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What changes you want to happen the most in Dead by Daylight?

There are so many good community suggestions that I know BHVR will never even consider.Major,minor changes that would make a difference in the good direction.What are the most important changes you want to see in dbd ?


  • BigBrainMegMainBigBrainMegMain Member Posts: 3,826

    Improved hitboxes.

    Improved servers.

    Latency issues.

    In my history of gaming I have never, ever played a game with such terrible, weird, awful, hitboxes like this game.

  • BigTimeGamerBigTimeGamer Member Posts: 1,752

    an update without more unexplainable bugs

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    Less tolerance for toxicity and a better report system.

  • ToybasherToybasher Member Posts: 889

    DCing not cucking me out of emblems, perk activations, and instantly opening the hatch.

  • calemcalem Member Posts: 405

    Better hitboxes and servers, changing keys and ebony moris, balancing the maps a bit more (specifically Ormond, Haddonfield, and most Coldwind maps to be less survivor-sided, and then probably The Game to be less killer-sided, and Midwich just in general cause it's terrible for everyone).

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 4,839

    "Accidentally" delete Hag.

    After that I want bugs fixed.

  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 2,145

    Seperation and different balancing for swf and solo survivors.

  • ZCerebrateZCerebrate Member Posts: 641
    edited September 2020
    1. Latency+frame stuttering, current bugs like hooks/decisive strikes fixed
    2. Disconnect husks for survivors. If a survivor DCs a greyed out soulless version of their avatar with crows flying around them remains than can still be hooked (for things like BBQ), mori'd, etc (The disconnect icon still shows up at bottom left for everyone). For survivor side - playing at least 3+ minute with a disconnected husk on their team automatically results in a black pip for the survivors. Survivors can also rescue this husk for bloodpoints/altrusim if they wish. Also for survivors if the killer disconnects at any point - they should have depip protection and automatically get rewarded 5000 bloodpoints for escaping (Survival Offering actually gives you even less bp if you are at a level where killers rage quit on you a lot if you're winning). No timeouts necessary, would alleviate alot of the "cuck him of his achievement/challenges" mentalities and whatever else there.
    3. Re-make the struggle on hook mechanic. Stop making us spam Spacebar or whatever - it doesn't add tension and any bit of latency seems to kill console players according to them. Just make it skill checks just like PH's cages if you have to. People who "don't want their ability" to suicide on hook to be taken away should realize that their "leaving" the match also negatively impacts the other 4 players in the game. If you "need to leave" the esc + disconnect option is always there to leave your husk behind - I suppose players could also sandbag into the killer repeatedly but this still allows other survivors to get unhook points. If you choose to attempt to unhook yourself fail then choose to also fail every skill check you will still die in struggle phase faster - just not within 10 seconds like currently.
    4. Indicator in post screen on who was queued together with who - let it be transparent for both sides so people are needlessly raging and frustrated about "death swf squads" that aren't that common.
    5. New post-game display on every player total number of games played, total number of disconnects (combined with above), total number of "props" received. Killers have Total games played, total games on killer, total number of disconnects, number of "props" received. Prevent people who queued together to give "props" to one another (disable for Kill your friends mode as well). It'll be a nice little curb towards positive behavior... League attempted this with some rewards and stuff but cosmetics and banners aren't even necessary for it to motivate some people to not be asshats.
    6. New matchmaking - possibly use the numbers from suggestion #5 to weight in on the already existing matchmaking system meaning your ranking is "harder" to shift around when you have a LARGE number of games. Make matchmaking go to the highest ranking person in a SWF group - meaning if you queue up with your Rank 20 friends - you can't terrorize Rank 17 killers as a R1 squad (this used to be a thing and now it's not for some reason). In my dream scenario those with more disconnects will be paired with others with lots of disconnects in a Dota 2 Low Priority Queue type of setting. Gather the cesspool together
    7. Add ingame text macros for survivors to use when playing solo-queue. They should come up as little chat bubbles of the archivist helping them communicate with one another "Killer is following me!", "I'm going for the rescue!" etc etc. Consequently buff every killer/perk that needs to be under the baseline assumption that survivors can now communicate with one another. Solo-queue and SWF would be a more balanced experience and randoms wouldn't be as unbearable to play with for more players.
    8. Keys and Mori rework - Keys should all be purely duration and have a base ability to detect other survivors within 24m when channeling (Eroded Token yellow addon - change these into a green duration addon now) and cannot open the hatch on their own, 10s/20s/30s by default green/purple/pink keys. Addons most remain the same but now the purple addons Weaved Ring (Current do not lose key on death) and Milky Glass (Do not lose the key when unlocking hatch) are both changed into "Black Lock molds" that allow them to be used to open hatch. Pink and Green Mori's all require every single survivor to have been hooked at least once (tracked in the same way BBQ stacks are), a new strategy to protect the "last chosen one" if they see a Mori when loading in comes into play now.
    9. Redo maps like Rotten Fields and Red Forest (The HUGE flat maps with literally no unique landmarks - and a single killer shack). Just make them actually interesting and add verticality for unbalanced landing folks. Some maps can be made smaller too - at least get rid of the excess dead space and put generators the same distance apart as they are now.
    10. I've seen the DbD Mobile Loading Screens with actual helpful hints and screencaps for brand new player. Incorporate more of those and have them always on the loading screens so people understand how to deal with face camping, objectives and deal with random perks or powers.
    11. I guess... Crossplay post game chat enabled... game feels a lot more lonely sometimes playing with 4 other console players. "gg" into the darkness and all that.
  • Midori_21Midori_21 Member Posts: 644

    Balance changes need to be made to swf.

    Moris and Keys need to be changed.

    Many maps need balancing like Ormond, Haddonfield, and Fractured Cowshed.

    Newest killer bug that prevents you from hooking, vaulting, and breaking pallets needs to be fixed.

  • Luciferr_2ndLuciferr_2nd Member Posts: 891

    Better optimisation and less bugs.

    Those are my top picks but obviously i could propose a lot of other things.

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