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Pig Addon Ideas

DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,852
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Just to note down here :)

Had an idea about a new pig addon and went through the addons to see what can be exchanged and also got more ideas for a change.

First crap addon: Razor wires (Increases skillcheck chance by 2%)

I think I heard that the base chance is at 80% so 2% would make no noticable change. Also, by default you face like 3-4 skillchecks already. Skillchecks are not really a problem anyway, so I guess most people wouldn't mind if they had to face 3 or 10 skillchecks.

Second crap addon: Interlocking razor (tremendously increases the regression on failed skillchecks)

Same here, skillchecks are not a problem. This one might have a bigger effect if you run it with Unnerving Presence, but I think that would really not be worth a build, to keep an addon like that.

I think the other addons at least can get you some value and allow some nice combos, also with perks. Not sure which would be the third addon I would remove. My new addon ideas:

  • Increase the number of keys a survivor needs to find to open the RBT by one, moderately increase the duration of the RBT timer
  • Exchange the regular skillcheck on jigsaw boxes with tremendously difficult skillchecks (Like Overcharge Tier 2 or Tier 3)
  • Failing a skillcheck causes one loss of a health state (when allowing this addon to down a survivor, add 'tremendously decrease the time needed to search a jigsaw box')

Especially the "keys + 1" addon would counter the randomness of 3 survivors getting their trap off on first try. It would give the traps a bit more reliable value

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