Someone help me resolve my ping!!!

Hello people from the fog,

I am an avid fan of this game clocking in at 1304 hrs. Since the first day i played this game, it has been running smoothly. however, as of recently, my ping keeps shooting upwards, constantly red barring and always dying due to rubber banding or lag. And when i play killer it is even worse. Every survivor to jumping around left and right. PLUS they end up calling me a lag switcher, with threats of reports and ban (which doesn't really get to me i just wanted to prove a point here). This is a plea, can anyone please help a fellow player?!?!? I have an extender and ethernet cable connected to the extender box. the router is located in my first floor so i need the extender...




  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod Posts: 1,901

    This is going to sound very simple but have you tried rebooting your Router?

    Try doing an internet speed test and run tests on your connection, there could be some issue between the router and the extender that you are using.

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