "Free" playing to a crawl to force out sales. Their revenue would take a minimal hit for them to improve the quality of life for several of their players - but of course, greed outweighs community relations and happiness as par for the course in this industry anymore.

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