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Balance Team dropping the ball again



  • jackal470jackal470 Member Posts: 122

    Ive been reading ya thoughts for a while on here and have seen no one else say this but I love Lucky Break too, match it with iron will and quick and quite is actually fun and it's one reason I love this game. With all the perks we are able to try, so many different combos can make a new experience and keep the juices flowing

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,508

    To be honest I think the trail of torment buff can be excellent, especially if combined with dragons grip.

    I also think thana can be great but I want to see those numbers.

  • helix43helix43 Member Posts: 151

    Mate, gen speeds have big an issue for years, but instead of fixing them killer are told by potatoes like you to "JuSt UsE PoP", what are killers suppose to do when the devs then nerf these perks without touching gen speeds? You want another killer strike? Because that's how you get one. I don't use pop myself because I find gens are already done before it can be used, which is why it never needed changing in the first place. Get your head out of your arse

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,536

    Pop OP, OoO is fair and balanced - BHVR interactive

    Just admit it, it's all about the money. More money in keeping BS survivor perks strong.

    The PyramidHead nerf is such a disgusting business practice. You knew you were gonna gut him but left him until you had suckered enough people into buying it. I might as well just go play an EA game if as a customer I'm going to be treat like dirt.

  • jackal470jackal470 Member Posts: 122

    I already mentioned that in my build I use sloppy and know what it does but combing it with thanat makes it usable against high level play...Im concerned that like many things it will be overdone...imo I don't think it was a perk that needed changing

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 7,218

    I am completely fine with just using Iron Will, the main problem I have with Lucky Break is that it has a Timer. A Perk which removes Blood (aside from No Mither) was wished for so long, and once released, it had a Timer of 180 seconds. (Even tho, I can understand the Devs for being careful with that, in general they are really careful when releasing new Perks).

    I am always thinking, why should someone take the Perk over another? But I like the changes to Trail of Torment, especially because the Undetectable does only wear off when the Gen is touched (which might waste time of a Survivor or allow to set up a Trap at said Gen) or when put into the Dying State, meaning the Killer will not only get 1 hit out of it.

    Thana it 100% depends on the numbers. If they change it from 4% fo 5%, its basically nothing. But a higher number (6% like planned for a while or even more) might work out.

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,536

    Almost half of my games the past week have had a coldwind or ormond offering. When one side keeps using offerings for 2 specific realms it should tell you how unbalanced they are but nope, gotta go nerf killers first.

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 1,699

    My thoughts on the changes:

    -Pyramid Head... it depends on the numbers ultimately. But I do like that they give and they take instead of just taking. Making his power less punishing to miss makes his power easier to use. Seems like a fair trade-off to me.

    -Trail of Torment Buff is pretty nice. Now has Synergy with Dragon's Grip. It's a bit of a risk without it though, because you could have very limited undetectable time if the survivors just gen tap. On the other hand... the killer could be waiting. And how many people go to a yellow gen now?

    -Forced Penance is another nice buff. Not sure its enough to make it a good perk, but it doesn't make it worse.

    -Blood Pact seems like a nerf for Solo's. Right now the duration is 10 seconds. If you go in opposite directions, you'll be 16 meters apart in less than 4 seconds. I guess you'll still have it as long as you're still healing each other up in case the killer shows up, so there's that I guess. But I'm not sure this makes it more viable for use.

    -Any Means Necessary needed a shorter cooldown. 60 seconds seems fine to me. makes me hope in the future they take a look at diversion. I think they should just give it a strict cooldown instead of making you build it up. That'd make it a little less terrible to use.

    -Cruel Limits probably still not a viable perk on most builds, but has a little more potential now at least.

    -For the people should've granted points to begin with.

    -Mindbreaker it depends on the duration. I still feel they need to change it to working on any generator, and not just one with less than 50%. That'd make it at least useful. Otherwise survivors can just wait it out while working on the same generator.

    -Not sure about the Slippery Meat buff. I hate when survivors try to escape on their own. Ultimately this just makes survivors send themselves to early second stage.

    -I feel like Thana would be better off if they kept the anti-healing portion of it, but made it a separate number. Not sure why they couldn't do that. Really depends on how much they raised those numbers for generators if this perk will be useful or useless.

    -WGLF needed a new effect. Finally gets one, though I think it'd be an effect better on Buckle Up. I'm wondering what new scoring events there are for this one. Hopefully there's more than 1. Should be: Finish healing a survivor, Complete a Generator, and maybe one more.

    -Technician change is fine. Works for newbies.

    -Pop's nerf... I don't like it. How much time will the lower tiers get now? Cause right now Tier 1 is 40 seconds. So if Tier 3 is now 45 seconds, how little time will people unfortunate enough not to have Tier 3 pop get? That doesn't seem very fair. Even if they change it to 45/40/35 seconds, that's not a lot of time to find a generator to kick. Even now I have times where I barely hit a pop with a 60 second duration. Lowering it in Tier 1 just makes Tier 1 practically useless. 60 seconds isn't overbearing. It's not like the perk has an effect over the period of that duration. It just has an effect ONCE during that duration. It's a change I really don't like.

  • ElementDoomElementDoom Member Posts: 161

    Ah yes a 1-2% buff to some perks that are irredeemably bad by design and a couple unneeded killer nerfs. Pretty standard mid chapter patch

    If the thanatophobia buff is somewhat substantial Plague might actually be able to use her power on occasion. That's how I know it'll still be absolute garbage if not weaker.

    Oh yeah and Inb4 we get 20 or so "ThE pTB Is JUSt A TeST gUys" threads.

  • helix43helix43 Member Posts: 151

    You don't even need map offering anymore. Most of my games have been on coldwind since the update. I've even noticed streamers I watch experience the same issues. Seems like they broke map rng again.

  • Devil_hit11Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 505

    if it wasn't obvious that they're weakening killer perks. the perk could have 10% per stack but whats the point if you can't keep people injured, you'll always be at 1 stack as this perk already provides psychology to heal even if # mean very little. I didn't even understand what they meant by lose-lose because its only 4% healing reduction which is like nothing. Pop goes weasel, another perk to help with generators, became worse. PH obviously got gutted as expected. Nothing major on survivor sided was harmed, We're gonna live forever got a nice quality of life change for players that farm blood points as survivor with it. Just another slap in the face killer patch as if playing killer wasn't hard enough.

  • OBXOBX Member Posts: 586

    Yup. This way more people buy the dlc that will then get the “we find too many people are using .....” and nerf it.

    we have seen this act before. Nothing new here

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