Most Awkward Moment In-game

PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 746

What's the most awkward moment you've had in Dead by Daylight?

I have on several occasions played a round of killer, lost, then immediately get into a survivor lobby with the people I just tried to kill.



  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 2,764

    A long, long, long time ago, back when Survivors communicated through teabagging, I was at a generator with two more Survivors when I saw a figure standing still just a few meters away. I, a noob at the time, teabagged to try to get his attention and say "there's a generator here". Then I saw him lift up his arms and realized what it was - The Hillbilly with Insidious, about to chainsaw my face off. I did a 180 and sprinted away, while my teammates remained oblivious to the danger and were caught.

  • BillouBillou Member Posts: 28

    You're saving survivors when you can, and the next time they are on hook, the killer comes to you and make you leave. So survivor are salty about you "useless dwight" blablabla. And the next game, you are, again, with them. And you know you're gonna have bad time and griefing. With false unhook, bodyblock etc. So awkward and so toxic.

  • BeverlyBeverly Member Posts: 91

    I was playing on Rotten Fields (gg ez hiding) and I heard the terror radius so I went behind a wall of debris to hide. I still had zero idea where the killer was but the terror radius was going INSANE. All of the sudden, the red stain appears over me. I turn around, and find Billy-boi staring at me through a window the entire time. He then started head-banging at me, and took off. That entire match became a meme at that point, LOL.

  • LightsOut88LightsOut88 Member Posts: 14
    One recent match i was playing as leatherface and saw a survivor running towards a hook to save his teamate. I revved up bubbas chainsaw and charged at them just as buddy got off the hook. It should have been a garunteed double down, but my dumb ass let go of the charge too early and just stopped right in front of them. I was in such shock, as were they, that we all just stood there staring at eachother like "wtf is happening here". Then a split second later both survivors run in seperate directions and leave me standing there dumbfounded lol. If i could have hung myself on that hook I would have 
  • LightsOut88LightsOut88 Member Posts: 14
    Another time I was being greedy as killer and standing on the hatch in larys institute so the last man couldnt get it. I stood there without moving for about 10 mins being very stubborn. No survivor came for the hatch the whole time. No gens were being done. Nothing was happening. All of a sudden Mrs ming pops out of the locker directly beside me in the room i was camping the hatch in lol. We looked at eachother for a second and she went for it! I was so in shock that she was in the locker beside me the whole time that I panicked and went for the whack. Long story short i lost the hatch standoff. Gg mate! 
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