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Simple Key Rework

Simple; balanced; and turns the key into a risk-reward item instead of a Get out of Match Free card.

First, remove Skeleton keys from the in-game chest loot tables; remove any add-ons (if any) that show up on other keys. Second, remove all methods of saving keys after a match is done; burn all keys brought with Survivors or found and not used; Make them only obtainable from bloodwebs (Hey, BHVR loves their grind, right?)


Skeleton Key - No Changes.

Dull Key - Has a 50% chance to break in the lock of a Hatch; perhaps a red-tier add-on that reduces that chance to 25%.

Broken Key - Replaced with 'Gnarled Key'; 75% chance to break in Hatch; 50% with add-on; and can be used to open the Hatch unlike original Broken Keys.

This effectively stops "Free" escapes and turns the keys into a risky item that you run the risk of the key breaking and your Hatch escape being denied; adding more intensity and anxiety to running the key instead of a feeling of "well if I can just find the Hatch, I'm Golden."

Doesn't change Skeleton keys, that way there is still a 100% escape chance item to be used for the 4-man escape Trophy. Removes them from chests/retention so you can't find one mid-match and have to actually surf your bloodwebs to get them.


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